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... and they will expand in wildly divergent directions.

Joel describes himself as a 'genre fanatic', which seems to mean that he's a splitter instead of a lumper: he likes listening to lots of things, and cutting them up into smaller and smaller categories. Tonight I have acquired a slew of Dance Gavin Dance, who apparently fall into the genre of 'post-hardcore'. I heard Joel playing them last night and took a fancy to them.

I have also acquired a couple of albums of My Chemical Romance, who are not so bad overall and quite excellent in spots. Needlessly shouty at times, but then so were Silverchair, and I loved them to shouty pieces when I was fifteen. The first few songs of 'The Black Parade' didn't grab me, but everything from 'Welcome to the Black Parade' onwards has been fun. ('Welcome to the Black Parade' itself reminds me of Pink Floyd, which association will probably have me strangled in the first ever co-operative effort by emo kids and old school rock fans. ETA: Ooh, and 'Mama' is good stuff, also reminding me of Pink Floyd.)

I'm using an old USB keyboard of Joel's, and I can see why he got rid of it. It's very strange. And it needs to be BASHED to get anything typed at all. Next task is to plug in my new mouse- which I shall name Reepicheep, naturally.
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And that he has a blog? Where he discusses weird musical things that I don't understand.

NEVERTHELESS, may I recommend his list of The Top Ten Most Wanky Metal Bands known to mankind? He's really quite good at snark, my brother.

There is a genre for Blackened Christian Metal…but come on. Any band which fits into that category has cock-smack written all over them.
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One of Joel's mates imparted this wisdom recently:

If you've got a question about sex, don't ask your parents! Don't ask your friends!

Ask your grandparents, they've been doing it twice as long as your parents, and four times as long as your friends!

Um. Good advice, in principle, but not something i'll be trying out myself any time soon.
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But I can't find any cake-hosting sites to upload to. So I guess I'll leave it for my family.

In other news... I have, today:

*Rode my bike, hired out Titanic for my brother (apparently it's the greatest movie he's ever seen. He spent the afternoon in his room with a DVD, a box of tissues and a bowl of popcorn. Go figure.) and 'The sisterhood of the travelling pants' for myself.
*Downloaded Awesome's thesis
*Made a cake
*Started work on manuscript details document for Cotton Nero A.i. Bethurum's introduction makes a LOT more sense after talking to Mrs Bacon and Awesome about manuscript stuff... helps too that Awesome pointed me at Cotton Nero A.i and told me what I was looking for.
*Started a whole new notebook for scribbling about Thesis. No more i-lost-the-page-where-i-wrote-that-down.
*Ascertained which homilies are in A.i, and that they differ from the standard archetype in Bethurum's MSS C and E. Now to find out what the OTHER archetype is, and if they match that. Interestingly, there are apparently corrections on some of those in A.i, in Wulfstan's own hand, which line up with the C/E tradition. This could be fun.
*Iced a cake, and only made TWICE as much icing as a need.
*Washed dishes.
*Defrosted monday's honey stir fry and, having figured out how to separate ONE chicken fillet from the clumps of them in mum's freezer, turned it into a delicious meat-filled honey soy stir fry, making this my first decent meat consumption (bacon pieces and one tin of tuna spread through a whole tuna bake don't count) since... last thursday. And I didn't even eat much of that. Feeling carnivorous now. Red meat pls?
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I have a new pet hate.
Almost as bad as the universally loathed People Who Don't Translate Quotes... it's People/Publishers Who Reference Journals By Acronym And Never Tell You What It Stands For.

i recognise the common journals of anglo-saxon studies. NM, MA, ASE etc etc ad nauseum. And if i don't recognise something, there is always the wonderful Old English Newsletter Bibliography Database where one can search by article title or author and be given full bibilographical details.
I do not know Middle English acronyms. I would not know PLL from a bar of soap. AM? NLH? they all make as much sense as the talismanic inscriptions i was looking at earlier today.


On the bright side, Joel is apparently staying here on thursday night.
What does one do with one's sixteen year old brother in the inner suburbs of Sydney on a thursday night? particularly when he doesn't eat exotic food?

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I drove Joel and myself to Easter Camp, making this past Easter our first ever utterly independant camp-going experience. Mum was terribly worried that I'd kill him on the way there. I pointed out the unfairness of the fact that she's not worried about me dying in the car anymore, yet the thought of Joel with me brought her out in a cold sweat.
I think she was more worried about me *deliberately* killing him, though, because we tend to fight like cat and dog on family trips. There's a big difference, though, between being relegated to the back seat, which brings out one's inner brat, and setting off together on an adult expedition.

