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Last night I dreamed that I got up out of the tech booth during Act 3 sc 2 (the dramatic finale), snuck down the side of the auditorium and found an empty chair and fell asleep in it.

In this dream I woke up when the final gunshot went off, and the lighting hadn't been adjusted (because I was asleep) and no one turned the lights down at all at the end, and things were Bad.

So I pretended to still be asleep, to avoid talking to Director Chris, but it didn't work - I was afraid I'd get locked in the theatre, so I got up to get my stuff and then i ran into people and I was in TROUBLE.

The worst dream.
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Ahem. Right. K gave me the 1997 Broadway Cast Recording of The Lion King. This is probably a dangerous act.

OK, on to Highly's Weird Dreams, This Time Suitably Incomprehensible!

In, oh, I think it was first year, I had a few recurring dreams about finding that I had to go back to school to finish my HSC, despite being half-way through my university degree. Turning eighteen, growing up to be a Serious Senior kind of student, and all that, did away with that particular dream.

Until now. This time, I

a) found myself living at home and singing in my father's band. Yeah, don't ask me.
b) was going back to school to finish the HSC, but simultaneously trying to finish my thesis. The vast numbers of books I had to carry around for this required two backpacks. I had panic attacks about conflicting assessment schedules, in the course of which I...
c) somehow got a book stuck under the brake pedal and nearly caused my mother to have a car accident. My mother was cross about this and not very sympathetic about my assessment crises.
d) tried very, very hard to convince the Deputy Principal, who isn't even AT the school anymore, to stage BARE as the school musical for the year. On waking up, this caused me to die of hilarity. My school did make a point of staging religious musicals... *coughsnort* BARE is very liturgical!

All of this was happening in jerky discontinuous snippets, in between which I was dreaming that I was Jason (who, mysteriously, was carrying MY thesis around), and he/I was perving on the boys in my brother's grade. Or, really, being disappointed in the lack of perving material, since they were all looking a lot younger and less attractive than they ACTUALLY ARE.1


1. Not that I would check out my brother's friends. I swear.
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(You know you've been on the internet too long... when you dream about online aquaintances.)
(You know you've been at university too long... when you dream about forms and queues.)
You know you've been academic blogging too long...

when the culmination of your dream sequence is handing in enrollment forms to Jennifer Lynn Jordan at the Office of Freshman Classes at NYU.
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So, exhaustion is supposed to result in sweet dreamless sleep. I could be so lucky. Instead, I seem to have been channelling [livejournal.com profile] ursulav, except without all the sex. And no birds, either, unless you count dragons.

Had an extremely complex dream last night, one of those ones where two separate narratives crash into each other with bizarre results.

To start with, I was pregnant. The baby was due on my birthday (which, weirdly, in this dream was Nov. 7, not 6), but Dad was sure it would be two weeks premi. That meant that I was due in week twelve of semester, and would conflict with the presentation-and-paper I was planning to give for Devious' class that week. [livejournal.com profile] goblinpaladin was also in said class, but could not or would not swap presentation weeks with me. I'm not sure if he had anything to do with the baby at all, he was certainly quite peripheral to the whole thing.

At this point, the plot collided with a very cool, very vibrantly coloured fantasy world, in which I decided to summon a dragon oracle from an outback dunny, to find out when my baby would be born. The dragon oracle had a BABY DRAGON ORACLE, which was ADOWABLE and had blue eye-shadow. I don't think I found out when I'd be giving birth, but the dragon oracle did give me useful advice on parenting in general and managing parenthood and study in particular.1 Meanwhile, there was a very complicated plot going on in this fantasy land, which I can't remember particularly well anymore. There were two cousins in love, an evil lord of some sort, and a king or possibly duke who was with me also consulting the dragon oracle. He needed to know when my baby would be born (it was important to the fantasy plot somehow, but also I think he was in Devious' class with me), and then we conducted a second summoning of the dragon oracle in order to find out if she could convince the queen to resume conjugal relations with the king. Except that the queen didn't BELIEVE in dragons, so when we dragged her down to the outback dunny, all she could see was an outback dunny, and that doesn't put anyone in a conjugal mood.

There were sieges, escapes and pursuits, a couple of villages got razed, and I had 15000 words of essays to write.


