Jul. 29th, 2009

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SO Cute Coffee Boy has a girlfriend!

We may still go out for drinks on a friendly basis.

For some reason this has improved my mood. Hmm. Guess at least we can say I don't have a fear of rejection (in the Asking Folks Out type situation, anyway). I get Social Points for asking, but don't have to follow through. WIN WIN SITUATION.


Jul. 29th, 2009 06:29 pm
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Ages back Fahye gave me five words:

- curls
Uh. Well, I have them. I hated them for years. All I wanted in life was straight black hair, and what I had is a fuzzy golden halo. At some point in my teens I realised that actually, the rest of the world wants blonde curls (or did. This was before black dye and straighteners became commonplace); I don't have to do much to look after them, and people check me out simply on the basis of the hair.
When I got to Canberra, I looked at my hair and thought "hmm, it is not curly enough". Having money to actually pay for a decent hairdresser, I ended up with short springy curls and I love them. They've sort of grown out at the moment, but I do intend to get it cut again.
- Chaucer
I have not read very much Chaucer. The Book of the Duchess is the only poem I've read right through. It's a pretty cool poem. The Black Knight describes his lost love as fattish, and fleshy, but not greet therewith. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Ok, not all that awesome, really, because it's in the middle of a fifteen-line dissection of her perfect body, piece by piece like a puzzle or an ornament, and it must've been just as difficult to remain fattish, and fleshy but not greet therewith as it is to be thin-but-not-skinny-and-with-appropriate-curvature these days. I wrote a pretty dull essay on Duchess, but I would sort of like to go back and write interesting gender theory about it instead.
- Narnia
Oh, Narnia. I have a love-hate relationship with Professor Lewis, but I do love Narnia. Saved my sanity last year, and POOTLE to my shrink for implying that fandom is a non-constructive way of dealing with stress.
- chocolate
- bounce
I am sometimes bouncy? I like to think of myself as bouncy. I'm bouncy if you ask me about medieval poetry... :) But I to be bouncy like a big bright children's ball, not one of those crazy ones which go clattering off walls and things.

Let me know if you want some wordses :)


Jul. 29th, 2009 07:55 pm
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Things I am doing:

* Friday night is poetry slam night! Trying to decide what to read...
* Saturday night, probably late evening, I am skyping with [livejournal.com profile] gryphonvere

At other times yet to be determined I am:

* HAVING LILY OVER TO MAKE PIE. Lily, please make me pie? My housemate has preserved apricots and cherries in jars in the bottom of the pantry, she says you can make pie with them if you want but you can also make any other sort of pie of your choosing. Maybe Sunday night, dinner and pie? There may or may not be a housemate around for this.

* GOING ICE SKATING. Possibly, anyway. With Lucy. I really need to expend some energy, even if I don't feel like I have any. Spend some to get some. Plus, ice-skating is innately happy-making. And it can be done by both Lucy and I, at differing speeds and energy levels. Many otherwise enjoyable activities are liable to end up with either my current flatness of mood slowing her down or my trying to keep up with her and getting drained. Time yet to be determined.

* If I have a spare wedge of time, going to hole up in the Nat Lib next to Ashie and pretend to study.
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1. Hot. So very, very hot. It was hot when I first saw it (not that I processed that. SLOW ON THE UPTAKE), it is still hot now.

2. I think RENT is one of those works with a wide enough character spectrum that you can tell a lot about someone by which character stands out to them. It's interesting: I always sided with Mark. Still do. Mark's in love with his work - Mark hides in his work. Drifting through life, trying to pin everything down, create something out of existing. The only sane, healthy one of the lot of them; and yet he's the one singing about going mad.

I find myself a lot more enamoured of Joanne (is that her name? Maureen's girlfriend) than I ever used to be, though. (Pity she's not bi. Joanne/Mark would work quite well, save for gender...)

Someone once sang Maureen's part at me. I wonder if she saw Joanne in me?


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