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Bought a hat for Pride Fribourg, after losing the previous in Morocco. Wore it on plane to UK. Left it on train Leeds-London, didn't realise until yesterday.

Got vr burned at Duxford airshow (plaaaanes!). Went and bought a hat in Cambridge today; lost it within five hours. Hopefully I left it in Michaelhouse and can pick it up from there tomorrow before we head to Bath via Oxford.

Traveling with parentals is tiring (they are inexperienced in the big wide world, but also now old enough that they are slow to intuit things or recognise patterns). Travelling with Brooke is very tiring. Not just the usual over-tired kid thing, although that's bad enough (the sun gets up early and so does miss six! Even if she didn't get to bed until eleven!). I have never met a child so paranoid. I spoke to her loudly today- "Brooke, you're walking INTO PEOPLE" - when she skittered across the pavement, and that bought us five minutes of hiding her face in mum's and my legs, and big crocodile tears. Absolutely convinced she's going to be In Trouble and, i dunno, banished forever? This happens 2-3 times a day.

She's also having difficulty with the idea that I am, in fact, travelling with them. "Amy, can you eat with us today?" Where else do you think I'm gonna eat, kid? We're in the same car! On the same holiday! Being paid for by the same parents!

In addition to the hat crisis, I accidentally bought tickets for Duxford Flying Legends 'Meet the Fighters' in September instead of regular Flying Legends. [personal profile] liv, if you see this, please enquire of your people if three adult and one child ticket for the 10th of Sept would be of use to them. I think young B would be into it.
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Today has been a mixture of unproductivity and ridiculousness, in the finest Highly & [personal profile] kayloulee tradition. At least I can honestly say there is no one I would rather be having this kind of routine fail with than K?

This morning:
- attempted to pick up parcel from Post Office, only to discover they've moved their opening hours, previously 10-12, to 9-11 on Saturdays.
- went and signed me up to the local library
- indulged in our favourite local pastime, poking around in junk shops and the Salvos. Ostensibly we were looking for a larger mixing bowl, but mostly, we were gawking at Cheap Junk. I predict we will still be doing this when we're seventy-odd, together or apart. We will probably buy hideous things and send them to our grandchildren. Or K's grandchildren, anyway.
- bought a stack of fruit and crackers and dip.

Then we, er, farted about for the afternoon. I most definitely did not write any thesis.

After a while I decided to make cookies. This is what the process looked like:
- roughly 5.15: decide to make cookies
- tidy up the cupboard, expel funky potato and associated smell
- commence beating butter.
- beaters short out and refuse to go.
- Amy marches up the road and buys more beaters.
- come home, sort out new beaters.
- Just as Amy gets the new beaters going, a text message bips.
- Ignore
- Finish mixing cookies
- Put one small batch in the oven
- Wash up
- Check phone
- It's asking if we're free to go to a concert. Check with K. MUST GO.
- It's just past 6pm. Concert is at 7.
- Go into a flurry of panic. Change clothes. Snack. Put away cooking stuff. Take cookies out of oven.
- Power-walk to station.
- Arrive 6.30.
- Train does not leave for 25 minutes.
- Give up. Go home.

On the bright side, the man downstairs gave us ice cream. At least we got something out of it?


Oct. 26th, 2009 11:31 pm
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1. Washed my face with shampoo. This did not meet with much success.

2. Met the Premier Secretary of the Samoan Public Service Commission. I had jam on my nose.
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I've been wondering why my hair is so gross. I've been washing it every day. Yesterday I washed it twice. STILL GROSS.

This morning, I actually read the labels in the shower.

I've been applying three layers of conditioner, from two different bottles.

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It leads inevitably to Bottle Confusion.

For those of you who've been around long enough to remember the time I applied nail polish remover to my face, I can now confirm that attempting to remove nail polish using facial toner is a completely fruitless endeavour. And I went through two cotton balls of the stuff before I realised my mistake.


Unrelated but interesting: female truckies in increasing demand in South Africa.
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I just failed at HEATING UP A MCCAIN'S PIZZA. How CAN you fail at that?

I turned it into a charred, bubbling mess. I managed to lever the Plastic Thing Which Covers Things off the top of the pizza, but when I tried to lever the charred pizza off the plate, the PLATE SHATTERED, rather than part with its charred, bubbling friend.

