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Which is, I must say, not terribly up-to-date. [personal profile] jjhunter asked for a Fibbonaci Sequence tour of my DW interests (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 etc). So that's what you get!

1. 19th century: I like 19th century stuff! It's not my academic field but it's a great period to take historical or literary breaks in. I have a particular fondness for 19th century feminism, especially late 19th c. Australian activists and writers. And an especially particular soft spot for Louisa MacDonald and her odd, butch, novel-writing, medicine-studying, bicycle-riding, politics-talking companion Evelyn Dickinson.

2. A Place to Call Home: was a DELIGHTFUL Australian drama series which screened in 2013. Set in the aftermath of WWII, in a country NSW town. Starring Our Heroine, Sarah, a widowed Jewish-by-marriage nurse with a career and a right hook to be wary of. Starring James, closeted queer, and his wife Olivia. Starring matriarch Elizabeth, stone cold bitch and complex human. Also many other exciting characters! And ANGST AND WOE. I'm hoping they tone down the 'new angst every episode' thing and really dig into the issues they've raised, next season.

3. Anglo-Saxons: is one term for the English before 1066 (and after, if you need to distinguish between an Anglo-Norman and an Anglo-Saxon). I like this period, too! It's not my speciality field anymore, but it was at one stage. I like the English benedictine reformers and their earnest ideals; I like Archbishop Wulfstan and his conniving, Viking-lovin' ways. I like the tendency to sanctify their royalty, resulting in dynasties of saints. Also I like that an entire genre, the elegy or lament, can be summed up as "I'm all alone in a (boat / underground chamber / foreign land / etc) and I have no friends".

5. Atheism: is both a description of my beliefs and a thing I find interesting, um, sociologically. I don't like talking about "new athiesm" much, sociologically interesting though it may be. I should probably change that interest descriptor to 'skepticism', actually.

8. Chocolate: instead of explaining chocolate, let me tell you that today - as the oldest person in my classroom - I smashed a Marmite d'Escalade and partook of the bounty. It was tasty. And fascinating as a civic ritual.

13. Complex transport networks: Some people are train geeks and like engines serial numbers and things, right? I would not know an E2 Class and an A1 "Terrier" class if they both steamed up beside me in the light of day. But oooh do I find railway infrastructure interesting. The building of lines! Gauge changes! Cultural expectations about train travel!

There is a cross-wise underground tunnel under Redfern Station (it takes trains to the Eveleigh Maintenance Centre). All you can see of it is the bricked-up chimneys on the platforms, less than knee-high.

The tunnels exiting St James Station in the Direction of Circular Quay were used as a mushroom farm in the early 1930s. Some are still unused, pictures here.

The Kuranda Railway from Cairns up onto the Atherton tablelands took almost a decade to build - starting with heated rivalry between the Railway Leagues of Cairns and Port Douglas over who should be the coastal terminus of the proposed line from Heberton. There is no decent natural route down from the range - Joan Colebrook, whose father was a surveyor on the railway, writes of car journeys down to Cairns during which the family walked down the escarpment, and her father hitched a log to the towbar of the car in order that the drag behind would slow him down.

I also get excited about airports and seaways, although not so much about road routes (except, well, I can describe to you the excitingness of Highway Number One, and go into considerable detail about Boxing Day traffic back-ups on the Pacific Highway, so...). I like big transport interchanges (people, going places!) and weird lonely transport points, like Wondabyne Station, at which I have never actually seen a train stop.

21. German: I am actually not as interestedin German as I was when I added that interest. I know very little German, but I liked the structure of it. I like Germanic languages. Nice, comforting noun declensions, fun compound words, etc. Also, Germanic languages have balls. Not like stupid French. Pffft.

34. Old English: See point 3, and also the bit about Germanic languages having balls.

56. Writing: Well now, that's rather general. But er, yes, I do that. I arrange words. Sometimes it's pretty. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's not. But it's usually interesting, even if the interest factor is 'why is it so hard to make these ideas turn into words???'

This has been this week's installment of December Meme! Pls to be proving two more prompts.

Week 1- Poetry as per [personal profile] majoline
Week 2- Fibonacci Interests, as per [personal profile] jjhunter
Week 3-
Week 4-
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