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Where we last left this this thread, I'd just got back from a whirlwind trip to London.

Since then I have done a number of things and NOT done a number of other things. I'm in the middle of moving house (currently nested in Friend L's place. Friend L is the best) and between housing instability and god knows what else it's been a vr stressed few months. I really don't want to rehash it all, even the good bits, so let's just call this a photo post.

Selected photos from selected places )

This has been Amy's life in summary. In summary: mostly ducks.
highlyeccentric: An underground street (Rue Obscure, Villefranche), mostly dark. Bright light at the entrance and my silhouette departing (Rue Obscure)
The last and possibly the most memorable of the France expeditions. A town with no flat roads! Garroulous locals! Endless stairs! Castle of debatable vintage! This picture really sums it up:

 photo DSCN0437_zpsabdd9870.jpg

Vertiginous medievalia, and a medievalist with vertigo )
highlyeccentric: A seagull lifting into flight, skimming the cascade (Castle Hill, Nice) (Seagull)
I believe these photos were all taken by Dr J, as 1. there are more than usual of me and 2. I think we only took the crappiest of our collective cameras, having plans (which went unfulfilled due to Amy getting heat-cranky) to go swimming.

 photo DSCF2296_zps6e4a2068.jpg

Obscure roads, Jean Cocteau, and a fortress )
highlyeccentric: Angel Coulby's feet in red boots (angel's feet)
Late afternoon in Beaulieu, Dr J and I set out to walk out to the point of Cap Ferrat, under the belief it would take 15 to 45 minutes. In fact, it took about half an hour to St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the next town around the bay, and about an hour and a half to St Hospice, the church out on the point.

 photo DSCN0260_zpsa22ca6d5.jpg

Strange garden ornaments, alarming statuary, Romanesque disappointment, and another cemetery with a view )
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 photo DSCN0202_zps3667fa98.jpg

Full disclosure: there are some photos of a Jewish war memorial in here.

Scenery, archaeology, stylites, seagulls, and a cemetery with a view )

On the way back to the train we had tea (excellent tea!) and american-style pancakes at Emily's Cookies. What I wanted and still haven't had was really good French crepes, but these were astonishingly good American pancakes instead.
highlyeccentric: Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because it was dead. Don't laugh, it happens. (Why did the monkey fall out of the tree)
 photo DSCN0146_zpsb38cff9a.jpg

So let's talk about this view. Also about an 11th century church and BABY PIGEONS.

Did I mention the BABY PIGEONS? )


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