Anyhow. We got up there with no trouble, aside from me nearly sideswiping a blue station wagon just outside the showground. Camp was good. Joel got up to all sorts of hijinks, all of which I was filled in on on the way home. Notable highlights:

*We arrive. Joel's jacket is in the bottom of the car. I, warm from putting up tents, chuck him coat. This coat is black and fairly boring. Last year, when he was at Black Stump, he rang mum to say that a) his airbed had gone down and b) he was cold. So mum and dad drove all the way over here, from where they were staying out west, and picked up my airbed and, at Joel's request, my coat. When he saw it, he was heard to remark: UGH! Not that one! I want her other jacket! (My other jacket is tight-fitted and very metro on Joel, so I had elected not to send it). Anyway, so here's Joel in this formerly unattractive coat, putting up a tent.
Three girls rish over. Ooooh, Joel, that's a hot coat! Me: Hey! It's mine! Three Girls, accompanied by looks of surprise (it speaks!): Well it looks great on Joel!
Joel hugs and compliments these girls, fiddles with my collar, and generally preens. We dig his stuff out of the car. He looks at his jacket.
Hey Amy... that jacket is really too small for me... and not very warm. I get cold really easily.
And somehow I fell for that, and ended up with his jacket (which was more appropriate for my hip-hop themed community, i will admit) and I gave him my scarf. Which I then, in a fit of insanity, gave to him to keep. WTF?

*Joel has a can of coke and a headache. He obtains asprin from somewhere, and a glass of water. Somewhat confuzzed, he swiggs the asprin back, only to realise he had taken it with coke. He was not a happy bunny for some hours after that.

*When it came to packing up, the car had to be driven around to Joel's tent. Joel saw an opportunity to beg to be allowed to drive. Tired, lacking in judgement and feeling no need to enforce my superiority of age, I agreed. Talked him through starting up the car and driving around without accellerating. So far so good. Left him to pack up his tent. He comes over and says he's done, as i'm folding my tarp. I chuck him the keys and tell him to bring the car back.
Now, when I last saw our car it was in a clear space, within shouting distance of Will and Whitty, both of whom I estimated would explain the driving thing to him and/or take over.
Fifteen minutes later, the car hasn't shown. I step around the tent, to find one of Joel's ladyfriends with her head in the window, desperately trying to explain how to operate the clutch, as Joel repeatedly stalls the car. William is standing a few yards off, looking amused.
This situation was satisfactory to me. Joel is going to be a natural driver, when he gets the chance. He had often been heard to comment about the ease of driving, and/or to disparage my driving attempts. Since he failed Starting A Car 101, though, things have been remarkably quiet on that front. Also since then, my driving has been on great benefit to him, since I've been the one driving him around. So that would make it silly to insult my driving skills, I suppose.

Coming Soon- Easter Camp Continued: Altercations With Bec's Breast

note Joel gracing this icon. I feel the Middle English perfectly expresses his attitude toward... well, everything.
He was most reluctant to allow me the use of this icon, because he says he looks "shockin". But he was feeling generous today.
The jacket he is wearing is not his- of course- but Eleanor's. Whenever he goes out he zones in on a girl and nickes her clothes.

Also- you'd think, wouldn't you, that I'd escaped the travails of having a younger sister. But no! I have Joel, who combines all the hazards of every sibling known to man. Not only does he steal my clothes (or did. apparently i'm no longer cool enough for his standars), and the clothes of my friends, he has also appropriated my hair straightener! I knew he'd been using it, so I emailed and said he could have it. Apparently he took possession of it ages ago...
What's more, he plucks his eyebrows more often than I do (which isn't hard); has more beauty items spread across the bathroom bench; and abuses me soundly for not shaving my legs!
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My brother has the best swindle i've ever heard of going as far as his schoolfriends goes. His schoolmates are a protective lot, and don't like other guys hanging out with their girlfriends/ younger sisters. Except for Joel, of course, because they all think he's gay. So Joel's the only guy on the soccer team allowed to talk to Bob's sister Lucy; Joel's allowed to take various girls over to the shops after school for afternoon tea; Joel has it good. But it gets even better- the girls, apparently, aren't fooled by Joel's emo clothing and believe him when he says he's straight. Accordingly, they consider him a good arbiter of lingerie suitability. So my brother spends two afternoons a week sitting in changerooms while his friends' girlfriends try on lingerie- and they come out and show him. Sometimes he sits outside the toilets while they take pregnancy tests. Then he goes home to mum and has various critical things to say about their lack of common sense in their sex life and/or lingerie choices.