My house stinks of blackened, post-apocalyptic pizza.
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The kind of day in which I bought a copy of The Big Issue, because it had Viggo on the cover, and was idly flipping through it in the lift while two men had a conversation behind me.

The lift stopped at my floor and the doors opened. Inclining my head toward the button panel, while still reading, I said absently 'Thank you...' and got out.

Then realising what I'd done, I started giggling to myself, while the doors were still closing. I am now the girl who talks to elevators!
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1. Just won third place in the annual awards for one of my minor fandoms. :D

2. Worked nine-hour day tomorrow, expect to do same at least once more this week. (Not EXPECTED to by boss, or anything. But I want to get the damn work done.)

3. FAILED AT CURRY. The box said 'add water', so I added water. Turned out to be about four times too much water, so now I have vaguely curry flavoured boiled veggies with boiled-tough meat and rice.


Feb. 1st, 2009 07:34 pm
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I forgot to put EGGS in the damn CAKES. *headdesl*
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If you couldn't predict one of these things, yours is a sad prescience:

1. I finished Evelyn's book, it is awesome, and NOT A ROMANCE AT ALL.
2. I got impressively lost going from the Nat. Lib. to Kingston, DESPITE HAVING LIVED IN KINGSTON FOR TWO WEEKS.
3. There is a VERY TALL, very skinny man in my grad cohort. Cue giggling mess and Amy getting him lost in his kind attempt to drive her home. Why, no, I did not walk up from Woden, despite the fact that the other person being dropped off did so. *shifty eyes*
4. I managed to stick the edge of my grad program sheet into my EYE and now sort of can't see out of it.
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Sweet Chilli, Soy and Mandarin Fandango:

A stir-fry involving sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, chives, onions, almonds, honey, mandarin rind, and assorted vegetables.

Absolutely foul, but so weird you have to keep eating in order to see what will happen in the next bite. Beats Lemongrass Spectacular (a stir-fry involving many things, all overpowered by lemongrass) hands-down in the WEIRD SHIT AMY COOKS UP competition.
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Or so they say.

I'm fairly sure they're not thinking of museli, though. There are no benefits to having museli up one's nose.

I can assure you this, from experience.
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Today, i fell into a pole and down some stairs. I was gazing at a pretty man, i was startled as he suddenly turned and came toward me, i fell into pole and down stairs.

Then he apologised. Did he notice me gazing at him, I wonder?
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Amy's Orthodontic Plate has escaped. Never one to submit to outside powers, Amy's Orthodontic Plate connived with Amy's Forgetfullness to transport said plate to the dining hall.

Once there, the true depths of it's sly plotting weren't revealed- that's how sly it was. Wrapped snugly in a serviette, where it wouldneither pick up weird table germs nor gross out the breakfasteers of Women's College, Amy's Orthodontic plate sneakily did nothing to draw attention to itself.
This was all a cunning plan to engineer it's abandonment in the wastelands of Women's College Dining Hall. You may hear it said that this was an act of negligence on the part of Amy. You may hear mutterings about duty of care and the protection of minors. No! Do not believe it for a minute! Though few in weeks, this Orthodontic Plate had all the guile and malice of an appliance of advanced years.

Now free of restraint, Amy's Orthodontic Plate proceeded, with utmost wilyness, to do nothing at all. It took cruel advantage of the hapless Kitchen Staff, bound by habit and never expecting to be used in this way. Masquerading as an abandoned serviette, Amy's Orthodontic Plate turned their simple cleaning of tables into an act of ennabling in its perfidious bid for freedom.

The last information we have had on Amy's Orthodontic Plate suggests that it has infiltrated the kitchen garbage bins. What it may do from there, we do not yet know, but we advise everyone to be on their guard.

The government advises owners of other orthodontic plates to keep a close eye on their charges, and warns that any attempt, by any dental appliance, to contact Amy's Orthodontic Plate, David Hicks or Osama Bin Laden will be treated as a terrorist threat.

