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Where we last left this this thread, I'd just got back from a whirlwind trip to London.

Since then I have done a number of things and NOT done a number of other things. I'm in the middle of moving house (currently nested in Friend L's place. Friend L is the best) and between housing instability and god knows what else it's been a vr stressed few months. I really don't want to rehash it all, even the good bits, so let's just call this a photo post.

Selected photos from selected places )

This has been Amy's life in summary. In summary: mostly ducks.
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Hello hello it's time for another round-up post! Not sure that anyone reads them, but I having started I shall continue. As with previous such posts social media has probably given you some idea already...

Pictures, nattering, etc )
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Wow. Two months has been a LONG TIME, this time. As with previous such posts, social media means you've probably got the idea, but here, a summary, with pictures!

Things I did and things I took pictures of, or, a post with ducks )
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As with previous such posts, social media means you've probably got the idea, but here, a summary, with pictures!

What I Did In 2014 (so far) )

And that, I think, is that. I'm getting along ever more awesomely with my immediate colleagues; I'm slightly less broke than I was; and I finally got my official residence permit. Whoo.

Ed: oh, and my life is regularly brightened by the Office Dog. The Office Dog is adorable and wears cute scarves, and sits patiently gnawing a bone in her owner's office one day a week. This is the best thing about Europe's dog-friendly culture. I don't even technically LIKE dogs much, but since I got here, all the puppies are so cute and well-behaved and sometimes I can pat them. Yes. Good.
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As with the previous instance, most social-media using persons have probably got the general idea, but here I present a summative post for friends, relations and the terminally curious, covering the period Halloween-Christmas 2013:

What I did in Europe, by Amy, Age 26 )
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I had thought about writing summative posts every month, but my housing situation was too precarious and stressful at the end of September to even think about it. I might aim for bi-monthly instead? Those following me either on DW/LJ or Facebook have probably got a reasonable idea of what my life has been like since I got here, so feel free to skip or skim - part of the purpose of this post is that I can fling links at non-social-media-using relatives if it seems useful.

Dear friends, family, internauts, and terminally curious persons, It may have reached your notice that I have moved to Geneva )


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