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There once was a man from Tuscany
Who went home to his Dad seeking money
He was studying the law
but wanted books more
His pa didn't find this at all funny.
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* He is, but he’s in disguise

* He was injured due to fighting his friends and relations while in disguise

* He was in such a hurry to get to where he was supposed to be that he lost his sword along the way, and is too ashamed to show up

* He got in a boat with a dead girl and they floated so far down the river they got lost

* He had a fight with Guinevere

* Bors had a proxy fight with Guinevere on Lancelot’s behalf

* Guinevere had a proxy fight with all Lancelot's relatives, and they're all banned from court

* Gawain, being a complete numbskull and apparently the only person in England unaware of Lancelot's undying passion for Guinevere, misconstrued the Astolat situation, and then told Guinevere about it, leading to Guinevere having a fight with Lancelot and/or all his relatives

* He went mad and forgot he’s Lancelot

* He killed all his horses in his haste to get to where he ought to be, and is now late

* He fell out a window while perving on Guinevere

* He’s having a sleepover with a hermit

* He was on his way home from the sleepover with the hermit and he got shot in the butt by a lady out hunting

* He fell into a pit

* He’s stuck in a tower and there’s a princess with an axe who won’t let him out until he gives her a kiss

* He disappeared suddenly, ‘as he was wont to do’

* He did any of the above things and people assumed he just disappeared suddenly, ‘as he was wont to do’
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[personal profile] monksandbones, any other stray Latinists, halp? (13th c hagiography)

Semel aut secundo vel tertio flagitatus a vobis, ac si non esset Propheta in Israël, ut [Col. 0479F] ad ædificationem Virginum & generationis venturæ devotionem augendam, Matris vestræ, videlicet S. Dympnæ Virginis & Martyris, passionis historiam, quæ per eorum desidiam, qui tunc erant, nondum sacræ litterarum memoriæ commendata, sub modio silentii latuerat nimis diu; de vulgari eloquio in Latinum redigerem idioma; crebro mecum deliberans acquiescere formidavi.

What I'm getting from this

Once, or a second indeed a third time it has been demanded by you, that [for the edification of virgins and the augmentation of the devotion of generations to come], the story of the passion of your mother, that is St Dympna Virgin and Martyr [SUBORDINATE CLAUSES*], I should render from the vulgar tongue into Latin idiom; [SOMETHING ABOUT AGREEMENTS**].

That's my main clause, right?

* Subordinate clauses: I want this to say "which, through their laziness, which they were [doing, practicing], not yet committed to the sacred memory of literature, had lain under a bushel very much for a long time in silence" . Does that... work? I assume the laziness is being done or practiced by the people of the monastery or something?

** "often deliberating with me i was afraid to agree"??? Wtf?? Or is that deliberating with MYSELF I was afraid to agree (to this request)? That might work, the next line goes on about being presumptuous etc.
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Elusive affection: Proposed session for Leeds IMC2015 July 6-9
Organisers: Amy Brown (Université de Genève, [twitter.com profile] amisamileandme), Regan Eby (Boston College)
Call for Papers (two speakers sought)
Deadline for abstract submission: 20th September
Send abstracts to: amy.brown@unige.ch (will be forwarded to Regan Eby from there)

What is affection? Can we reliably locate or describe the features of affection between medieval persons, real or fictional?
Love of God, romantic love, and love between monastic peers or loyal knights: these and other kinds of love are well attested across the range of medieval sources and periods, but historians of friendship recognise the difficulty of bridging the gap between felt affection and the literary tropes of love. Love might be spoken or written of in situations where the parties were unlikely to feel positively toward one another, such as in reconciliations and peace treaties. In other cases, sources might borrow from the scripts of romance, friendship at court, or family in order to characterise a peculiar relationship, such as an opposite-sex friendship. Some forms of affection might be indicated without reference to the vocabulary of love at all.
We invite medievalists from any period or discipline to propose a paper relating to the history of affection, unconventional affectionate bonds, or approaches to situations in which we have insufficient data for firm conclusions concerning the presence or absence of affection in lived experience. The abstract for Amy Brown’s paper (focusing on 14th c english romance) is below, and we would particularly like to complement this paper with evidence from other periods or other literary traditions.

