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title: "The Beardening, Pt. 2" - originally published 5/27/2016

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Sign-ups will close in just over 24 hours, at 8PM EDT (US), Saturday. If you have not yet signed up, now is the time to do so.

Now is also a good time to double-check the Sign-up Summary to see if there are any fandoms you are interested in offering to remix. Please pay special attention to those fandoms listed with either 1 request and 0 offers or 1 request and 1 offer, as they are the ones which will be most difficult to match. If you are able to write in any of those fandoms, the mods would greatly appreciate it if you could edit your offers to include them.

Once sign-ups have closed, we will start the matching process. Our calendar says that assignments will be out June 5, but if matching goes quickly (and it is likely to), we will send out assignments earlier than that. An earlier assignment send-out will not affect due dates.

Pinch-hit signups will remain open. Pinch-hits will go out as-needed and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. All pinch-hitters will be expected to follow the remix rules (1000+ word remix about at least one female character). As with the regular assignments, pinch-hits are due on July 24. Pinch-hits which are sent out after July 22 will be due on July 29.

Remix Treats sign-ups will also remain open. If you are not participating in the main remix but would like treats, we'd also like to encourage you to sign up as a pinch-hitter (however, you are not obligated to claim a pinch-hit).

Yuletide 2015 writing

May. 28th, 2016 12:06 am
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I seem to have neglected to write about the things I wrote for Yuletide, oops. This year's theme seems to have been "fitting in as many allusions to the source material as I can".

A Mystery! Solved (2641 words) by molybdomantic
Fandom: Edward Gorey's PBS Mystery Intro, GOREY Edward - Works

This was my assignment; the canon is a collection of short animations by Edward Gorey for the opening credits of a mystery TV series. I had great fun seeing how many of the elements I could shoe-horn into a story, and less fun trying to concoct a plausible ending, which was quite hard. Not helped by [personal profile] damerell's beta comments which attempted to convert the entire thing into an extended Flash Gordon pun. :-P

"Just because it says READ ME doesn't mean you should" (1650 words) by molybdomantic
Fandom: Nethack (Video Game)

NetHack fic, because how how often am I going to get the chance? The title, and the calendar's helpful mottoes, are all from rumors.tru (which is the source of the minor oracularities). I loved the idea that the Oracle might be lazily repeating aphorisms from an aphorism-a-day desk calendar rather than making them up herself.

And then two poems that I'm quite pleased with:

Survival Is Insufficient (106 words) by molybdomantic
Fandom: Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel

Tell Them What You Know, Little Bird (118 words) by molybdomantic
Fandom: Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants (Song)

The Station Eleven one came first, because the world NEEDS Station Eleven fic in the shape of Shakespearean sonnets and I was just waiting for the excuse to write it. I've got Shakespearean apologies for the roughness of the production (Oh, for a muse of fire &c.), and after careful scanning of the sonnets for typical Shakespearean images I could use I settled on stars. Not as common as flowers but way easier to squeeze in. That rhyme scheme is just how sonnets come out of my head, apparently; they feel wrong without the extra syllables.

Then I saw [personal profile] elisem asking for _Birdhouse in your Soul_ fic, and having been thinking in iambic pentameter all week I found myself with 'There IS a LITtle BIRDhouse IN my SOUL' running round my head and then that had to happen too. (Well, strictly, I tried to banish it, and then I was ambushed by the bees line and *then* it had to happen.)

[ SECRET POST #3432 ]

May. 27th, 2016 06:48 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3432 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.

[Flaky Pastry]

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Chapter and verse

May. 27th, 2016 09:25 pm
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Posted by Fred Clark

But when I read a story like this, I want to know more. When a member of Congress is leaning on "a passage from the Bible denouncing homosexuality" as the primary basis for his legislative decisions, thereby disgusting his GOP colleagues with his ignorant rejection of the First Amendment, I also want to know which passage from the Bible, specifically, this guy is quoting.


May. 27th, 2016 05:44 pm
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1. The lilacs are blooming. (See dw icon.)

2. I picked up two cheap tin outdoor candle-holders at Target, so I can light Shabbat votives on the deck and hopefully the breeze won't blow them out.

3. This is a week to which I will not be sorry to bid farewell when I kindle said Shabbat candles. Just saying.

4. There is mango lemonade in my fridge and it is tasty.

5. I had reason to reflect earlier today on how far I've come in a year. I've come a damn long way. Go me.
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Season 1 Episode 3: Exodus From Genesis

Space cockroaches turn Moya into a sauna and the crew must figure out how to get rid of them before the heat permanently injures Aeryn or Moya. Taz and Kay discuss Rygel's political skills, teeth cleaning in space and whether Peacekeepers are the old white guy in the office that keeps the AC too cold.

