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aaaand... the college printer prints my title page *fluorescent green*.

And Family First are agitating for compulsory net filtering to block all content rated X-18+ or refused rating. On the other hand, the Opposition have declared their intention to, y'know, actually oppose something. *Is not used to this feeling of warmth and support for capital-L Liberal politicians*
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It is approximately 12 hours until my thesis is due.

I have finished the basic editing. Some quotes to put in, some lists to make, footnotes to check. Oh, and a consistency error to smooth out if I get time. (But can I be BOTHERED?)
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Do you think I could marry the Dictionary of Old English Corpus online? Can I? Please?

Failing that, I shall swear eternal fealty to it and serve it forever.

*quivers* When I leave uni I won't ever be able to play with the DOEC again. WAAAAH.
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I have a thesis.

It is 20200 words, including bibliography and other faffing about. It is 96 pages long, and it has a frontispiece, a title page, acknowledgements and a table of contents. Also I somehow managed to edit all of it last weekend AND write big chunks of the third chapter AND write the conclusion.

It is now in the hands of Awesome, who, being awesome, is editing it for me. I am very glad she gave me a deadline of Monday by which to have it in her inbox, or I don't doubt I'd have been awake until 5am next Sunday-Monday, and since the bastard thing is due next Monday, that would have been bad.

I *may* also have sorted out my grudge against the Sermo Lupi ad Anglos. If we're lucky.


In other news... I've been spamming all my own blogs in my procrastination. You may or may not be interested in my NP post on Arthurian fanfic and medieval tradition. Iris, I did as I threatened and rec'd you with the highest praise ;).
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Dear Amy,

I am delighted to tell you that your paper, "Gender, Power and Heroism in Ælfric’s Judith,” has been selected by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship as the Best Paper by an Undergraduate Student in Medieval Feminist Scholarship. We had fourteen essays to consider and the field was very strong. The members of the prize committee were especially impressed with your ability to handle a complex range of sources and theories to address a provocative and important subject.

You will receive five years’ membership to the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship and your paper will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Medieval Feminist Forum. I will contact Professor Felice Lifshitz, the current Issue Editor of MFF, and Michelle Sauer, the Managing Editor of MFF, who will work with you on the final edits necessary to prepare your essay for publication.

Please accept my congratulations and my best wishes for continued success in your work.

Very sincerely,
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Verily! I

* Was engaged in paid employment for 5 hours this morning.

* Went to the library and obtained many books on the Chanson de Roland, and also some books on AS England including the Encomium Emmae Reginae and an overnight loan of David Hills Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England.

* Read said Atlas. All of it, except for the bits about coinage and salt mines. Observed many interesting things (eg- King Cnut, once crowned King, never went north of Oxford or east of Shrewsbury).

* Translated fifty-odd lines of Beowulf


* Read 500-odd lines of Roland.

I am smug now.
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* tonight, it looks like I get to bed before one am
* I have fingerless gloves and new socks
* my chapter plan took me only an hour or so. About a factor of twenty LESS than I spent angsting about my lack of secondary sources and Stuff To Say.
* turns out i DO have Stuff to Say, straight from the primary source. AND
* I spotted something Jonathan Wilcox didn't. *smugness dance*

Have I mentioned my HUUUUUGEMONGOUS academic crush on Jonathan Wilcox?
Um. Said crush has been *severely* delimited to the strictly academic realm, courtesy of that... stylish... profile photo...
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Y'know what? It's exceedingly awesome living with another medievalist around here. Having [livejournal.com profile] kayloulee rush past me in the dining hall, only stopping to mutter out of the corner of her mouth "I realised I couldn't talk about confraternities, so I'm doing heretics instead!"1 makes me quite happy.

In other news... I procrastinated all day, and bribed myself through two chapters of translatin' the Institutes of Polity2 with the promise that after 10pm I could do exactly what I'm about to do: drink cider, and read articles about sex in SGGK. Fun times, I tell you.

I was feeling all excited about this, and then I walked past about five pubs playing happy old school songs such as I like to dance to. :( I piked out on a Eurovision party tonight, too, so as I could do work all day, but that was kinda ruined by my hopeless procrastination. :(

More cider! Articles on middle english bondage!


1. Which is actually for an early modern subject, but s'all the same when your history department sucks.
2. Productive hours, mind. Two chapters down! One, predictably, titled 'Item de episcopis', was about bishops. I decided to knock down 'Be Þeodwitan' while I was at it, just in case it had something to say about the role of bishops in the witan, and whaddya know, the whole damn thing was about bishops!
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2500 words in seven hours!

What was supposed to be a short half-chapter-y thing blew out into a giant 4000 word essay, but DUDE I AM SO AWESOME. *Does the dance of Manuscript Comprehension* I have *a* purpose, several uses, and several audiences. OMG I AM FANTASTIC. *And* analyses of two texts. WOOT WOOT WOOTY WOOTINGTON.

ed: like I said last time I properly finished a chapter: this is my crack now. Best feeling ever. Really. And compared to many other good feelings, quite simple (if slow) to achieve.