Abstract of paper 'Sir Lancelot in the Friend Zone: strategies for limiting and offering affection in the Stanzaic Morte Arthur' )

Final note, especially since Amy intends to distribute this CFP to swiss colleagues: proposals for papers in English preferred, but we enthusiastically endorse the idea of panelists (esp. early career researchers) unaccustomed to working in English. Amy can volunteer moral support and/or editing assistance if helpful, and we will aim to moderate questions with opportunity for clarifications and translations as needed.
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The last and possibly the most memorable of the France expeditions. A town with no flat roads! Garroulous locals! Endless stairs! Castle of debatable vintage! This picture really sums it up:

 photo DSCN0437_zpsabdd9870.jpg

Vertiginous medievalia, and a medievalist with vertigo )
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First, a lovely photo of Cambridge from Castle Mound:

 photo DSCN2531_zpsf24ff23f.jpg

Not too far from Castle Mound, we found St Peter's Church )
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When myths were young, steam still rose
from caves and deep earth where God
kept them safe for prophets and troubadours.

Dragons were not quite so fearsome then,
their fire-breath keeping stories soft
like an ironworker's blast furnace.

Saints didn't know how to become saints
yet, so it was simpler to perform miracles:
one followed the path with the most heat.

Dragons posed threat only as water grew
silent and surfaced for want of songs
with solid endings to cool their throats.

So, they pierced sweet-voiced maids to their ears,
waiting where familiar streams emerged
cleanest for the soldering touch of holy men.

When George appeared to her in last wavelength
of color serpent eyes can see, ash-covered as she,
neither of them yet knew the true nature of heat:

the dragon's skin was never lacerated
on a wheel of swords to keep from burning;
George never knew what it was to have flame

in the throat so hot words hurl forth
like embers, branding ears with curses
even when they mean hello or help me.

They fell inside each other, nonetheless.
George cupped water in his hands and the dragon
drank until her scales froze into George's flesh.

Beyond stories, dragons still seek deeper endings
and swords get sharper by the day, but truly
a saint has never slain a dragon. He became her.

Over at Strange Horizons. This one struck me especially since I was reading some academic work on the presentation of George's dragon as female>an emblem of sexuality to be overcome. Apparently there's an english painting out there where he stabs the dragon in the vagina with his spear. Trufax.
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Stuff! Photos of stuff!

The Severn Valley Railway )

More photos of the railway turning up when J empties his camera, I expect.


And today, York! )
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The scribe of manuscript BNF f. fr 15260 has made careful changes to the text of The Knight of the Lion so it is even more about the GREAT TWUE WUV OF YVAIN AND GAUVAIN than usual
eg: all other manuscripts say "break off the rein and collar [of marriage] and we will go to the tournament with you" and his manuscript says "and we will go, you and I". Also the others say "do not bring a new standard" whereas his says "I will fight under your standard".

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[Context: a discussion about manuscripts, with Trojie]

Highly: There are also facsimiles - and some of them are even online! Here: http://image.ox.ac.uk/show?collection=bodleian&manuscript=msjunius11

Go to page three and have a look at the strip-comic style picture. That's God and the angels up top, and Satan being tortured by his own demons down the bottom.

Trojie: If I was Satan, I wouldn't let the demons torture me. That's just silly.

Highly: It's a sign that the satanic realm is upside-down! In heaven, God's thegns (angels, saints) serve God loyally; in hell, Satan's thegns (devils) torture their own lord!

Trojie: ... I see the essential pleasing symmetry of it, but it seems so *inefficient*

Highly: I think that's deliberate. I mean, would you want to serve Satan, when he's clearly inefficient?

Trojie: This is good logic! It's only logical to serve God - he's the most efficient choice!
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No, amazon.ca, I am not interested in your 30-40 week standard delivery period, nor in paying sixty-five dollars to have it expedited. Screw you.

Why yes, amazon.fr, I will happily pay twenty dollars for your expedited delivery! And thank you for performing the currency conversions for me!

Dear bookdepository: I love you.

Dear co-op bookshop: nice going there, with the not ordering in all the set texts for the course.


It is of course possible that the reason the shipping cost was so high on the .ca order was that I was trying to buy kaamelott as well, but since kaamelott was the only reason I was shopping at .ca instead of .fr (for english subtitles thereon), clearly that answers the 'can I afford to by kaamelott' question. I can not. EVER. Jesus christ. I shall make friends with the copy in the USyd library instead, although it won't be much use to me for teaching purposes.
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Anyone got any academic recommendations for the way race is constructed in high medieval romance, especially Wolfram von Eschenbach? Period surveys also good - I can talk a bit about the way race/religion binaries work in the Chanson de Roland, but it's a long time since I read anything structured on that, either.
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Not that it was hard, but I mean, I finally got over the thing where I've been panicking whenever I think about going to the library*, and had an enjoyable time when I was there.