Amy's Forgetfullnes is also under investigation, and may be charged with Enabling Escape of a Prisoner, and Deliberately Sabotaging Amy's Finances.
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Beating Off The Mammoth: vb, eupehmistic. To satisfy a woman's sexual urges. origin: accidental.

the conversation went something like this... we'd been talking about pheremones and what influences sexual attraction. Apparently Robyn studied phereomones in psych, so i asked her:
me: so can you tell me- someone asked at dinner the other day- why some women get hornier when they have their period than when they're ovulating.
robyn: no!
lauren: that doesn't make much evolutionary sense...
me: well all i could think of was that if you're a woman, particularly a woman who suffers from period pain, you're obviously not going to be in a state to beat off your own mammoth. So you want to be connected with someone who can beat the mammoth off for you.
lauren: *baffled and mildly repulsed look* no... i don't think that works... no, i'm a little disturbed now.
Buzz: well, if you can't protect yourself, you want to manipulate some man into protecting you- evolutionarily speaking.
lauren: OH! you mean actual mammoths? I thought you were making some warped kind of analogy...
apparently John had thought so too. And a new phrase just entered the UCATSA vocabulary.


in a strange sort of co-inkydink, i went for a walk with laura and kate tonight, and we stopped in gleebooks to look at the stuffed animals. One of which was a woolly mammoth.


May. 31st, 2006 10:15 am
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Amy gets up and goes to class this morning. First she goes to the School of Languages and Cultures to hand in assignment. Upon arriving, she realises she can't fill in the form because she doesn't know the tutor's name. Proceeds to tutorial, now late, in order to ask his name.

Wanders around the fifth floor of New Ed for fifteen minutes; is unable to find class. Distressed, goes to chaplaincy and borrows a stapler to attatch cover sheet to essay, goes and hands it in with tutorial time instead of name on it.

Spends half an hour complaining to David.

Goes to go to next lecture; lecture room is full of education students.

Realises she is AN HOUR AHEAD OF HERSELF; proceeds back to the fifth floor and goes to her eleven am tutorial, which is actually there this time.

Essay is now in essay box with no tutor's name on it and an incorrect tute time on it. whups.
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oh, and i forgot the great AMY quote from the weekend.

Kris and I were going to a costume party after dropping Will home on saturday night. Will had given Kris money for the birthday girl and i was carrying it in my pocket. However, back at Kris' i had to change into a dress.

Me: Kris, i'm going to take my pants off now, so... *hands over money*

This was in the middle of the lounge room, about two feet away from his mum. She is still laughing her head off apparently.
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How Amy Discovered Dryers:

Williams Laundry has no drying rooms. So dryers are of the essential. I puts my stuff in, puts my money in, and it does not go. Odd, says I. Must be out of order. Muttering about waste of good dollar coins, i come back up and get a new coin. Downstairs again, i put my money in the OTHER dryer, there discovering the 'push to start' button, which i push.
An hour later, i come down to discover I'd been drying empty air- my clothes were all still in the first dryer.
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Yesterday, i had a Special Amy Day (excse typos, i'm uing tockies comp and she ha a weird keyboard).

1. Decide to go to syd in order to get student cards laminated and validated ect. get up at six am to so.
2. Drive an hour to Broadmeadow station. Mum leaves me and heads off to work. I get under the tracks and as I'm heading up the other side, i realise I'd left the student card in question at home. Ring mum; she comes back and takes me to work with her. Ring Dad, who has just got out of hospital. He brings student card and drives me to station. He choses Newcastle station, thus i just miss the train which i could have caught from Broadmeadow.
3. Realise I have the wrong ize photo for student card. Must pay nine dollars to get passport photo set.
4. Had some difficulty finding the room for card laminating. Got it done; successfully got union card as well. due to some random desire to wear makeup that morning, the photos are good.
5. Went into Sydney. Bought U2's How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb for twelve dollars (broken case- don't care as i have a burnt copy anyway). Went to orthodontist. Got elastics and wax. Got out of ortho. realised i had no wallet. Panicked; fortunately it was in the ortho. office instead of on a park bench, al la last year.
6. Went to Kinokuniya, joined the VIP club, convinced them The Womens College is a postal address; discovered they did not have what i wanted. Bought something else for self; scoured Borders and found the originally desired item. So buggered i gave up and sat down in Gloria JEans and had a cold thingumy.
7. STUPIDLY decided to by batteries and chocolate in George St Woollies at 5:15 pm on friday. Then had an altercation with Sydney Peak HOur on the busses on the way back. Felt considerably more fond of Lemon Tree in that light. A bit of a rest, however, and tock ad i were off to newtown for tea and all was good
8. THEN we had to walk mrs rates dogs. dogs had exreted on principal's carpet. tock left me, who has never walked a dog before, to look after them, while she cleaned up. And they were off the lead. fortunately i didn't lose them... can just imagine it, me loses principal's dogs.


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