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8.30pm at the end of a long weekend and I'm finally bored with being alone and crocheting. So I considered 1. making a decadent dessert or 2. going running. Obviously #1 won.

Whisky-soaked fruit with chocolate sauce )
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Adapted from a leafy salad at 101 cookbooks

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What you need and what you do with it )

I served this as a side dish to a roast chicken, and then took the leftovers and cooked them into a risotto using the basic recipe I used here. Om nom nom.
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Adapted from a cold salad in Leanne Brown's Good and cheap.

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I'm assuming this will store & keep overnight and be tasty cold. Note, the broccoli is still crunchy - if you prefer soft broccoli, perhaps steam in the microwave for a few min first.
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1. Curried cauliflower with almonds and green beans.
Or: most of the spices for aloo gobi, without the aloo.

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What you need and what you do with it )

Note: other spices that might be good include mustard seed, garam marsala, anything that's supposed to be in aloo gobi, and garlic.

2. Somewhere between iced tea and punch, for hot days

A variant on [twitter.com profile] msjackmonroe's Summer Odds and Ends Cooler. It's stuff. In a jug. That's tasty.

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Dear Internet, I made a delicious. I made it by smashing together two daal recipes and this soup recipe. I was aiming for dhal consistency, but I think I put too much water in, so I have really chunky soup.

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Produced because I could not face more chilli this week, even if it WOULD be the most sensible batch food for a theatrical run week.

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I have almost-turned eggs to use up. Thus last night I dined on carrot and corn fritters using this recipe, and this morning on orange pancakes.

Below, a simpified version of the women's weekly orange pancakes, also simpler and cheaper than my go-to decadent breakfast pancake.

Recipe!" )
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Of late, due to poverty in both money and time, I've been eating an awful lot of tomato-based batch food. This week I hit overdose, and came up with some alternative plans. Tonight's experiment foods both have [twitter.com profile] msjackmonroe recipes somewhere in their ancestry.

Mango and Eggplant Curry

Concocted using Jack's Jardaloo Ma Murghi (which produces delightful, but tomato-based, mango variants) and this mango chicken recipe.

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What you need and what you do with it )

I originally decided against the chickpeas - the dish looked hearty enough without them! Having eaten a bowl, though, it was too fruity, and needed something more savoury to balance it out, so I added a can to the pot that was still on the stove.

And, carrying on with the theme of What to do with leftover fruit, I present:

Apple and Sultana Soda Bread

This is a pretty straightforward variation on Jack's Bramley Apple Soda Bread.

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I think next time I will scatter brown sugar on the top for a caramelised crust effect.

* I seem to have purchased an EXTENDABLE BREAD TIN. I cooked this at 22cm long - i could've had any of about six settings between 20 and 30cm. It made it super easy to turn out - i turned it upside down and extended the tin away from the cake!
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I have this habit of buying fruit and then failing to eat as much of it as predicted, due to schedule changes or whatever. Then they're still food, but maybe... a bit too soft, or going brown. Thus I present you: things to do with fruit that's dying, and things to do with BYPRODUCTS of the first recipe.

1. Caramelised fruit.
Works best with apples, pears etc )

Fun fact: if you have a TON of fruit, chop it up and freeze it, and caramelise when you defrost. I had a stack of apples left before going away at Christmas, and tried this. They were browned when defrosted, but you don't notice that once they've been caramelised.

When you have finished eating the fruit, the sauce can be eaten as a topping for yoghurt or ice-cream. Or reserve it, and use it in one of the following:

2. Nigella Lawson's Breakfast Bars Add caramel to the condensed milk, and vary the fruit and nut components according to your preferences. I'm currently enjoying a batch made on sultanas, almonds and dessicated coconut.

3. Jack Monroe's Granola, also a good use for dying fruit.
My own version listed below )
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Caveat: the flavour is probably a result of the spices. I take no responsibility if your chilli powder tastes different to mine. I was also using chicken stock powder, because that's what I had, so that might have some effect.

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Disclaimer: this recipe is bastardised from a pinto bean soup recipe in 'Easy Vegetarian One Pot', which I heartily recommend.
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It was supposed to be a Recipe, but after buying the grocery items I discovered I lacked Harissa paste, which was supposed to be the flavour part. Hereby noting the spice combinations I used, since they worked rather well.

