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I was just saying, the other day, that the brain behind Harry would do wonderfully well at detective novels. She'd also do a great job at writing RP videogames, but that's another matter.

As a basic rule, do not have sex on a commercial flight. Unless it’s really long haul. And he’s irresistible.
This, and other practical but extremely shallow advice, courtesy of the Times Online

and hehe: Nude Virgins Flee Sex Blaze
I quote: Your first sexual experience can be a powerful, magical moment, as two loving souls entwine into one and enter a glorious new realms of sensuous filth. Then again, it can be a horrific, mortifying disaster that completely puts you off the very idea of sex for several years. Guess which category this story is in?
Check out the captions on the pictures, too. Snigger.

I'm often puzzled by the extent to which we get all het up about a Pollie's personal failings. Although I'm not sure where to draw the line myself... Mark Latham punching a cabbie, three years before his election campaign, was the death knell when the news broke during the campaign. That made sense, the man turned out to be a nutter. And I'm certainly bothered by the story someone dredged up from old Honi Soits, in which then-liberal club president John Howard was reported to be directing race-based insults at a newly admitted Indigenous law student back in the 60s. Yet I'm not sure why anyone cares how drunk K-Rudd was four years ago and what clubs he went to. Although if he turns out to be disaster, will I be saying "I always knew he'd go wrong- look at that New York incident"? Let this LJ stand testament to my quiet faith in K-Rudd as the very much lesser of two evils.
Why are we so conserned to have morally conservative Pollies? Mr Rudd, a conservative Christian, said he was too drunk to remember much of his visit to Manhattan's Scores "gentlemen's club" announces The Age. Wasn't the K-Rudd being trumped as the liberal christian's answer to Tony Abbot, just a few months ago? Why is it important to cast him as betrayer of "conservatism"? I'm unsure how to take that line- are we supposed to side with conservatism, and see Rudd as a moral backslider? Or are we supposed to be liberal and see Rudd as one of those hypocritical Christians? both?
Either way, it doesn't look good for K-Rudd.

On the bright side, a GetUp! sponsored survey has found that the government's workplace relations ads have in fact made us less comfortable with WorkChoices. I dunno, what did they expect? I for one get that uneasy feeling whenever i hear a chirpy radio ad reminding me that a minor cannot sign an AWA without parental approval, because this also reminds me that a) I'm not a minor, and therefore on my own and b) that I wouldn't have allowed my parents to interfere with a job I really wanted, when I was I a minor.

Meanwhile, the weather is out to get us again: The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning this morning for localised flash flooding for the Northern Rivers area, the Mid North Coast, the Hunter region and the Sydney metropolitan area.
ed in the evening: well, it rained. but that's about all. Haven't heard of anything more exciting than that.

This might be a good place to announce my new policy of not flooding your flists. I'm keeping a running entry in Semagic for random interesting stuff, news links, and incomplete trains of thought. So for the next little while you'll get one massive entry per day, plus any complete trains of thought/ coherent topical posts that I put together.

apparently Fisher Library has a card catalogue! And the book that i've been chasing all week, which ought to be in Rare Book but isn't, might be on the card catalogue. How is it, that in 3.5 years of study here, i am utterly unaware of the existence of the card catalogue?
Can I even remember how to use a card catalogue?
I swear someone in fisher library just likes making me run around in circles for days on end. And forcing me into confrontations with confused Rare Book staff.

Also- my new favourite book: Skeat's Etmological Dictionary of the English Language. And none of this poncy paperback edition, oh no. Fisher has great big hefty 1910 editions- one in the original binding, one that looks like it was rebound in the 30s, and one in the red binding they've been using for the last twenty odd years. Amy is a happy bunny. Amy was also wrong about the verb Þyncan, and will be footnoting corrections on yesterday's entry. Not that it matters to any of you, but I feel it ought to be announced anyway.

Alright. Happy Monday, All.
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thanks to Alex for the starter verse

In honour of Ginny and Neville

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[livejournal.com profile] lepsdavid just pointed me to a particularly interesting JK interview, post-OotP. Given that I was then at school, and my involvement in internet fandoms was restricted to ringbearer.org, i never heard this interesting spoiler. I was busy at the time trying to hose down the rumour that she was a neo-pagan, which effort was hampered by the fact that I wouldn't actually care if she were a neopagan.

HP 7 spoilers, and theological musings which will annoy the staunchly atheistic among us. Will probably annoy conservative Xns, as well. )
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Hogwarts is a winner because boys will be sexist neocon boys


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LODDY- This is definitely comprehensible only to those who have the book in front of them. Proper reviews, under a spoiler cut, coming at an unspecified later date.

favourite page: pg 502, Aus. children's edition. Took me two whole minutes to read it, i was hooting with laughter for two reasons. The first being just classic, several lines from the top; and the second being long-awaited but brilliantly staged.

although page 49 made me laugh six times :) and had some brilliant lines in it... i read it aloud to my spoiler-happy mother on the way down to college today.

I wished to slap the insitigator on page 98, and also on page 67. i know, i'm horrid.

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all i will say is- i am possessed of an irresistable desire to leap up in the dining hall and shout OOOH LOOK! IT'S A BLIBBERING HUMDINGER!
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First: everyone read Alex's very apt criticisms of Miranda Devine: http://www.batrock.net/?p=150

Secondly: Quotes

I think I have become a caricature of myself!

Tess and Kiki are having lunch with Jackie and assorted others. Keeks informs Tess that someone looks "just like Lord Voldemort". Much amusement.
Jackie: Lord who?
*entire table kill themselves laughing*
Jackie: Just because I'm not a history nerd like all of you!
*table dies again*
Tess: Oh that Lord Voldemort! Slaughtered the Saxons in the fourteenth century!


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