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Does anyone know if Anglo-Saxon language was ever on the British school curriculum?

If one were being educated in a prestigious school in the early 1900s, and going to university in the 19-teens or early 20s, would one first encounter AS language at school or university? I wants to know, precious.

(Rymenhild- this is for your requested fic. I haven't forgotten, promise. Just taking a while to figure out how to work in my RIDICULOUS MEDIEVAL JOKE.)
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Thursday Night is procrastination central around here ;). Hey, I had 3 and a bit hours of class and a counselling appointment today, I'm entitled to procrastinate.

Maybe there's not a question there. Here's one - could academic reflection on its own institutionalised scholarly practices of research and citation perhaps learn a lot more than it has yet from fan studies. Something about community hubs and tiers, about canon (and fanon), about flaming and wanks... I could go on. Maybe it still isn't a question.

Which is short for: Catherine Driscoll is awesome. I've been reading an old 'debate' between she and one Michael Hill on Henry Jenkins' Blog, about gender and fan culture, and it's very interesting, although Dr Hill's writing is mired in wank. Concepts: good. Method of expression is, and I borrow a phrase of his, a 'sense-making impossibility'.
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All in a row because I don't have an icon table maker...

religious,medieval,snark snark,religious,medieval medieval,religious religious,medieval medieval,religious

I tried to keep the orange ones within the colour scheme of the MS... it didn't work for text-heavy icons, though.

and in honour of Iris, Kayloulee and Fahye )

Credit would be nice; comment not necessary.
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(But Rule 34 means, now that I've said it, someone has written it and it's probably graphic. This isn't.)
The latest thing keeping me awake o' nights is character fragments. This is Hell.

Sorry the formatting's a  bit screwey.

Canon notes: I read the Anglo-Saxon translation of the Gospel of Nichodemus. I can't tell you if Hell is a woman in the Latin verion, but she's definitely a female creature of some sort in the AS.
You can find a translation of both the AS version and its immediate Latin source in 'Two Old English Apocrypha' edited by J.E. Cross.
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Of my visceral anti-fanfic stance starts here. *All* Arthurian literature is basically fanfic, right?

The lovely [livejournal.com profile] fahye was offering two-sentence slash fics, and I requested Lancelot/Gawain, *after* the death of Gawain's brothers (a la Malory):

Honour is a French word.

Gawain rubs the heel of his palm against his eyes until his brothers' judging faces have disappeared and thinks, uncharitably, about the irony of etymology.

eta: holy jam on toast, the woman writes well. Four-sentence Narnia and, bizarrely, two-sentence lemonade/sunlight slash.


On the other hand, I am *not* going over to the Dark Side. For a period of about two hours this afternoon my parents were going to buy me a Macbook, and then I returned to the light with the realisation that not only would I need to buy OfficeMac, but I'd also need new speakers1, *and* my only MP3 Player options would be IPods. Since the aforementioned IPod shuffle no longer meets with my approval, due to lack of screen or playlist sorting options, and Myer had a lovely Walkman MP3 Player at $100 off... no, I don't think I want a Macbook after all. I want to keep all my accumulated PC accessories, and just have a new PC to run them on.

1. I've just been informed that no, I would not have to replace my speakers. But my Macbook lust has worn off a little, and methinks it's not worth it after all. Methinks I know my way around a PC, more or less, and that's good enough for now.


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