Pumpkin & Almond Tagine

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If you want me to talk about something other than food you better go leave a prompt on the December Meme.

Last week had many tasty foods in it. There was Pumpkin Risotto, for a start. Plus, I made cake balls! I had made a chocolate cake which fell apart a bit, and obviously that called for cake pops. Or, in this case, balls.

Photographic evidence and vague instructions )

I've also been rejoicing in jardaloo ma murghi, having finished it off for lunch today. The recipe there is grand, although I use more apricots in bigger chunks. I usually add a green thing (zucchini or spinnach), and this time I added pumpkin as well - that was a VERY GOOD CHOICE.

Meanwhile, tonight's dinner in the making is Italian Wonderpot, otherwise known as 'halfway between pasta sauce and minestrone soup'.

Question for the audience: does anyone have a tasty recipe for vege chilli which doesn't involve bulghur wheat? I can't easily or cheaply lay hands on that here...
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I left my room with the intention of making a fairly pedestrian risotto. Instead I ended up making multi-step, four-dish, date night for one roast vegetable and sautéed mushroom risotto, and damn pleased I am about it too.

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Photographic evidence, or, sauteed mushrooms are a sometimes food )

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I may have been tired and cranky since I got back from the UK, but I've cooked some really tasty foods. Let me share recipes!

I had RPG gamers over last Sunday, and fed them gluten-free salads. First there was a version of this Salmon and Chickpea salad, using tinned tuna instead of tinned salmon (couldn't find the latter in my supermarket - Switzerland seems to default to smoked salmon). I also used a teaspoon of sembal oelek instead of chilli flakes*.

Also made was rice salad with apple and nuts, but I learned an important lesson: 4 cups cooked rice =/= 4 cups rice, cooked. So I had MOUNTAINS OF RICE SALAD with comparatively little apple. I still have leftovers of the bloody thing.

Later in the week I made Black-eyed bean and tomato curry, which turned out... hmm. Tasty, filling, but not quite *right*. It's missing something, and I'm yet to figure out what. Could be that I didn't have curry leaves or garam marsala, so that's I'll try again with those. Can I also note how much I'm loving that blog, 'Lisa's Kitchen', since going part-time vegetarian? OM NOM NOM. Today or tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at lentil borscht with her recipe...

Finally, I made ANZAC biscuits using the Women's Weekly recipe rather than the Taste.com.au one, and *with* baking soda this time. They turned out perfect and charmed my students - so much that students wanted the recipe! Accordingly, here I present the Women's Weekly ANZAC biscuit recipe modified for international measurements and with ingredients list glossed in French:



*Another thing I can't find in switzerland is minced chilli in a jar. Sembal Oelek seems to be, while not the same, a flavoursome substitute, especially if one doesn't usually add salt to recipes anyway.
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This evening I had planned to make the autumn vegetable roast from easy vegetarian one-pot, but I had some white wine and a craving for Tarragon Chicken Tray Bake* - but neither tarragon nor chicken. A bit of googling, the vague process outline from In the Kitchen's spicy vegetable bake, and this happened:

Dietary and accessibility notes )

Ingredients and method )

This works perfectly well as a one-pot meal. If I were serving it at a dinner party, though, I would accompany it with something... I'm thinking of my mother's cold rice and apple salad, which doesn't seem to be duplicated online but is not entirely unlike this rice salad here. Chronic meat-eaters might find baked vegetables like this a good accompaniment to roast chicken (stuff with sliced apples? Or is that overkill on the apples... lemon might counter-balance the sweetness nicely).


* [personal profile] kayloulee, look: NO EGREGIOUS ADJECTIVES. I have the original still, and it's very restrained in the adjective department.
** I haven't worked out the ideal temperature / time ratio. An hour was nooot quite enough at 180 degrees. Either up the temperature or extend the time! I have this problem with the spicy vegetable bake, too.
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So on friday I was going to make tomato, lentil and rosemary soup - except I didn't have rosemary and my carrots had gone manky. Nor did I have celery, the other customary ingredient.

