Sep. 2nd, 2014 09:59 am
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I type to the accompaniment of furious yowling: Pepper is feeling better and wants to go out.

By the evening he'd responded to the injected anti-inflammatory and was able to eat a little supper. We went to bed, him in my apartment while Noodles was out in the living-room/kitchen, with the catflap open[0]. Pepper was still wanting to be a cosseted kitten and slept on my tum, but he was much livelier[1]. He woke about 5am and had a light breakfast, then curled up on a chair. All was going well, with hopes of giving him freedom today, and at last I had my bed back.

Just after 7, I was woken by the dreaded Announcement of Imminent Vomiting.

Since then he's had a little more food and he's certainly feeling well enough to be Loud, but he just tried to jump onto the back of the sofa next to the desk and didn't make it - less than a metre of leap that he'd normally not even notice. There are dogs and cars and a huge angry tomcat out there. No, he has to stay in.

We are running out of cat-litter and the stock of cat-food is getting low.

[0] Complicated business, letting one out while keeping the other in. Also have to keep doors locked because neighbours have been popping in to bring figs (for me, not him) and eggs.

[1] Unlike me, dizzy with lack of sleep.
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I only brought my small collection of plugs adaptors and cables. The larger set is stored at work. (29.8.14)

Single parenting

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:28 pm
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[Image of Humuhumu on the London Air Line running from Royal Victoria Docks to North Greenwich. Has nothing to do with the content of the post, just wanted to share.]

The bloke went to a meeting in Switzerland on Sunday and will return late on Friday evening. This leaves me single-parenting Humuhumu for six days.

Both of us have done longer stints than that solo since she was born, and although we now both know some tactics for coping with it, it's still very difficult. I don't think I truly appreciated how tough single parenting is until I had to do it myself, and I'm lucky enough to be able to afford help (e.g. having full-time nursery care, having a cleaner, taking a taxi when I'm too tired/pregnant to walk the mile and a half from the house to the train station).

In terms of tactics, I now know to make at least two large "dishes" (e.g. mac and cheese, chilli, fish pie) at the weekend that I can heat and serve when I get home exhausted during the week so I don't have to cook in the evening. I know to clear the laundry basket at the weekend. I know to fill my rucksack with snacks and water for the toddler and me on the train. I know to download shows onto the tablet on iPlayer, and I have a screen set up so she can choose these or her games. I know to pack my lunch every night, and to bathe before bed so that I don't have to attempt to shower with the toddler wreaking mayhem outside. I know to lay out my clothes so that I can leap into them if she wakes up before my alarm goes off. Each of these things helps save a tiny bit of energy that I can then expend on my day job. But if I had to do them on my own every week and every weekend, I would be so tired I wouldn't be able to see straight. I would have no energy to maintain a community of friends, in meatspace or online.

I find that the little kindnesses shown to me by the people I encounter in passing mean even more to me when I'm single-parenting. I was struggling to calm Humuhumu, who was squirming in her pushchair and crying, "Down! Down!" about 200 metres from the nursery's front door, and a woman passing by bent down and made a funny face at her, saying, "What sort of a face is that?" in a strong Brummy accent. Humuhumu stopped fussing and chuckled, and the woman said, "That's better." I smiled and thanked her and we went our separate ways. It was literally seconds of interaction, but it was so helpful. Then there are the people who offer to help me lift her into or out of the train, or just wiggle their fingers at her when she's looking at them - again, it's just a few seconds, but it lightens the weight of solitary responsibility considerably.

In conclusion, I'm about to make myself a dandelion-and-burdock vanilla ice cream float as a reward for getting through today.

yes good

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:05 pm
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1. I woke up surprisingly easily, especially given how late I got to bed, which is always pleasantly astonishing when it manages to happen.

2. Some of the post waiting for me at work was more rocks! I was delighted, and expressed this delight to a colleague in the lift, and everyone else in the lift just looked... baffled. Which to be honest I found a little surprising given where I work, but mostly? Mostly it was amusing, and also I have lots more rocks. Plenty enough to keep me going until the new year!

3. I got heaps of labwork done today, including lots more tidying up than I normally manage, including making some sensible judgment calls

4. As I was leaving, having tidied up, the skies opened, and it was brilliant - I walked down the middle of the almost-entirely-empty pavement on Exhibition Road in the warm rain with my clothes rapidly getting plastered to me, and oh, it was glorious.

