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This whole subject is a giant disaster no matter how you look at it, at least based on my very limited knowledge thereof.

If you think your measure is important, then you might want to do things like constantly make observations of quantum mechanical systems, since as per Many Worlds each observation splits off new universes making new versions of you (I’m not sure this actually checks out as physics, but hopefully it points to the problem).

But if you don’t think your measure is important, then you should be relatively unconcerned with playing Russian roulette, since all it can do is decrease your measure.

This is one of those problems like Pascal’s Wager where the best answer I can think of is to run away screaming.

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I don’t think so. I bet you get so much more plastic from food/water that’s been in plastic containers that this is a tiny tiny drop in the bucket.

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May. 25th, 2015 05:08 pm
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It's been awhile. I should catch up.
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((You may notice that I am attempting to use British spelling and punctuation in these chapters. That's because, according to my research, Malcolm is a Brit. It's my self-indulgent fanfic and I'll do stunt writing if I wanna!))

Chapters 1 and 2

Star Trek: Enterprise - Self Indulgent Fanfic, Chapters 3 through 5 )

Chapter 6

The Practicalities of Owl Post

May. 25th, 2015 07:52 pm
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So I was reading a Harry Potter fic, and something occurred to me which never had before.  And it’s a question about mail.  Because the wizarding world is the opposite of the muggle world, in that they have instantaneous physical transportation (floo, apparition, portkey) but not instantaneous text-based communication (letters carried by owl).

What happens if an owl is bringing you a letter from London and you are, say, in Scotland, at Hogwarts, and the owl is almost there, and then you floo/apparate/portkey somewhere else.  Say, London.

Does the owl know and turn around mid-flight?  Would the owl then become very bad-tempered from the extra distance you made them fly?
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((If name usage is too wrong, I will take corrections in the comments. I may even correct the master document as well.))


Star Trek Enterprise: Self-Indulgent Fanfic, Chapters 1 and 2 )
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Okay, I said I wouldn’t freak out and go into “oh god I need to defend myself with a really long essay right now” mode, but it turns out I am still not very good at that.

So you may show this post to the next person who wants to kick me out of something for being insufficiently feminist.

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Hamlet: To be or not to be -
LM: so have you killed your uncle yet
Hamlet: What? No, I’m suffering through a complex moral dilemma and grappling with my own mortality right now.
LM: Oh, right.
Hamlet: Whether tis nobler in the mind -
LM: because you know if you kill him, you’ll become king
Hamlet: What?
LM: and I’ll become queen
Hamlet: Wait, where are you going with that knife?
LM: brb
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((Okay, I'm tossing this up here for, essentially, typo catching. This is a fanfic based on the first 8-9 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, plus Star Trek Online, and I only barely care about continuity after those episodes, because if I'd waited to watch the whole thing, this fic would've been gnawing at my mind the whole time and blocking me on stuff. It is, pure and simple, self-indulgent as nga'chuq. I wallow in it. And now, if your standards have been lowered enough, you may read on...))

Star Trek: Enterprise - The Self-Indulgent Fanfic )


May. 25th, 2015 11:19 pm
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Posted by Victor Mair

"Arirang" (Hangul:  아리랑) is arguably the most famous Korean folk song.  Indeed, "Arirang" is so well-known that it is often considered to be Korea's unofficial national anthem.  Yet no one is sure when the song arose nor what the title means.

Here is one version of the song (there are many variants):

Arirang, arirang, arariyo.
Arirang, crossing over the hill,
My dear who has abandoned and left me
Has not even traveled ten miles before having feet pains.

We see that it describes the difficulties experienced by the protagonist while going over a mountain pass.  That's not much to rely on if we're going to use internal evidence to determine the meaning of "arirang", particularly since nearly half of all the words in the song consist of nothing more than "arirang" or a slight variation thereon.

There are hundreds of theories of the origin and meaning of "arirang".  In "What Does Arirang Mean? The Theories on the Etymology of Arirang" (5/24/15), the author examines nine of the theories, which ascribe the song's origin to dates ranging from the first c. BC to the late nineteenth century AD and which contend that the title is based on the personal name of two different heroines, that it means "I Part from My Dear", that it means "Our Escape Is Difficult", that it means "My Ears Become Deaf", that it means "Mute and Deaf", that it is a Classical Chinese onomatopoeic expression signifying the grunts of laborers, that it signifies "Russia, America, Japan, and England" (!), or that it is the name of a hill.  The phonological transformations that are required to get from many of these terms and expressions to "arirang", quite frankly, require considerable imagination.

