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[personal profile] monksandbones, any other stray Latinists, halp? (13th c hagiography)

Semel aut secundo vel tertio flagitatus a vobis, ac si non esset Propheta in Israël, ut [Col. 0479F] ad ædificationem Virginum & generationis venturæ devotionem augendam, Matris vestræ, videlicet S. Dympnæ Virginis & Martyris, passionis historiam, quæ per eorum desidiam, qui tunc erant, nondum sacræ litterarum memoriæ commendata, sub modio silentii latuerat nimis diu; de vulgari eloquio in Latinum redigerem idioma; crebro mecum deliberans acquiescere formidavi.

What I'm getting from this

Once, or a second indeed a third time it has been demanded by you, that [for the edification of virgins and the augmentation of the devotion of generations to come], the story of the passion of your mother, that is St Dympna Virgin and Martyr [SUBORDINATE CLAUSES*], I should render from the vulgar tongue into Latin idiom; [SOMETHING ABOUT AGREEMENTS**].

That's my main clause, right?

* Subordinate clauses: I want this to say "which, through their laziness, which they were [doing, practicing], not yet committed to the sacred memory of literature, had lain under a bushel very much for a long time in silence" . Does that... work? I assume the laziness is being done or practiced by the people of the monastery or something?

** "often deliberating with me i was afraid to agree"??? Wtf?? Or is that deliberating with MYSELF I was afraid to agree (to this request)? That might work, the next line goes on about being presumptuous etc.


Jan. 24th, 2011 04:41 pm
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I think I won't take Latin this year. I should, I liked it, I should keep up with it. But I think I probably can't cope with teaching two different courses doing a thesis and taking Latin.

I am thinking of taking French conversation classes through the Academie Francaise instead, and then DELF preparation classes in August and the DELF test in October. Expensive (about a thousand dollars total) but it would cover my desperate need for language classes at all times.
highlyeccentric: Ravenclaw: how do you spell "unfuckable" in Latin? (Ravenclaw - unfuckable in latin)

I'm looking at you, second and third conjugation passive verbs.
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Had nice talk with supervisor.  Feeling less panicked about things in general and future schooling in particular.

One comment regarding Latin, however:

there is something wrong when your language has defective verbs. Just sayin'.

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Toft, Simon? What's the *reading list* for MST1000Y? Can you recommend me a couple of texts therefrom?

My Latin course is annoying me *anyway* because it's not giving us any authentic texts or translations, and, at least at the moment, it's Quite Easy for little old me who actually knows what a declension is. So I'd decided I need to find myself some texts to translate, and I was starting with the Vulgate bible because I can pull up a Douay-Rheims for a crib if needs be. I'm well aware that the texts they throw at you in 1000Y are probably far beyond me... but I could start wrangling with them and acquiring vocab, at least?
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Cannot has internet connection yet because I wasn't able to print out the passcodes from my inbox yesterday. They're on Sjazz's hard drive instead, but she's off doing exciting Birthday Things for now.

[personal profile] kayloulee and I invented the BEST FOOD EVER.

It is: toasted apple and cheese tortillas.

You get your tortilla, and lay teeeny thin apple slices down the middle of it and then cover them in cheese and toast it and then fold the tortilla in half. THEN YOU HAVE NOMS.

Other things:
1. Latin will kill me
2. Am only capable of comprehending 1000 lines of Old French poetry a day. Some days I can read that in an hour, some days it takes me four hours, but invariably, brain fizzles out after 1000 lines.
3. Going to dinner with some college people tonight.
4. Going latin grammar book shopping with Lucy tomorrow, because we really know how to party.
5. Meeting up with Aissi on Saturday.
6. Going to see french film on Sunday. Thought it was LAST sunday, but no, it is not.
7. Have exam at nine am on monday. FUNZIES.

Finally, you should know that [livejournal.com profile] eggs_maledict and performed some TRULY MAGNIFICENT impromptu interpretive dance renditions of the Seafarer and the Wife's Lament outside the quad yesterday. ("I'm all ALONE in my BOAT and I HAVE NO FRIENDS" and "I'm all ALONE in a HOLE UNDER A TREE and I HAVE NO FRIENDS", respectively.) Classic works of literature living on into a new age, I tell you.


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