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Sep. 17th, 2014 02:50 pm
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What Are You Reading (Actually On A!) Wednesday:

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

War and Peace, Tolstoy.
Citizens, Schama.
The Uses of Literacy: Aspects of Working-Class Life, Richard Hoggart. I suspect that I am not going to finish this tonight, and am therefore dithering about whether to return it to the library or renew it and finish it in two weeks time when I get home or whether I should just take it with me. It's very interesting, and I'm making notes on bits of paper and shoving them in as bookmarks, but it's at that awkward stage where I am about halfway through and have a lot of travel time coming up, so don't really want to finish it whilst I am still in the UK and then have to keep track of it.

What did you recently finish reading?

I re-read Pamela Dean's Tam Lin which remains wonderful, and I still shake my head sadly at Janet whenever she is disparaging of early modern drama. I also re-read Dorothy Sayer's Busman's Honeymoon and had entirely forgotten how hilarious it is in parts. I kept hooting with laughter and scaring my cat.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I really want to get either War and Peace or Citizens finished whilst I am loafing around at my father's, and then it'll just be whatever I can scrounge from his shelves. He's been trying to sell me on Vanity Fair for about three years, so maybe I'll finally give in.


So yes, in other news, I am basically now going to be absent from the internet for two weeks (my father usually has broadband, but there was an unfortunate lightning storm and a power surge and now he has no internet and France Telecom appear to be unable to work out why). Have fun, don't break anything, and don't forget to put the rubbish out.

Machines | Michael Donaghy

Sep. 17th, 2014 12:02 pm
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Dearest, note how these two are alike:
This harpsicord pavane by Purcell
And the racer’s twelve-speed bike.

The machinery of grace is always simple.
This chrome trapezoid, one wheel connected
To another of concentric gears,
Which Ptolemy dreamt of and Schwinn perfected,
Is gone. The cyclist, not the cycle, steers.
And in the playing, Purcell’s chords are played away.

So this talk, or touch if I were there,
Should work its effortless gadgetry of love,
Like Dante’s heaven, and melt into the air.

If it doesn’t, of course, I’ve fallen. So much is chance,
So much agility, desire, and feverish care,
As bicyclists and harpsicordists prove

Who only by moving can balance,
Only by balancing move.
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I love this ridiculous pose swans strike when floating about lazily. It was a sunny day, I guess it’s a good way to warm up one’s webbed foot. (1.9.14)

no. go away.

Sep. 17th, 2014 11:30 am
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"Stemettes" is an absolutely terrible term to use for female undergraduates in STEM fields. No. Wow. Inarticulate fury.

A little frustrated

Sep. 17th, 2014 10:42 am
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I'm a little late with this, as I did the run yesterday.

It was difficult. I was moving at a pace only just precisely faster than speed-walking and my legs were just generally unwilling. I blame hunger. I was a bit peckish when I got home from work, but didn't have the presence of mind to eat some fruit or something before going out on the run. Which in turn led to being ravenous by dinner time and eating about twice as much as strictly necessary.

Note to self. Do not go jogging while hungry.

The time wasn't my slowest ever though, which came as rather a surprise for me. So far my times on this route have been very clearly divided into two groups. A group with times around 45-46 minutes and a group with times around 48-49 minutes. I find it peculiar that there aren't any times in between, really, but there you are. My time yesterday, much to my surprise, was my fastest time yet in the slow group. Odd. I had expected it to be the slowest ever because I felt like I was barely moving forwards.

I've done week 4 five times now. I'm not sure I'm ready for week 5 yet, but I might try week 5 next time. I'm just getting bored with week 4 now. The feeling of lack of progress is frustrating. It'll be hard, but I think I should be able to handle it. Maybe. We'll see tomorrow, I guess.

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belief in magic | dean young

Sep. 17th, 2014 09:00 am
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How could I not?
Have seen a man walk up to a piano
and both survive.
Have turned the exterminator away.
Seen lipstick on a wine glass not shatter the wine.
Seen rainbows in puddles.
Been recognized by stray dogs.
I believe reality is approximately 65% if.
All rivers are full of sky.
Waterfalls are in the mind.
We all come from slime.
Even alpacas.
I believe we’re surrounded by crystals.
Not just Alexander Vvedensky.
Maybe dysentery, maybe a guard’s bullet did him in.
I believe there are many kingdoms left.
The Declaration of Independence was written with a feather.
A single gem has throbbed in my chest my whole life
even though
even though this is my second heart.
Because the first failed,
such was its opportunity.
Was cut out in pieces and incinerated.
I asked.
And so was denied the chance to regard my own heart
in a jar.
Strange tangled imp.
Wee sleekit in red brambles.
You know what it feels like to hold
a burning piece of paper, maybe even
trying to read it as the flames get close
to your fingers until all you’re holding
is a curl of ash by its white ear tip
yet the words still hover in the air?
That’s how I feel now.

My timing sucks!

