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Seen on the eastern shore of Derwent Water, July 2017:

More photos from that expedition and others are slowly drip-feeding through to [syndicated profile] speculumannorum_feed
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After Leeds I met up with friend L, and we proceeded to Penrith, and then on foot out of town to an outlying mixed rural/industrial area (it was weird. It had sheep and a Local Business Park and a cake factory), where our accommodation was a 'camping pod' in a former orchard. Pretty cool, aside from getting rained on heavily to get there.

Saturday we marched up the road to the Rheged centre (me: oh, this are must have been part of Rheged! L: no, Rheged is a welsh place name, there was this king, Urien Rheged... me: let me tell you a thing about the fifth and sixth centuries) and took a bus down to Keswick, in the Lake District. It was very beautiful, we walked around Derwent Water, many sheep much scenery very wow (photos forthcoming see [tumblr.com profile] speculumannorum).

However, before setting off on the scenic part of the expedition we went to A PENCIL MUSEUM. And learned about the history of pencils. I'm not sure it was quite worth the 5 pound entry (it would've if we'd had kids with us: there was a whole room of colouring-in play space), but it was pretty awesome. Special points to the display on the Cumberland Map and Compass Pencil, produced at the behest of Charles Fraser Smith, the British govt's secret gadgets-commissioner for WWII.

I do so love weirdly specific museums.
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Things that happened today: walking down the street, gesticulating with one hand, I collided with the hand of a man gesticulating and pontificating in arabic. For a brief, and somewhat alarming, moment we were holding hands.
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If it weren't for the baggage debacle, I'd do it again, but with more care not to end up transiting through chinese domestic immigration, and not to end up with 30 hours return flight. (Mind you, they didn't *give* me any not hideous return flight options.)

Pros and cons )
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Hello hello it's time for another round-up post! Not sure that anyone reads them, but I having started I shall continue. As with previous such posts social media has probably given you some idea already...

Pictures, nattering, etc )
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As with the previous instance, most social-media using persons have probably got the general idea, but here I present a summative post for friends, relations and the terminally curious, covering the period Halloween-Christmas 2013:

What I did in Europe, by Amy, Age 26 )
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But none really of Birmingham, since I didn't do much touristing there. I have some photos of All Saints Brixworth on my other camera yet to dig out, though...

Neighbourhood safety, a man and his robot, and giant dessert )

 photo Sunset_zps54e5df44.jpg

Then Geneva put on a lovely sunset for my return, as if to show off the fact that there's still daylight here after 5pm and the temperature is above 10 degrees...
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The last and possibly the most memorable of the France expeditions. A town with no flat roads! Garroulous locals! Endless stairs! Castle of debatable vintage! This picture really sums it up:

 photo DSCN0437_zpsabdd9870.jpg

Vertiginous medievalia, and a medievalist with vertigo )
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I believe these photos were all taken by Dr J, as 1. there are more than usual of me and 2. I think we only took the crappiest of our collective cameras, having plans (which went unfulfilled due to Amy getting heat-cranky) to go swimming.

 photo DSCF2296_zps6e4a2068.jpg

Obscure roads, Jean Cocteau, and a fortress )
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Late afternoon in Beaulieu, Dr J and I set out to walk out to the point of Cap Ferrat, under the belief it would take 15 to 45 minutes. In fact, it took about half an hour to St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the next town around the bay, and about an hour and a half to St Hospice, the church out on the point.

 photo DSCN0260_zpsa22ca6d5.jpg

Strange garden ornaments, alarming statuary, Romanesque disappointment, and another cemetery with a view )
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 photo DSCN0202_zps3667fa98.jpg

Full disclosure: there are some photos of a Jewish war memorial in here.

Scenery, archaeology, stylites, seagulls, and a cemetery with a view )

On the way back to the train we had tea (excellent tea!) and american-style pancakes at Emily's Cookies. What I wanted and still haven't had was really good French crepes, but these were astonishingly good American pancakes instead.
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 photo DSCN0146_zpsb38cff9a.jpg

So let's talk about this view. Also about an 11th century church and BABY PIGEONS.

Did I mention the BABY PIGEONS? )
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After lunch at the Isis Farmhouse, Dr J and I subjected his mother to hagio-tourism. She seemed to be OK with this.

 photo DSCN0038_zps043da5ee.jpg

Teefs, see?

Teefs, ribbed vaulting, and an anchoress )
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Shortly before we headed to France, Dr J's mother drove to Oxford and we went down to an absolutely charming pub, only accessible by towpath or barge.

But first, some bees in lavender:

 photo DSCN2555_zps0f54fda0.jpg

Iffley Lock & the Isis Farmhouse )
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First, a lovely photo of Cambridge from Castle Mound:

 photo DSCN2531_zpsf24ff23f.jpg

Not too far from Castle Mound, we found St Peter's Church )
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She who travels long-haul reads many books. So does she who travels around the UK on holiday.

Jack Hafferkamp, ed, The Ecstatic Moment: The Best of Libido: Was an odd anthology of erotica )

Moyra Caldecott, Etheldreda: Her saintliness is probably horrified to find she's trapped immediately after the above in my goodreads for ever more )

Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit: Really liked the narrative voice/style, but have high standards in stories about fundamentalism )

William Shakespeare, Hamlet: Prince of Denmark, ed. by Phillip Edwards: I really liked the critical apparatus of the New Cambridge Shakespeare! )
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Stuff! Photos of stuff!

The Severn Valley Railway )

More photos of the railway turning up when J empties his camera, I expect.


And today, York! )


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