Listen to Episode 3 Streaming

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Episode 2: I, E.T. (41 min)

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Fic Rec: Variance

May. 27th, 2016 05:20 pm
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Posted by rachelindeed

Title: Variance
Author: Bitenomnom
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 800 words
Rating: not rated, I would say G
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary:
“It’s actually two point nine.”
“Meters. That you stay from me, all the time. Well—since you punched me, anyway.”
“Oh. I hadn’t really put that much thought into it.”
“How very homoscedastic of you.”

Reccer's comments: This is a charming and clever little ficlet, one of my favorites from the author's Mathematical Proof series. I love the idea behind these stories: the author, being enrolled in several graduate-level mathematics courses, decided to use the math concepts she recorded in her daily notes as prompts for Johnlock fic. She wrote the stories to illustrate the abstract concepts she was studying in fun and creative ways, and it just makes me feel kind of great about fandom? I so admire the wonderfully varied talents that our authors possess, and the way they can bring this imaginative thing that they love into unexpected parts of their life and work. This series always puts a smile on my face. So here's a delightful drabble for your busy Friday. And if you feel like it, there are 49 others in the series, with a great variety of tones and styles, that you can also explore. (Ratings and warnings vary from fic to fic, so remember to check the tags.)

Dry Marches

May. 27th, 2016 09:57 pm
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"Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote,
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote..."

Okay, we all know about April showers, but what about the drought of March? March certainly isn't a month that feels particularly dry, and in recent decades Met Office data confirms that in London it has been, if anything, rather wetter than April.

Of course, poetic licence and all that, but surely the lines wouldn't have been so successful if Chaucer had been saying something palpably untrue?

Well, the climate was probably a bit different: Chaucer was living through the early years of the little ice age, after all, and perhaps dry Marches go with that territory - but I don't remember anyone else mentioning them, ever.

Three day holiday plans

May. 27th, 2016 09:50 pm
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So after our plans to go to South Wales were dashed (thanks, Great Western Rail), we've decided for a less grand but more convenient plan: two days and a night in the Peak District.

The weather is supposed to be decent (no rain! and up to 20C), the drive shouldn't take more than three hours, and while every nice B&B and cheap youth hostel in the park's all booked up for the three day holiday, we found a super cheap room on AirBnB in a suburb of nearby Sheffield.

Definitely not the most glamorous of trips, but we've got a rental car (they "upgraded" us from the small car we wanted to a fairly clunky Ford Focus, but at least we won't lack for legroom?) and picnic packed for an early start tomorrow. Skuld even found a colleague who lives nearby and is happy to catsit - her and her boyfriend came over yesterday and we were thrilled with how charmed the two of them were with our cats. (Unfortunately for us they're moving out next month, because Cambridge is too expensive for them.)

It will be so nice to get out and see a bit of nature! Maybe climb a hill, breathe some fresh air, and then get back on Sunday to spend Monday lounging about relaxing.

In media consumption news, we're on such an anime kick right now! It's so nice to take a deep dive into Japanese stuff - it's like switching into a different gear? It's nudged me into doing a bit of kanji study, just for fun, and we have great discussions about bits of plot and character motivations and story structure and language snippets. Having a wife who's also far from fluent but still decent at Japanese, and interested in getting better is amazing. I'm so lucky. ♥

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but here's a list of what we've been up to for the past month or two:
- Caught up on One Piece (Viz translation)
- Caught up on Gintama
- Watched Food Wars
- Watched Big Windup (rewatch for me, first time for Skuld)
- Watched Assassination Classroom
- Watched the Space Brothers live action movie
- Watched the first arc of Durarara X2

We've just started Durarara X2 Arc 2, and - yes, it'll be interesting to see where all of this ends up! And we've tried watching Welcome to the NHK, but the UK Funimation site is just so laggy it becomes impossible. Their solution is flushing the DNS, but at this point five minutes after doing so the video is freezing for longer than it's playing, so we've only made it like... three episodes. (This is another rewatch for me and first for Skuld.)

I really should write more about some of these titles! (Or I could just sharpie I AM SHOUNEN TRASH on my forehead or something. Because. Yes. *points up*)

New Books and ARCs 5/27/16

May. 27th, 2016 08:11 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

As we here in the US head into the Memorial Day weekend, here is a stack of books and ARCs for your delight and perusal. Anything here speak to you? Tell me in the comments!

(no subject)

May. 27th, 2016 01:05 pm
darchildre: text:  library rules 1) silence 2) books must be returned by due date 3) do not interfere with the nature of causality (library rules)
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Good things:

The other day, I discovered that a horror author I very much like and whom I thought had only ever written two books - T.E.D. Klein - had, in fact, written a third book. Or, at least, had a collection of some of his previously uncollected short fiction published in 2006. It was a limited release and copies now are prohibitively expensive, but a nearby library system had one. So I put in an ILL request and got it in less than a week! It is in my bag right now and I get to start it on my break! (And then maybe I will reread The Ceremonies, because it's been long enough that I don't remember the details of the scary bits.)

