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Seen on the eastern shore of Derwent Water, July 2017:

More photos from that expedition and others are slowly drip-feeding through to [syndicated profile] speculumannorum_feed
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After Leeds I met up with friend L, and we proceeded to Penrith, and then on foot out of town to an outlying mixed rural/industrial area (it was weird. It had sheep and a Local Business Park and a cake factory), where our accommodation was a 'camping pod' in a former orchard. Pretty cool, aside from getting rained on heavily to get there.

Saturday we marched up the road to the Rheged centre (me: oh, this are must have been part of Rheged! L: no, Rheged is a welsh place name, there was this king, Urien Rheged... me: let me tell you a thing about the fifth and sixth centuries) and took a bus down to Keswick, in the Lake District. It was very beautiful, we walked around Derwent Water, many sheep much scenery very wow (photos forthcoming see [tumblr.com profile] speculumannorum).

However, before setting off on the scenic part of the expedition we went to A PENCIL MUSEUM. And learned about the history of pencils. I'm not sure it was quite worth the 5 pound entry (it would've if we'd had kids with us: there was a whole room of colouring-in play space), but it was pretty awesome. Special points to the display on the Cumberland Map and Compass Pencil, produced at the behest of Charles Fraser Smith, the British govt's secret gadgets-commissioner for WWII.

I do so love weirdly specific museums.
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Bought a hat for Pride Fribourg, after losing the previous in Morocco. Wore it on plane to UK. Left it on train Leeds-London, didn't realise until yesterday.

Got vr burned at Duxford airshow (plaaaanes!). Went and bought a hat in Cambridge today; lost it within five hours. Hopefully I left it in Michaelhouse and can pick it up from there tomorrow before we head to Bath via Oxford.

Traveling with parentals is tiring (they are inexperienced in the big wide world, but also now old enough that they are slow to intuit things or recognise patterns). Travelling with Brooke is very tiring. Not just the usual over-tired kid thing, although that's bad enough (the sun gets up early and so does miss six! Even if she didn't get to bed until eleven!). I have never met a child so paranoid. I spoke to her loudly today- "Brooke, you're walking INTO PEOPLE" - when she skittered across the pavement, and that bought us five minutes of hiding her face in mum's and my legs, and big crocodile tears. Absolutely convinced she's going to be In Trouble and, i dunno, banished forever? This happens 2-3 times a day.

She's also having difficulty with the idea that I am, in fact, travelling with them. "Amy, can you eat with us today?" Where else do you think I'm gonna eat, kid? We're in the same car! On the same holiday! Being paid for by the same parents!

In addition to the hat crisis, I accidentally bought tickets for Duxford Flying Legends 'Meet the Fighters' in September instead of regular Flying Legends. [personal profile] liv, if you see this, please enquire of your people if three adult and one child ticket for the 10th of Sept would be of use to them. I think young B would be into it.
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Hello hello it's time for another round-up post! Not sure that anyone reads them, but I having started I shall continue. As with previous such posts social media has probably given you some idea already...

Pictures, nattering, etc )
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Wow. Two months has been a LONG TIME, this time. As with previous such posts, social media means you've probably got the idea, but here, a summary, with pictures!

Things I did and things I took pictures of, or, a post with ducks )
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Ceiling and eastward windows of the Chapel of the Maccabees, within the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre, Geneva. Forget Dress Like A Crayon Day, I wanna dress like this chapel. ALL THE COLOURS.

Interior views of the cathedral, including people filming for Radio Television Suisse: Post 1, Post 2 - close ups, Post 3

Neo-classical Facade

Important questions at Geneva City Library

Chapel of the Maccabees: Post 1 Post 2, Post Tenebras Lux

And the first of a series of (belated) photos of Brixworth parish church (7th c)

Coming up this week ([syndicated profile] speculumannorum_feed / [tumblr.com profile] speculumannorum), more Brixworth; miscellaneous cameraphone; SINISTER DUCKS, aka, my incipient descent into birdwatching
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Holy Cross church, Sarratt, Hertfordshire (12c, with a 15c tower)

In link form, other things I have posted since setting up [profile] speculumannorum:

Interior features of Holy Cross, Sarratt

My first encounter with starlings

Holy Trinity, Bordesley, at sunset (including an exciting story about sacriligous legal use of communion wafers!)

Some socks which I knitted for [personal profile] leareth.

Some photos of Moseley, Birmingham, with which I am not entirely satisfied. It was oddly difficult to get photos of Moseley which weren't hideous.

The English coast from the air

A genevois intersection with distant mountain

6th century font from the mindblowing archaeological open-house under St Peter's Cathedral. Tons of stuff, from a pre-roman tomb right up to the 11c. crypt, all preserved for public viewing. I AM DED OF HISTORICAL OVERLOAD.

Ten or eleven days of posts queued up on Tumblr, featuring St Peters and the adjacent Chapel of the Maccabees, and some older photos of Brixworth, UK.
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But none really of Birmingham, since I didn't do much touristing there. I have some photos of All Saints Brixworth on my other camera yet to dig out, though...

Neighbourhood safety, a man and his robot, and giant dessert )

 photo Sunset_zps54e5df44.jpg

Then Geneva put on a lovely sunset for my return, as if to show off the fact that there's still daylight here after 5pm and the temperature is above 10 degrees...
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After lunch at the Isis Farmhouse, Dr J and I subjected his mother to hagio-tourism. She seemed to be OK with this.

 photo DSCN0038_zps043da5ee.jpg

Teefs, see?

Teefs, ribbed vaulting, and an anchoress )
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Shortly before we headed to France, Dr J's mother drove to Oxford and we went down to an absolutely charming pub, only accessible by towpath or barge.

But first, some bees in lavender:

 photo DSCN2555_zps0f54fda0.jpg

Iffley Lock & the Isis Farmhouse )
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First, a lovely photo of Cambridge from Castle Mound:

 photo DSCN2531_zpsf24ff23f.jpg

Not too far from Castle Mound, we found St Peter's Church )
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We had morning tea and lunch in Wells. If you recall, we also had a fiasco with abandoned/vanished luggage. Don't leave your suitcase lying around in historic places! Also don't drag your suitcase across 14th century flagstones. You see our problems...

All outdoor photos )

Also, be it known that the King's Head is an excellent pub.
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First, a photo taken of me on a friend's camera, while exploring the gardens of Worcester College during my first week in the UK:

Why yes I am pretty and also intrepid! )

And now, the Scones Tour of the West Country! Starting in Oxford, where my friend KN and Jon and I all assembled after Leeds. We ate scones. We walked up the river to see across to where Geoffrey of Monmouth once lived. And then we went to Oxford Castle, where

we were subjected to historical re-enactment )

I disapprove of Oxford Castle Unlocked. They make erroneous assertions about the average height of Saxons. They're all flashy and touristy and you can't wander around on your own and, hmmph.

Next we went to Bath. We got there late in the afternoon and most things were closed by the time we had eaten our daily allotment of scones.

Photos )
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Stuff! Photos of stuff!

The Severn Valley Railway )

More photos of the railway turning up when J empties his camera, I expect.


And today, York! )


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