And I acquired the Allegory of Love.


I am torn between "why, CS Lewis, why?" and "oh, you poor darling man, everything would've made so much more sense to you if you had some basic gender theory in your life". There's this adorable section where he's trying very hard to articulate concepts about homosociality which Simon Gaunt has got down pat half a century later, and it's both hilarious and endearing.

Possibly my favourite part, though, is where he dismisses the (low-brow) romantic literature of the 20th century as containing nothing but 'sheiks, 'Salvage Men' and marriage by capture', apparently without having noticed that medieval romance contains an awful bloody lot of marriage by capture, and also apparently without noticing that, except for the 'Salvage Men' part (whatever THOSE are) he might as well be describing The Horse and His Boy.


* Seriously, it's been horrid. Imagine being scared of LIBRARIES. Especially Fisher. There have been many times in my life when Fisher has been the Last Safe Place In The World, and now the thought of going there makes me panic? WOES.
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Things I just noticed:
Enide is introduced as her father's 'daughter who is very beautiful'. Laudine is introduced as 'one of the most beautiful ladies that any man has ever seen'.

Lunette is 'a maiden alone'.

<3 <3 <3
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Today is: Tuesday
On Friday I am: giving a paper about Yvain, Owain and Ewan (ie, the same person)
In front of: various people INCLUDING NORRIS LACY
Total amount of paper written: 300 words
Total amount of Lacy's book read: 1/2 a chapter
Amount of my argument which relies on Lacy's work for methodology, or would, if i had finished reading said work: MUCH

How stupid am I: VERY
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So, K and I went shopping. The supermarket were playing "Billy Don't Be a Hero" as we finished up. K sings along for a while, and informs me that Billy does not, in fact, come back and marry the protagonist, but dies in battle instead. Which is to be expected from the genre. K debates, with herself, whether or not the song is on the Priscilla Queen of the Desert soundtrack.

On the way home:

K, humming "Billy Don't Be a Hero": It's really about performance... of, oh god, performance of masculinity.
Highly: Yahuh. It's like, are you going to be a man in a homosocial setting (and die!), or in a heteroromantic context?
K: It's like, it's like that GUY, the one who was killing everybody and then he holed up with his wife and all his mates were like "we don't respect you anymore, you're not killing anyone".
Highly, with some trepidation: ... I think you mean Erec.
K: That's the one! Erec et Enide, yeah!
Oh god, I shouldn't be ALLOWED.
Highly: Allowed what?
K: ANYTHING. I just analysed the MUSIC IN THE SUPERMARKET in the context of...
Highly, eyeballing her: MY THESIS.

In other news, this week is budget amnesty week! So I bought two DW paid accounts for a year, and wine, and, uh... paid the fridge bill, with K. That's not actually all that exciting. I *ought* to have more money leftover after liberating my savings, but I really don't. Two DW paid accounts is expensive, though, that's probably why.

In other news, the world is conspiring to expose me to Lady Gaga and it makes me want to go clubbing. WHERE IN SYDNEY AM I LIKELY TO FIND AN APPROPRIATE DOOSE OF LADY GAGA?


Apr. 17th, 2010 03:56 pm
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I hate Lancelot. But not as much as I hate a) reading Perceval or b) writing thesis proposals. So I wrote a post about how Lancelot's milkshake brings all the girls to the (court)yard, and it is ridiculous.


Mar. 21st, 2010 03:17 pm
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I have successfully completed the Bookshelf Reorganisation Project! Fiction is all in my room, and non-fiction is neatly Dewey-coded out here. EVERYTHING HAS A CODE, you guys. Except [livejournal.com profile] ajodasso: her chapbook isn't on the National Library's database of Books We Have In Australia or Might One Day Have And Therefore Have Already Coded, so for now she's tucked between Tennyson and Ted Hughes. Just because.

Kylee has just informed me that the worth of the welsh king's cat can be estimated by holding kitty up by the tail, with his nose touching the floor, and then burying him in corn up to the tail. He's worth as much as the pile of corn.
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*flops back on the floor with her nice, obliging, thesis-upholding texts*
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This flist has grown and gathered a whole bunch of new people in the last year. Let it be stated, in case any of you happen to be interested, that I have a SRSFACE Medievalist Blog, entitled The Naked Philologist. I only update very sporadically at the moment, but I'm going to try to get back into the habit, because blogging = thinking, and thinking is necessary for returning to academia.

Currently, we're hearing more about my good old "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH THIS USELESS FIELD" angst. ;)


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