In other news... It's 2:15 am and I haven't made my bed. This deflates my ego.
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I love my thesis.
Strangely, I only seem to love it on TUESDAYS. As on Wednesdays I have to see my supervisor, that means every week I wind up saying 'well, I didn't get inspired until last night...'

Meanwhile, I may just have a posthumous crush on Dorothy Bethurum. With one pending for Dorothy Whitelock, and Mary Bateson being also under consideration. Am, of course, entirely in love with Patrick Wormald, as any right-thinking Wulfstanist ought to be.

I have read exactly four works dealing with Wulfstan's Commonplace book or parts thereof. Two are perfectly easy to understand. Two are utterly incomprehensible. Reasons? We have two options:

* Stuff written about the Commonplace book a least half a century ago made more sense, perhaps because they knew less about it. Things get more complex as they go along, in academia. Bethurum added some more manuscripts and sources to Bateson's study, and now when looking at works from the last ten years it's all incredibly complex.


* Women are just easier to understand. Dorothy and Mary vs. men whose first names I've forgotten.

These two propositions will be examined by reference to Loyn's introduction to the manuscript, and I may also have to look at Thorpe's version of the Exerptiones, to give me some old male works, and the one by the modern women whose names starts with A.
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Queer theory is awesome.

I take back the sweeping general condemnations of Theory, generally, and re-issue them with the caveat bad theory. GOOD theory reassures you that you are not mad for finding bondage jokes in Sir Gawain.1 GOOD theory also provides you with cultural analysis lines down which you can take your non-salacious grammatical study.

BETTER theory would've said more about transgressive *female* sexuality instead of tying it all up with male-male desire. But hey, one can't have everything.

1. Someone has written an article entitled 'Anal Rope'. I must hie me to Fisher and, ah, pin it down.
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My thesis is boring.
Everyone has already said what the manuscript is for. Everyone has already said all the things about bishops and Wulfstan and christian society.
The only interesting thing I have to say I can't prove in the slightest.

And I haven't finished a translation which should've taken me one week and has taken me two so far.
And the worst bit is, the Bocera won't care. SOME KIND OF EXPECTATIONS WOULD BE NICE.

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WHEEE! I just handed in half a chapter! This is the awesomest feeling ever. *Bouncebouncebounce*

Fortunately, I get to do this again and again, all year. And, unlike undergraduate essays, I don't have to start all over again, it will all keep going and going and WHEEEEEEEE!

On the other hand, my half chapter is already 1000 words over length, and still needs more stuff added to it. Fun.
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Nevermind that there's at least as big a table to make for the Latin section. Nevermind that I've yet to wrestle with the paelography. For now, I have, in 9 pages, a neat table of all the Anglo-Saxon texts of Nero A.i part B.

Surely I don't need to do anything for another month now?
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* That setting up in a library or other studious location will perforce jolt the brain into some semblance of studiousness, even in the face of fourth-year-itis. It remains to be seen what happens when the library fills up at the end of semester and my search-and-destroy typing methods drive everyone batty.
* That you really do use your left hand more when typing. Whaddya know?
*That making plans and having short-term goals is really, really important, in the absence of frequent undergraduate assessments.
* That nine months is NOT a long time in which to write a thesis.
*That I am going to DIE in the month of June.
* That the Bocera thinks I should apply for PHDs to start next year, and then defer if I REALLY think I’m burnt out, but “no one does anything in the first year of a PHD anyway”.
*That said Bocera is going on holiday commencing two weeks before my thesis is due, and coming back just on the due date. Current plan is, this will force me to have the thing finished early. Suspected outcome is, Awesome takes over final editing and/or crisis control.
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Thanks to all of those who assured me it was possible :) Also, to a friend of mine who lives most of her life in Rare Books and berated me about uniform referencing methods.

As a result, my hour and a bit in Rare Book was taken up with trying to make enough space to insert one footnote about the rubric to ONE TEXT. sigh.

Also, I blathered at Awesome and the Venerable Emeritus about mansucript descriptions. Awesome reminded me that I hate paeleography, and so should not consider a career in manuscript describing.
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So I set out to create a manuscript description, happy in the knowledge that no easy-to-use description of Cotton Nero A.i has already been made.
What I want in a MS description:
* items clearly laid out, with modern English descriptions where appropriate
* first lines of homilies in Old English
* texts identified by their common title as well as their MS title
* clear quire divisions within the list
* references to editions
* the ability to scan the description either quire-by-quire OR by content type

Which means a table. Vertical axis numbering items and listing foliation. Horizontal axis listing content type (Insitiutes, laws, homilies, other). So one can scan down the 'homily' column if one so desires, or one can isolate the fifth quire, or whatever. FABULOUS.

An exel table would be fine. Lovely. But difficult to print out and bind into a thesis.
So we have lots of individual one-page tables, which have to be prevented from binding themselves together and aligning cell widths (the Homilies column, for example, having been squashed up when there are no homilies on the page, so as to make space for Institutes).

And then I discover that you can't footnote a table.

This, people, explains why no one has made a user-friendly Manuscript Description of Cotton Nero A.i.
But I will not be defeated! When I am done, the Reader will be able to flick through my table with ease!
Sigh. The Reader will be me, and whatever unfortunate souls mark the thing. Oh, the futility.


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