5. I finally settled in with Scalzi's new novel Lock In today, and to my surprise I am genuinely enjoying it. (Why surprise? Because much as I like the guy I didn't expect him to do it well, and so far he is. Also, I'm a fifth of the way through and the protag's gender hasn't been mentioned yet, which is pretty much the reading experience I want.)

6. I got home to find warm couscous left on the table for me, because I have the best housemate <333

7. ... and for afters there is leftover strawberry trifle in the fridge, brought me yesterday by [personal profile] sebastienne and my useless ex when they rocked up to feed me lunch, badger me into wearing clothes, and drag me to a film festival & concert (which was pretty great once the first short was over; Did Not Like). But srsly though, a. CN Lester wrote a song for you and then made a music video, and (b) I got to curl up in a big comfy chair and watch an entire hour of people talking mostly in German about queer & trans stuff, and -- that's not something my inherited language does, we're rural Austrian Catholics, I got to listen to people speaking about queers in German, which was a kind of homecoming even though it was the wrong flavour. (By which I mean: the Berlin accent is not the accent of the stories and the prayers and the songs of my childhood, but nonetheless it is German and therefore soothing.)

8. My counsellor got in touch yesterday about arranging a session with an apology for having dropped off the face of the Earth (bereavement), which saved me doing the reaching out and means we are Working On A Date probably sometime next week.

9. An Elementary fic showed up in my head while I was finishing up the washing up at work; specifically, a story that begins "The first time Joan surprised Sherlock..." with reference to some dialogue from (very!) early season 1, though I suspect I am going to have to wait for the beginning of season 3 to make sense of where it's trying to end up.

10. I really am surrounded by fantastic people, and I am so, so glad of all of you <3 (And I am aided in appreciating this by the bit where I seem to be starting to pull back out of the brainwrong I've been in for the past little bit: hurrah discontinuing the anti-histamine!)

Beyond the World | Muso Soseki

Sep. 1st, 2014 12:38 pm
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Beyond the World
Musō Soseki

This place of wild land
has no boundaries
north south east or west
It is hard to see
even the tree
in the middle of it
Turning your head
you can look beyond
each direction
For the first time
you know that your eyes
have been deceiving you

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Sep. 1st, 2014 09:22 am
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It's September, and I'm awake and more or less back on Eastern time. I actually accomplished a lot last month, but this month promises to be even busier. Ack. Here's what I have to do:

Major Academic Projects:

Vocations chapter (now vocations and monastic careers chapter)
Foundations of priories chapter
Translation for Prof D
Conference stuff
Learning German

Vocations chapter (now vocations and monastic careers chapter) )
Foundations of priories chapter )
Translation for Prof D )
Conference stuff )
Learning German )

Teaching Stuff )


Travel, Chores, Communication )
Fun Stuff )

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Sep. 1st, 2014 12:24 pm
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A Life Update in Bullet Points:

• Today I am rejoicing in the fact that this week is not magazine delivery week. My mornings are my own! I don't have to spend them doing battle with people's gates or unexpected dogs. Unexpected Dogs were somewhat the hallmark of last month's magazine delivery week. Houses which had not previously had dogs lurking behind their doors suddenly did! Now, I like dogs. I like dogs a lot. I just don't like them very much in magazine delivery week because they turn from amusing animals that are good to stroke into raging hellbeasts threatening to eat my fingertips.