A conspicuous feature of all nine of the theories (out of hundreds of possible conjectures) presented by the author of this blog post is that they all focus on the Chinese characters, terms, and phrases from which they allegedly derive.

This post appears on the blog of Kuiwon / 歸源 / 귀원, the pen name of a Korean-American who reads Classical Chinese texts as a hobby.  The main purpose of his blog is to present translations of Chinese works written by Korean authors.  His pen name, Kuiwon / 歸源 / 귀원, is a giveaway, since, in Classical Chinese, it means "returning to the source".

The author's orientation is made all the clearer in his conclusion:

Arirang is by any measure a unique and integral part of the Korean cultural patrimony. One reason why it is so popular is that it seems to be an expression of “pure” Korean culture. For that very reason, the song plays well to the tendencies unfortunately held by many Koreans today: (i) that only the “pure” parts of the Korean cultural patrimony are worth preserving to the neglect of others and (ii) that Korean culture ought to be portrayed as wholly distinct from its neighbors. In particular, many who hold such notions often like to minimize sinitic influences on Korean culture and portray them as being limited to the upper crust of previous generations of Koreans. This attitude, however, is certainly regrettable and would be amiss even with Arirang. Indeed, most of the more accepted, conventional theories on the song’s etymology point to Sino-Korean or Classical Chinese. These explanations, though hypotheses, demonstrate that Korean cultural patrimony without its sinitic elements would paint an incomplete and hollow picture of the Korean experience throughout the ages.

It would be interesting to hear from readers who may be aware of different theories about the origins of the word "arirang", especially those which are not linked to Sino-Korean morphemes.

Whatever it means and whatever its origins, "arirang" is hugely evocative.

[h/t Michael Rank]

Otakon Table Space

May. 25th, 2015 06:42 pm
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Hey! I’d like to go to Otakon this summer! Does anyone have a table they’d like to share? I...
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I am going to try to stay calm and not respond to Chris Hallquist’s hit job on me, except to say that if the leaders of the effective altruism movement decide I need to do something to defuse the situation, up to and including leaving the movement, I will reluctantly consider it.


May. 25th, 2015 07:00 pm
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Could I get a super quick beta for this Fingon/Maedhros/Maglor PWP? I kind of want to post it tonight, to kick off the summer. It's about 3K. And sex pollen.

... Man, I might not be able to swing this.
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Posted by JenniferP

It’s time for the monthly-ish post where we answer the things that people typed into search engines as if they are questions.

1. “Captain Awkward help my boyfriend keeps trying to optimise me.

Eff that dude. He’s not your Pygmalion and you are not a project.

2. “How should you act when you see your former affair and his wife in public?”

Give him a “hey, ‘sup bro?” nod and keep on walking/don’t stop to talk to them. You’re not going to be successful at pretending you don’t know him (hence the nod), but let him be the one to scramble for explanations about how y’all know each other. If you don’t engage at all it makes it less likely that you’ll have to lie to some poor woman’s face.

Clint Eastwood nodding like a bro.

3. “How do I tell my husband I’m sick of him playing games on his phone?”

Text him?

In all seriousness, I think it’s a good idea to make mealtimes and certain other times gadget/screen free, and I think you can ask him outright. to do that.

4. “What to do when your boyfriend’s ex wants him back.”

Ignore the ex to the extent that you can and don’t engage with them if you can help it. In my experience, this is almost always a partner problem more than it is an ex problem, as in, the ex can want all they want, but how your partner treats you is everything.

5. “What to do when every time I go out side my neighbour tells me all her troubles.” 

Awkward. Give it like, 2 minutes, and then deploy some scripts:

1) “Hey, good to see you, but I actually don’t have time to talk today.”

2) “Hey, nice to see you, but I came out here to get a bit of quiet. We can catch up another time, maybe.

3) If you’re like me, and you always carry a book, “Hi! I’m in a really exciting part of my book and I’ve been waiting all day to read it. I’ll have to catch up with you another time, thanks.” Pull out book.

Your neighbor will likely never get the hint, so you’ll have to ask. Prepare for sighing and harrumphing. If she makes a big show of avoiding you, be magnanimous – you’ve won! If she gives you some space, once a week, maybe just hang out with her for 10 minutes and ask about her day to show her that boundaries don’t mean y’all are enemies. If she doesn’t give you space, get more terse. “When I said I wasn’t in the mood to talk, I really meant it. Good night!”

6. “All our neighbors don’t talk to us.”

Maybe your neighbors just aren’t your people*? Try finding friends and a social life elsewhere?