Sep. 17th, 2014 01:01 am
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I have lost my ipod classic. A week after they stop selling them!
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so I'm kind of freaked about it, but I want to try and go down to Ferguson, MO for the mass mobilization in early October. I've felt so upset and so powerless this last month and a half, and I really want something to DO, some way to be heard. But I've also never done anything like this, and I've been feeling really mentally unwell for a good while now, and I'll admit the idea of going in to the scenes we've seen there scares me to bits. But the powerlessness def. isn't helping with the feeling mentally unwell, and I feel like, if folk don't keep the noise up on this one, justice en't coming. I'm reaching out to rl people, both here and at various academic institutions, to see if anyone wants to ride with me; my undergrad is only about three hrs drive from Ferguson, so something might come of that.

Do y'all have any advice, or experiences that you think would be good for me to hear about? How do I take action and still care for myself?

LGBT in Jordan

Sep. 16th, 2014 08:06 pm
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Link. No comment, sorry.


Sep. 16th, 2014 05:41 pm
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[twitter.com profile] kake linked to a cool post by [personal profile] doug about changing history with a time machine. It's the sort of post that makes me realize just how weak my history is. There's absolutely no way I could come up with any sensible argument for which people and events made a substantial difference to the course of history, or how history would have been different if those fulcrum events ran differently. Anyway I really like reading stuff by knowledgeable people playing around with ideas like this!

Also I accidentally rekindled the debate about whether Harriet Vane is a Mary-Sue at [personal profile] staranise's place. People are being careful about major spoilers but if you don't want to know anything the plots or characters of any Sayers books at all you might want to avoid the thread. [personal profile] legionseagle quite rightly points out that my initial premise was simplistic and probably sexist, and also has some really informative and insightful ideas about Sayers oeuvre, about Mary-Sues, and about the law. And lots of thinky stuff about class and how that's changed historically from various people, including [personal profile] naraht. And [personal profile] staranise herself brings the psychological insight regarding relationships between authors and characters.

One of the major topics I've been thinking about recently is how to maintain communication with people I care about a lot but who aren't regularly in my life. Partly sparked by this really chewy discussion chez [personal profile] kaberett, which started off responding to a Captain Awkward discussion about when you should just assume someone who isn't getting back to you doesn't actually want to be talking to you and it's time to stop pestering, and moves on to talking about different media and how they work or don't for communication. Also I've been talking to [personal profile] lethargic_man about related stuff; he used to joke that the reason he asked me out was that that was the only way to get me to answer emails, and it's somewhat true, I've been a direly terrible correspondent in the decade since we broke up. And now I am committing the terrible irony of failing to keep up with an email conversation about ways of keeping up with email conversations...

So, I'd like to hear from people, how do you manage this kind of thing? What sorts of communication media work for you or don't? noodling about this )

Anyway, how do you do this? How do you handle email guilt and deal with Facebook's horribleness? Are you comfortable flexibly moving between different media depending what suits your friends? Have you, like me, started to lose people now that lots are migrating away from DW? Thoughts very much welcome!
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Mr Mallard, looking rather bedraggled in his autumn clothes, joins Mrs Mallard for dinner in the shallows. (4.9.14)


Sep. 16th, 2014 03:59 pm
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nts: Rhodri Davies on LLSVPs as purely thermal; statistical analysis --> plumes actually initiate prompted by downgoing slabs

pattern of downgone slabs? ages? association with age of AOC? globally widespread? modern-day plumes shouldn't care about 2.5Ga subducted slabs - but enough subducted crap lying around to explain it? Rather than LLSVPs, entrain mix of wossnames from lower mantle ("slab graveyard") allowing for more interesting complexity than LLSVP?

Spreadsheet season

Sep. 16th, 2014 08:19 pm
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It's that time of year again: Yuletide Season Ticket Season.

I'm very undecided about Belvoir's offerings for 2015: I'll probably subscribe, but there's nothing that leaps out as a MUST SEE.

STC has six plays I'd pay to see, but they're mostly because of the stars, not so much the plays themselves.
Riverrun: an Irishwoman's Finnegan's Wake.
Endgame: Hugo Weaving does more Beckett.
Battle of Waterloo: Sydney's Waterloo, new and looks interesting.
Orlando. Jacqueline McKenzie as Orlando. Yes please.
The Present (after Chekhov's Platonov) with Cate Blanchett & Richard Roxburgh. They have such wonderful chemistry, would watch them in anything.
And then, Geoffrey Rush's King Lear.

I'm turning cranky and difficult, but the productions that've impressed me most recently have been smaller/less hyped ones: Darlinghurst Theatre Company did Nick Payne's Constellations really beautifully, two actors and a layered, weaving text, just words and acting.

STC's Wharf production of The Effect,with Anna McGahan (currently being Headstrong Minister's Daughter Olive in ANZAC Girls) and Mark Leonard Winter (previously a beastly piece of work in Thyestes, now a kind of lovable dope) was engaging and thinky and oddly romantic.

Bell Shakespeare's non-Shakespeare offering, Tartuffe was a modern dress success. Kate Mulvaney is one of my favourite local actresses and her snarky, constantly vaping maid stole the show. The terrible pretender was totes channelling the tenth Doctor at one stage, spiky hair and purple velvet suit and agitation. It was (unlike several recent updates by various directors) sharp and funny and enjoyable.

Griffin have done some great things and I went to Unholy Ghosts on impulse last week. Family dysfunction, alcoholic histrionics and cancer, but so closely observed and low-key, intimate acting. Do see it! (I'm contemplating their season, but next year's calendar is filling already.)


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