Other tales in this series, coming when i get the chance:

Winter Camp- why are all the hot girls thirteen?
Easter Camp- Altercations with Bec's Breast
Faint Heart Failed to Win Fair Lady
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this series of emails from Dad:

robbie brown: Tonight I sent Joel an email asking him if he wanted a cup of tea.
We've now had our cup of tea, and he still hasn't got my email! Damned
internet. I should have engraved the question on a snail's shell and
turned it loose in the hallway and said "shoo"!

miss amy: you working from seperate computers, then?

i'll take tea, thanks

robbie brown: Oh yeah, it's important for parents to communicate with their
chilluns. We is wired and wirelessed for interfamily communications
now. But since email is so outdated and ssslow, Mum and I will have to
get a MSN address to save walking to the hallway and shouting
"Dinner's ready!"

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What to do when you have so many women, and only one Valentines Day? Many Sydneyites seem to be suffering from this problem- or the inverse, too many men and only one Valentines Day. Valentines Day Cards are purchased in pairs, even threes and fours. At first, i noticed these women and thought 'aha, smart girl- one for you to give to him, and one for him to give to you.'
With the men, somewhat sexistly, i thought 'aha, having a little bit on the side, huh? two little bits on the side?'
I am at a loss, however, to explain the woman who yesterday bought two cards "for my Husband".

Joel has a much more novel solution to this problem. According to mum, he will be swanning into school tomorrow bearing a single red rose (possibly pinched from the bunch dad bought for mum). This rose will then be distributed, petal by petal, to his lady friends.
Having been the occaisional recipient of roses myself over the last few months, and having shredded one of them, i can tell you that a rose has a lot of petals. So, it seems, does Joel.
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My newly-turned 16 year old brother recently went on a romantic date. With his friend Joel. They saw, and greatly enjoyed, chick flick The Holiday at Nelson Bay Cinema Centre.

You see, it's all part of their cunning plan to pick up chicks. Chick Flicks attract Chicks, right? so if they go to see a chick flick, then chicks will go with them. They had it all sorted- great movie trip, lots of girls, they're sorted.

One problem: no girls showed up. Undaunted, Joel and Joel proceeded to see The Holiday. Last I heard, they were planning a second date, perhaps hoping that their evident enthusiasm for chickflickery might attracted the ladies.
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Since it's Melbourne Cup day, I shall talk today about gambling. Betting, in fact. My brother has been making bets with young ladies. Well, one young lady, to be exact. One young lady who is going out with Joel's friend Sam, but that is of minor consequence.

Joel makes bets he cannot lose.

Young Lady felt she had a lot of music on her computer. Joel knew he had a lot on his. So they made a bet on it.

The stakes?


According to Mum, he came home from school looking like the cat that got into the cream, as he saunters over to fire up iTunes, knowing that if he wins, Young Lady will provide him with hugs, plural. And, of course, if by some chance she were to win... then Joel would, like the good sport he is, provide her with hugs, plural, in good spirits.
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Dad and Joel both relayed this story to me in the past few days... what you get here is an amalgamation of the two :)

Last week, Joel came home from school, and said unto his mother:

I've got an N in my diary, Mum.

Why did he have this N, you ask?

Well... Jono and I were laughing in school chapel. The guy was up the front prancing around, going on about how he'd been such a good Christian at school and how the school would've been so much better if everyone was fantastic like him.
Anyway, we were laughing and we got called to Mrs Bryan's office afterwards. And so we're going to her office, and Jono says to me:
Hey Joel! let's drag our legs and talk like pirates! and he turns to Mr Bosco and says Yarr, Mr Bosco, How be ye??
We get to Bryan's office and Jono limps in and says Avast! Mrs Bryan!
And she ignores him and says to me: So, Joel, you think school chapel is funny, do you?
and I said: well, yeah, since you ask, i do.
and she got all cranky and i got an N in my diary. And then she turns to Jono and says, Thanks for your politeness Jono, and lets him go!
Oh, by the way, mum, you have to sign in my diary, she left a note saying what i'd done.

