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I made a nom. I made it twice. I may yet make it again.

Diet: contains dairy and bacon and gluten. Other fritter recipes which do not contain the first two are widely available online. Re: gluten I suspect that the light / gluey nature of gluten-free flour mixes would be a problem; I don't recommend adapting this recipe, go find a GF tried-and-tested one and then add things to it.
Accessibility: frying things! Lots of things! But it's pretty quick, and actually these keep pretty well for a pancake-like item.

2/3 cup (Australian cup) self-raising flour
125ml milk
2 x 1 tbsp canola oil (ish - not relevant whether you use aus or US tbsp)
100g bacon chunks / lardons / whatever you have around
1/3 to 1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese
POSSIBLY some butter

What you do

1. Fry up the bacon chunks in 1 tbsp of the oil
2. While that is happening, mix together flour, milk, and remaining oil
3. When bacon is fried, scoop out with a slotted spoon and mix it, and the cheese, through the batter. You will need to use some intuition / personal taste about exactly how much cheese and/or bacon the mix can support. (This will affect size, consistency, and whether you end up with a hotcake or a fritter type thing)
4. Prepare to fry the fritters. If you want a more frittery type, fry them in the oil/bacon fat mix. If you want something more like a pancake/hotcake, use a separate pan and a small amount of butter.
5. Fry palm-sized dollops of batter over medium heat until both sides are browned. If your batter is vr chunky, you won't see bubbles rise as you would with a pancake. If you're frying in bacon fat, you'll get a golden-crispy brown coating; otherwise aim for something that resembles a pancake. The amount of cheese might also affect the outer colour.
6. Nom. If feeling Canadian, nom with maple syrup on top.
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