• I have finally managed to a) book flights and trains to go and see my father and b) get around to ringing my father to tell him this. I am voluntarily exiling myself to the land of No Wifi for 14 days which seems a terrible idea. I am, therefore, doing the endless dither of "should I buy a mobile data bundle from my telephone provider?". My father has the internet (well, he doesn't currently because his computer got blown up by a thunderstorm and when he got it back from the menders his internet connection wouldn't work, so he rang his ISP and they sent him a new router, but that wouldn't work) but he doesn't have wifi and I feel remarkably antisocial every time I'm there when I disappear off to try and coax his computer into giving me my email. Anyway, I have very few plans for my holiday. I am excited that I will finally be there at a time where I can go to La Vallée des Singes which I have missed out on every other time because I usually go in winter. I may try and get to Oradour-sur-Glane but that depends on my stepmother's willingness to revisit somewhere she's been a fairly large number of times - because everyone who visits wants to go. Other than that I plan on drinking all the Picpoul de Pinet I can lay my hands on, reading a lot, and maybe some knitting. The knitting thing is a cause for minor logistical concern. Technically knitting needles are allowed on airplanes, in the cabin even! But, I find myself wondering if I want to test this with Ryanair. I may just post some dpn's and some yarn to my father, and then have him post it back when I leave. My father and I had a lovely grumble about this when I rang him to tell him travel details. He's still bitter about not being allowed through passport control with his carte d'identité a few years back. He had his passport with him, so he made it through eventually (though only after my stepmother kicked him and told him to stop being a stubborn idiot). So we occasionally mutter at each other about the irritations caused by 'Here is the official rule! Here is the thing we're going to make you do instead!'.

• In knitting update news, one baby blanket got handed off to R. on her last day before maternity leave, and I cast on for another with a lace pattern (people need to stop having babies. Or, actually, I need to go back in time and not start the tradition whereby people I know who have babies get a baby blanket), knit the nine garter stitch rows and then promptly made a mistake in the first lace row. However, I conquered it on the second go and even managed to make it through the first set of pattern repeats without a mistake. Rarely has counting 73 purl stitches been a cause for so much concern.

• Work this weekend was much enlivened by the appearance of Jamie Bell's Lookalike. It's always a nice day when he's in the store. I was in the office and E. rang me from the warehouse to excitedly exclaim that Jamie Bell's Lookalike was in the cereal aisle. My favourite thing about Jamie Bell's Lookalike is that he has excellent taste in knitwear and is always wearing a jumper that looks like it might be the snuggliest thing in the world.

Achtung: Kamelinformationspost

Aug. 31st, 2014 02:18 pm
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Leute, wir müssen über Kamele sprechen.

Wie viele Höcker hat ein Kamel?
- Na zwei, duh, Dromedare sind die mit einem Höcker.

Und das Dromedar in Asterix sagt ja selbst "Ich bin ein Dromedar, niemals ein Kamel".
Das kommt schon ganz mechanisch als Reaktion, wenn jemand ein einhöckriges Kamel sieht und es Kamel nennt.

Jawohl, einhöckriges Kamel. Zweihöckrige Kamele heißen Trampeltier, einhöckrige Kamele heißen Dromedar. Unabhängig von der Höckerzahl sind es aber halt Kamele. Es gibt drei Gruppen von Kamelen: Altweltkamele (Dromedare und Trampeltiere), Lamas (Lamas und Guanakos) und Vikunjas (Vikunjas und Alpakas). Aber alle sind Kamele.

Und hier gibt's eh nur die einhöckrigen Dromedare, Trampeltiere gibt's hier. Die ganzen Klischees mit Wüste, Pyramiden, etc., das sind Dromedare.


Das war jetzt mehr als ihr je über Kamele wissen wollt, aber es musste raus, tut mir leid.

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Mosaics in the bishop’s reception room adj. to the south cathedral, thought to be around 5th c (Site archéologique St-Pierre de Genève). (17.8.14)

Getting things out of my system

Aug. 31st, 2014 06:18 am
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If eyes are the window to the soul, volcanoes are the window to the soul of the planet - or at least to the Earth's interior, which might very easily be the same thing, depending on your definitions. Very well: I define planetary interiors, with their various motion and stillnesses, their complex simplicities, their confusions, as souls.

Brought to you by "ways I am not in point of fact permitted to open my poster"...


Aug. 30th, 2014 09:22 pm
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Can people, like, talk to me about the economics of doing a PhD part time? Because I think I need to at least consider doing this part-time rather than full-time at least temporarily (witness the last month, the majority of which I have spent asleep and incapable of sitting upright for more than about 5 minutes without noticeable impact on brain function), but I'm terrified because I have no idea which of ESA, Housing Benefit etc I'd be eligible for, and how much of my savings I'd go through before they arrived, and if they'd even make up enough of the shortfall.
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We feel pretty, oh so pretty: a  whole cluster of female Red-Breasted Mergansers - not that common in Switzerland, especially not in August-September. (16.8.14)


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