Dad is by this time rolling around on the floor. He begs and pleads to be allowed to sign the diary. Mum, wise woman that she is, witholds the diary, demanding to know what he's going to write. Dad eventually admits to his intention to inscribe therein That's my boy! Keep up the good work Joel!

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another Joel episode for your amusement...

Last night, Joel set out into the dark to retrieve something from the car. After a minute or so, he bursts back into the house, waving his arms around.

Dad, Dad, there's an enourmous goanna out there, and it reared up at me! It was huge dad!

Now Dad, he is a little puzzled by this. Goannas, as we all know, are reptiles, and not inclined to be out menacing people at night. So Dad, he goes out there with his torch to see what's up.

Where's this goanna Joel? Over here? Oh look... it's a possum. A fat mother possum with a baby...
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[21:25] Plz Wont You Love Me, Plz Love Me. Plz help me see what did I do?: willie did the stupidest thing ive eva seen tday. i asked a q to him n he answerd bak with exactly wat i had asked him. "mr wilie wats that angle" . wilie draws the pik with no numbers turns to me n says "wats that angle" im jus lyk....um... that was my question. u think i would ask it if i actually knew???
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Picture the scene: year ten class, in a science lab (but not a science class, it's just using the lab).
The class has a new teacher, and they deem her to be a bit of a pushover.

Suddenly, my brother's pencil case goes flying up to the front of the room, and hits someone in the head. Joel is banished to the back science bench, and thence he goes, decrying the unfairness of it all and the fact that it wasn't he who threw the pencil case in the first place.

He proceeds to sit up the back of the room, on the lab stool, happily chatting to the cuboard for the remaining half of the lesson.
The new teacher eyes him with great bafflement, but figures it best not to call attention to his behaviour. It might encourage him or something.

The class finishes; the students file out.
The cupboard doors open and two boys (not members of that class at all) unfold themselves, and march neatly out behind Joel.
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My family is currently possessed (and obssessed) by an Educated Rodent. So Educated, in fact, that he recognises rat traps for the puny weapons they are, and is not taken in.
He goes quiet for a while, just waiting. Mum will start hoping he's gone and leave some food out to check. and then.... WOLLA! there is a rat once more.

Weekend before last, Joel was up till all hours of the night watching the Chaser and whatever else he does late at night. And suddenly he became aware that he was not alone. No. Maurice was out to play.
So what does Joel do? Why, brave and heroic lad that he is, he follows Maurice into the laundry. There he finds a great weapon- an old broom. So there was joel, and the broom, chasing Maurice the Rat around the house at two in the morning. But Maurice is too Educated for this kind of shennanigans- he will not be caught by rat traps and he will not be brained by brooms.

LAST weekend Dad found the gap in the wall from whence he comes forth. So what does one do, having found the rat's bolthole? Why, he goes out and buys a tube of Silastic and Silastics the hole up. But this was inferior quality Silastic he purchased, and it refused to set.
He stuffed wire in all the drain pipes, hoping that Maurice might be caught between the wire and the Silastic, and could then be safely rat-baited without danger to native critters or pussy cats.

But all in vain. Maurice the Rat is still rampaging around out house. Update this morning tells me that he was out last night, chewed up the linoleum in the kitchen and then ATE JOEL'S SCHOOLBAG (which joel will be happy about, since he's been begging for a new bag for some time).
So. Mum has gone to the Rural Produce Dealer to see if he can produce some Educated Rat Traps or something of the sort.

No one has considered the possibility of an alliance between Joel and Maurice- forged while frolicking at two am- to the effect that Joel would get a new schoolbag and Maurice would be warned of new rat traps.
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oh dear...
Joel, to me just now: 'Prue's breasts are bigger than Andre's head! WOOOOOW!'
how did he find this out? Andre's hat is too big for his head, but just right for Prue's breast.

why? why? why, o God, did you have to make my brother turn into a BOY?

Another less disturbing tale about Joel

did i mention that i broke my brother at camp? It came about thus: we were all eating in a circle, and Joel decided to sit on the back of Gemma's chair- meaning partly on the back of Gemma. Poor girl was folded in half. I told him to remove himself. He decided then to sit on ME. I decided to get another roll. I got up. He went down. Chair went down on top of him. He was winded.
About a week later he still couldn't run without pain. Mum took him to the doctor to see if he had a broken rib; turns out i'd managed to do soft tissue damage to his lung.