Not so good things:

One of my first patrons of the day brought in a book that he had to return because it was on hold for someone else, but wanted to put it back on hold for himself. Which I did for him, and then told him, in response to his question, that he was now 10th in line for it and it would be a little while before he got it back. And he frowned and walked away, loudly monologuing about how sad and disappointed his wife would be that they wouldn't be getting it again sooner. 10 minutes later, his wife came up to check out and loudly told me that she was, indeed, disappointed.

People, fussing at me does not get your book here faster. I do not control the holds queue.

Friday in the park with Nineveh

May. 27th, 2016 09:03 pm
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(Actually, it was Thursday). The swans have moved from the pond to the river, with two cygnets. A crow chased a squirrel with extreme prejudice for c. 12 metres, flying a foot above the ground and mere inches from its tail. It then sat on a branch above it looking stern, I can only assume that there was a nest involved somewhere.

It is the long weekend, hurray! I am tempted by Love and Friendship, even though I am not convinced from the reviews so far that any of the reviewers have ever read Austen. I have never read Lady Susan either, but I have grasped the concept that Austen is not all about bonnets. Above all I am definitely, effinitely, going to do some writing.

Finally, in case there is anyone in the world who hasn't seen this story, I know that in future when I have a bad day I shall cheer myself up by taking a moment to think "On the plus side, a 3m python didn't emerge from the toilet and bite me on the penis." The gentleman in question is (a) doing well, and (b) plans to replace his squat toilet with a sitting one. Well you would, wouldn't you?


May. 27th, 2016 04:02 pm

Dragon’s Luck, by Lauren Esker

May. 27th, 2016 12:56 pm
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Note: This was written by Sholio, a friend of mine, and I was one of the betas. The sphinx ship was my suggestion.

A gecko shifter secret agent joins forces with a dragon shifter gambler to fight crime aboard a ship shaped like a giant sphinx, while also playing in an underground, I mean illegal, high-stakes poker match. Cue hijinks and every trope ever.

A charmingly over the top fantasy adventure with a bit of romance, but definitely action with romance rather than the reverse. Great action, great characters, utterly cracktastic, and really, really funny. Part of a series about shapeshifter secret agents, but the books are all standalones and you can easily start here. If you liked Marjorie Liu’s Dirk & Steele series, you will like this.

The heroine, Jen Cho, is an adrenaline junkie caffeine addict gecko shifter secret agent who enjoys rock climbing in her spare time and spends much of the book clambering over unlikely places in both human and gecko forms. Jen is hilarious and her unflappable POV is the best.

The hero, Lucky, unsurprisingly has the power to influence luck, which is one of my favorite mutant powers and is played out in consistently entertaining ways. (He can apply it with a purpose, but unless he’s trying for something vey specific, he doesn’t know how it will work. For instance, “Leave the window open” will make the window get left open. But “help me win this fight” could do just about anything.) He is also a dragon shifter, but the way this works is pretty original and clever, not to mention often quite funny.

I don’t want to ruin the hilarity of their meet-cute, but it is truly hilarious. I’ll put it behind a cut, but if you think you might want to read the book, don’t click.

Read more... )

Most of the book is set aboard a giant floating sphinx on which a secret, illegal, incredibly high-stakes poker game is being played. Despite the total ridiculousness of this, so much thought went into the details of how all of that might actually work that it feels weirdly credible.

The supporting cast all feel like real people with lives and motives of their own, down to ship workers who appear in one scene and have two lines.

During the climax, almost everyone aboard the ship is high as a kite for plot reasons, and while the heroes and villains are having their dramatic final battle, they keep having to dodge random people attempting to pet their hair or tell them all about the pretty pink bubbles.

Fluffy and delightful. Definitely a read-in-one-gulp type of book.

Dragon's Luck (Shifter Agents Book 3) is only 99 cents on Amazon!

2097 / Orphan Black, 4.07

May. 27th, 2016 08:45 pm
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I got home on Wednesday morning, and between the jetlag and sharing a house with a very energetic three-year-old Wee Niece, I am very tired. I did, however, win Wee Niece's adoration by bringing her home Minnie Mouse and Paw Patrol t-shirts. I have no real idea what a Paw Patrol is (this is not a request for more information; I have an inkling, but the longer I can remain unaware of toddler TV, the better), but Wee Niece is super enthusiastic about it.

I have, however, discovered that Danger Mouse has been rebooted, so that's a blast from the past.

Orphan Black, 4.07, The Antisocialism of Sex )


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