1. Current theory is that the "babies" in fact represent theses, and the Dragon Oracle represents Awesome. What the cousins in love and the non-conjugal royalty had to do with it, I'm unsure.
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Two weeks ago, this quote put the fear into me:

a dream (or nightmare?) in which an academic treatise comes to life, the terms of its discussion assuming physical form in the strange logic of the dream.
-Kathryn L. Lynch, "The Book of the Duchess as a philosophical vision: the argument of form", Genre 21, 279-305 (292)

I'm happy to say, I was not chased through my dreams by reality and fiction, or anything else from a Chaucerian-dream vision.

To make up for it, though, I spent last night dreaming about AElfrician chastity. Yes, that's right. Other people have interesting sex dreams, I dream about AElfrician chastity.


Jun. 23rd, 2006 01:51 pm
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in a dream last night, i was sitting at a table with some people i knew well- can't remember who they are now. I think we were studying.
I was having an in depth conversation with the guy across from me. The disturbing thing about it- and this worried me even in the dream- was tha we both had laptops on the table, and as the conversation got more involved, we completely stopped speaking and started typing because it was quicker and easier. The conversation become this weird mix of typing and speaking- i'd type something, he'd look over at me, and say 'oh, interesting, but...' as his fingers were flying over the keyboard to explain the 'but'.

i used to not be able to think without a pen in my hand. if you were talking to me, and having a complicated conversation, i had to be playing with a pen. As i typed up essays and whatnot, i had to be playing with a pen while i stared at the screen thinking. I find it a little disturbing, don't ask me why, that typing has replaced that completely now. The day i actually find my fingers twitching to type as i talk, i'll be very worried.
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[personal profile] sea_of_tethys just reminded me, I now have an official recurring dream (i have a feeling i had a different one over the summer, but i can't remember what it was).

This one has been appearing at odd occaisions since [profile] gryphonvere moved into college. And yes, that is a relevant fact, and you'll see why in a minute.

my recurring dream is this:

I've moved back to college for second year- so it used to be anticipatory, and now it's set in the past- and i get here and i find that i have three roommates.


they used to be unidentified roommates, but as of a few nights ago they were Mel Dorrington, Laura Costello, and someone I'd never met before called Emma, who was tall and thin and had bushy blonde hair. As it happened, Laura decided she wasn't living with the rest of us, and moved herself and her furniture out and set up camp in the subway system.
There were only two desks in our room, but there was a piano. go figure.

why is this [profile] gryphonvere's fault? well, for those of you don't know him, when he moved into college in september last year, he went expecting to get one roommate and got three.
get out of my head, damn you!

interestingly, in the dream i KNEW it was lukas' fault, and was trying to get my computer set up so i could send him abusive emails for it.

ed: i found my previous recurring dream. it was the Dementor one. 
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latest update on Amy's Dreams!

*Me, as a leader on an NCYC bus tour, wandering around topless. (and no one seemed to notice). wtf? major Safe Place hazard...

i think my subconcious is staging a rebellion what with camp looming and all.


Mar. 20th, 2006 09:40 am
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Weird Things I Dreamed Last Night:

*that i got a job at Kinkos, and the manager was Mama from Chicago. Disturbing.
*that U2 were doing a free gig at a beach somewhere which i could not attend because of work; after said gig they drove up george st on a truck, we followed them, they streaked through Hyde Park, and were arrested by the army.

i then proceeded to disturbed Reena (only slightly, she's tough), by forgetting that i'd slept in just underwear, and walking out into the corridor on my way to the shower so dressed; and then by coming back, this time in a towel, and telling her i was dreaming about Mama.

and now....

Feb. 7th, 2006 12:57 am
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i officially have a recurring nightmare. go me.

In this dream, i and various others are chased through the Education Building by dementors. The Ed building is a fair bit taller, and has many underground levels, but is recognisable by it's tiny, uniform grey corridors and the immense capacity for getting lost therein.

In order to escape the dementors, one must make one's way to the fire escape and then run all the way down the centre of the building to the lowest floor, cross the corridor, and ascend another fire escape which will bring you back to the ground floor and out near Manning House.

I spend most of this dream either:
*trying to FIND the fire escape, while evading dementors
*running up and down the fire escape
*trying to get other people into the fire escape without leaving the way clear for dementors

although most people in this dream i have not met (although one guy had william's ears. and his tshirt, but not the rest of him), my recurring dream-character has not yet made an appearance.
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really weird dream under here )

this dream came after one in which Tock was elected Senior Student, and one in which I was having trouble posting things (parcels, not LJ entries) because I didn't exist.

on the bright side, i definitely do dream in colour.


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