On Anglicans

EU Think Week was this week, and thursday's lecture was advertised as 'Who Would Jesus Vote For?' When we got there the actual title was 'Christianity and Politics- turning the world upside down' (which they showed no inclination to do). I am utterly astonished by the ability of Gordon Cheng to speak for forty-five minutes without commiting to ANYTHING AT ALL. Apparently the bible has no real information on where we should put our political efforts, except that we should love our neighbour whilst doing so. (although he concedes a 'bias' towards 'widows and orphans' as in James. interesting choice- widows and orphans are a whole lot less threatening than 'the poor' or 'lepers' aren't they?)
On the assertion that Christians should steer away from politics entirely: Some people do that. They go off into the desert, they go off into monasteries, or at the very least they become Americans! (a puzzling assertion given the prevalence of religion in modern American politics)
When it got to question time someone up and asked him if Jesus would vote for John Howard. He fluffed around a bit, then said some good stuff (drawn from Jim Wallis) on the limitations of left-right categories. Just as we think he's going to evade answering anything once again...
'The Left have some good stuff going for them, but the Labour Party are just out to antagonise Christians with things we simply can't support, like abortion. So would Jesus vote for John Howard?' *speaks very fast and away from the micropone* 'Yes he would, but-' *moves back to microphone* '-the important thing is WOULD JOHN HOWARD VOTE FOR GOD?'

On Concerts and Kris

As I said in my breif late night post, the Whitlams were excellent. I feel slightly... adulterous, though, due to having fallen head over heels in love with The Live Room, the first support act. Brilliant, brilliant. Gut-wrenching violin :)
The Live Room are playing every thursday in June, at the Sando. I'm there.

It was wonderous to have a quisba :) He braved the college dining hall not once but twice- my status with the Pymbles has skyrocketed, i brought a man to brunch.

We did not buy any merchandise, go us. Although i do intend to go buy the Live Room album :DDD

really late... but Jim Wallis

having mentioned him above, I'll leave you all with a few Jim Wallis quotes from the tues before easter, when he spoke at syd. uni.

his seven year old son, coming home from school: 'Mummy, I'm worried about Max and Jo. I don't think they believe in God or Jesus. I think they're vegetarians!'

On the problem with the Religious Right in America: 'They say there are only two moral issues. They make it easy for us. Abortion, gay marriage. If I'm an unborn child in America, and I want suuport from the Right, I wanna stay unborn as long as I can. Once I'm born, I'm off their radar!... They're not pro-life, they're pro-birth!'

They talk about family. Oh, I love that one... In my house, it's family first every day. I'd like to actually do that, put family first... you can't overcome poverty with 80% single families... but explain to me how gay and lesbian people are the ones doing that? It has more to do with herterosexual dysfunction.
Anti-gay marriage has become the political surrogate for supporting the family... It's possible to be pro-family and pro-gay civil rights.

I'm not talking about a Religious Left to counter the Religious Right... what our folks are hungry for is a moral centre to our public life. Don't go left, don't go right, go deeper... the left/right thing has paralysed us.
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My brother is now part of a unit, known as JoelandToby. (Joel: we're not gay!)JoelandToby ran riot at easter camp this year; JoelandToby is never seen as two separate individuals.

JoelandToby seems to share Joelsolitary's chick magnet characteristics- but magnified exponentially. The most amusing stunt JoelandToby pulled this year was in picking up two young ladies both named Katie. One each. I am assured by Joelsolitary that he in fact got the hotter of the two.
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rang Joel the other night... snippet from the conversation for your amusement:

Joel: so we had PE the other day, and instead of our usual PE lesson we had to walk the cross country track. And you know when you come back around the lagoon? Well my friends all decided to run. And I was like, nuh, I'm not running. So you know Alisha from the bus, well her little sister was there and I was talking to her and her friends. And when we got back to the school I was with six girls and the guys were all like 'YOU did well', and I'm just like 'thanks guys for leaving me...' *smugness of tone*
Me: haha, Joel the chick magnet strikes again!
Joel: what can i say? it comes naturally...
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hehe... he's now being harrassed by Girl Two. For whatever reason, he gave his email to Jessica, and she gave it to Girl Two, and now Girl Two is talking at him nonstop whenever she's online.



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