Instead, the following:

1 x onion, fried with thyme and a generous pinch of sweet paprika
2 x cloves garlic, chopped and fried with above
A handful of baby potatoes, halved and fried for a few min with the onion
1 x cup of lentils, pre-soaked
1 x cup of borlotti beans, pre-soaked (and brought to the boil and RINSED at least once)
1 x can of tomatoes
Vegetable stock equal to the capacity of the aforementioned can (about 480ml?)
Bring to boil, then cover and simmer until potatoes are soft, then add
Pinch of cracked pepper
1 x medium capsicum (bell pepper), in chunks
Simmer until the capsicum starts to soften


That kept me going for a few days. Then last night I made a stab at Eggplant and Lentil Stew, using a mix of honey and lemon instead of pomegranate mollasses. That was more like mushy PURPLE food, because of the eggplant. I added some green beans, and another capsicum, and served on cinnamon-and-lemon rice. It was pronounced good by housemate and [personal profile] leareth, with the caveat that [personal profile] leareth would have delighted in any food she didn't have to cook, since it was 9pm and she'd just got in from the airport.

Next weekend housemate is having a board games night, to which everone is bringing sweets and her boyfriend is providing norwegian hot dogs. I'm pretty sure I can stretch my budget to making fancy salad in large proportions, given how much I love feeding people.
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Both require the usual stir-fry mucking around with frying pans and chopping vegetables and so on. The sauces may or may not be useful for vegetable-based stir-fries.

Honey and Black Pepper Beef )

Sesame Pepper Chicken )
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The recipe card at the store advertised this as "spanish" chorizo and vegetable soup, but I'm not convinced of its cultural authenticity.

Accessibility )

Ingredients and instructions )

Makes... about eight bowls, I think?
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Sunday night I had a small assortment of people over for a two-course fondue dinner. As I'd managed to sleep until 1pm (don't ask), most of the day was taken up with preparations. K made almond macaroons; I soaked lentils for a lentil, basil and tomato salad side dish. Then a tedious process of grating cheeses, slicing breads and chopping chocolate.

The end products were thus:

Roast Pumpkin with cheese fondue. Which was a-fucking-mazing. The pumpkin turned a glorious bronze colour and smelled fantastic, and infused the fondue with a delightful sweet tang. I'd used gluten-free countrygrain bread for the bread layers, which worked remarkably well. And in the absence of anything identifying itself as gruyere, this was made on a mix of emmental and generic made-in-germany "swiss style cheese".

Slightly less heavy, Swiss Cheese Fondue, which caused me to buy brandy for the first time in my life. Again, not made with the recommended cheese, because although the extra food miles involved pain me a little, the extra cost in the Tasmanian-made version was alarming.

We served these with an assortment of sides: salami, very popular; potatoes, likewise; broccoli, mostly consumed by K; proscuitto, popular but i think it was overwhelmed; and pickles, not so popular. Obviously pumpkin could be scraped out of the former dish.

Then for dessert:

Choc-orange fondue, made on cointreu instead of brandy. Candied orange rinds were also provided, but not the macaroons from the recipe (K made Campion and Curtis' easier version).

And a variation on the Family Circle "Fudge Sauce for Ice-Cream", which I don't think I've ever chronicled here:

Instructions! )

I made the above on white chocolate, since we had a few blocks to use up. It was sickeningly sweet and amazing. Strawberries and marshmallows rounded off the dessert portion. We, that is I and Peta and Kiera, also drank two and a bit bottles of wine, including the "Shook me all night long Moscato" I've been saving for a suitably hideous occasion. It was in fact hideous, and Peta dubbed it 'Angus piss'.

This was all well and good, although I was sad to throw out the pumpkin at the end of the night. I suppose I could've turned the remaining fondue and pumpkin flesh into cheesy pumpkin mash, but we had ZERO FRIDGE SPACE left after storing the small side dish of cheese-and-GF-bread fondue and the leftover white wine fondue. And the chocolate ones, of course.

Just as well we did save the savoury ones, though, because K and I just had a most fantastic leftovers experience. You know those moments when you suddenly feel like you're living in someone's unrealistic fantasy of what young professional people do in their child-free evenings? Yeah. We fried mushrooms and chorizo and made toast and broccoli and reheated some roast veggies and a dish of fondue and stood around in the kitchen spearing small food on forks and laughing at what ridiculous foodies we are even when eating leftovers.

Photographic proof )

I think the chorizo and mushroom were better fondue sides than anything we came up with on Sunday, actually.


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