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English gent is on his way back to his stomping grounds (new job seems to suit him - as he said, 'finite tasks! They're lowly paid, but you know what you have to do and when it's done!'). We went on espotitions, saw many ducks, and failed to aquire a library book from the most annoying library.

Proper update owing. Pictures queued up to deliver 2 per day at [tumblr.com profile] speculumannorum/[syndicated profile] speculumannorum_feed.
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But none really of Birmingham, since I didn't do much touristing there. I have some photos of All Saints Brixworth on my other camera yet to dig out, though...

Neighbourhood safety, a man and his robot, and giant dessert )

 photo Sunset_zps54e5df44.jpg

Then Geneva put on a lovely sunset for my return, as if to show off the fact that there's still daylight here after 5pm and the temperature is above 10 degrees...
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I had thought about writing summative posts every month, but my housing situation was too precarious and stressful at the end of September to even think about it. I might aim for bi-monthly instead? Those following me either on DW/LJ or Facebook have probably got a reasonable idea of what my life has been like since I got here, so feel free to skip or skim - part of the purpose of this post is that I can fling links at non-social-media-using relatives if it seems useful.

Dear friends, family, internauts, and terminally curious persons, It may have reached your notice that I have moved to Geneva )
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The last and possibly the most memorable of the France expeditions. A town with no flat roads! Garroulous locals! Endless stairs! Castle of debatable vintage! This picture really sums it up:

 photo DSCN0437_zpsabdd9870.jpg

Vertiginous medievalia, and a medievalist with vertigo )
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I believe these photos were all taken by Dr J, as 1. there are more than usual of me and 2. I think we only took the crappiest of our collective cameras, having plans (which went unfulfilled due to Amy getting heat-cranky) to go swimming.

 photo DSCF2296_zps6e4a2068.jpg

Obscure roads, Jean Cocteau, and a fortress )
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 photo DSCN0202_zps3667fa98.jpg

Full disclosure: there are some photos of a Jewish war memorial in here.

Scenery, archaeology, stylites, seagulls, and a cemetery with a view )

On the way back to the train we had tea (excellent tea!) and american-style pancakes at Emily's Cookies. What I wanted and still haven't had was really good French crepes, but these were astonishingly good American pancakes instead.


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