My other question is, do you talk to them? Could you find the friendliest-seeming person and bake them a cake or something to break the ice? Give it some time and see if it gets better.

*”Aren’t your people” *could* mean “you have unwittingly moved to a racist, homophobic, and sexist hellscape.” Sorry, that’s a real thing, and it sucks.

7. “Just because he’s my boss should he not act on his feelings about me?”

Pretty much, bosses should not try to date or seduce or romance their employees and should look to, I dunno, literally anyone else.

8. “4 dates means he must like me.”

Sadly, that’s not a guarantee, though the possibility is there. In a new dating relationship, look to the present tense. What are things like between you now? Does he demonstrate that he likes you? Do you like him? Is it easy to make plans?

9. “He’s ignoring my Facebook messages.”

Stop sending Facebook messages and see if he contacts you.

10. “How to know if a girl loves you secretly from long distance?”

Ask her? She has the universe’s sole monopoly on the information you want.

11. “iamabeautifulperson.”

Fuck yeah!

12. “What does it mean when a boy suddenly message me saying sorry to be blunt but do you like me yes or no.”

Most likely explanation: 1) The boy likes you and is trying to make it known 2) Y’all are in middle school.

You don’t have to answer right away if you need time to make up your mind. “I’m thinking about it. Why do you want to know?” is a perfectly good answer.

13. “Having trouble accepting that my adult married daughter is gay.”

The best thing you can do is to realize that she was always gay. It’s a fact, not something that needs your acceptance in order to be true, but if you want to keep having a relationship with her you need to do the work. Please be a good person about this, educate yourself, tell your daughter you love her, and don’t make her sexuality an issue between the two of you.

14. “A guy told me my messages creep him out what does that mean.”

Bluntly: Stop sending that guy messages. He doesn’t like them.

15. “Comebacks for people gaslighting you.”

In my estimation, no one is topping this lady who figured out her boyfriend was gaslighting her and then made him watch Gaslight. My heroine.

The key with gaslighters is not comebacks, it’s to get yourself out of proximity to them and in proximity to good people who treat you well.

16. “My boyfriend wants to move in together but I don’t.”

Listen to and believe that voice that is telling you that you don’t want to live with him. Maybe it’s that you don’t want to live with him yet, maybe it’s that you don’t want to live with him ever, maybe there is a fixable problem that you can work on together, and maybe it’s not fixable. Whatever it is, sit with it quietly, write about it, talk to trusted people about it, talk to your boyfriend about it, but don’t discount it.

17. “He’s mean to me, rude to me and doesn’t care about my feelings. What does it mean?”

A sign that says

It means: Get this dude out of your life forever.

Monty Python & the Holy Grail: Run away! Run away!

Mad Max: Fury Road: Some Thoughts

May. 25th, 2015 11:46 pm
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I liked it. It was not the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, and I do think I'd have liked it a little more if I hadn't seen the trailer about six times, but I still thought it was solidly good.

The thing it reminded me of the most was an old-school series from the comic compendium 2000AD. It had that kind of simple storytelling, with decent-but-simple dialogue, violent-but-not-upsetting action, and plots that hint at a deeper world without stopping to infodump, along with gorgeous visual shots that frame both the action and the characters and tie the narrative together. The overall plot of really minor spoilers ) could have come from something like Slaine really easily.

I was completely unsurprised to discover that Brendan McCarthy was heavily involved.

I was intrigued by the discussions ahead of time about the purported feminism of the movie, and by various people's reactions to it. Minor spoilers, more for the shape of the plot than anything else. ) So I can understand why some people failed to spot that the film is feminist* purely in that it puts a bunch of women into a plot, working with men in order to improve their situation, but given the state of representation of women in movies just doing that is clearly enough to piss off a lot of deeply unpleasant people.

In any case - gorgeous, well written, fun, and basically two hours of car chases and explosions. Recommended.

*It's like failing to spot that Lord Of The Rings is pro-royalist. It's so ingrained in people, fantasy plot-wise, that The True King can fix things by accepting his role, that they fail to spot how barkingly odd that kind of thinking is in the real world. Very few people argue that what we _really_ need to do in order to bring happiness to the UK is for Charles to get a grip, grab the reigns of power, and apply his natural kingly instincts to our once bounteous land.

2015 Rules and FAQ

May. 25th, 2015 06:40 pm
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Welcome to [community profile] pod_together! A challenge where writers and podficcers join together to create awesome projects - the writer writing something specifically to be podficced, and the podficcer recording it.

Please take a moment to check out the Rules/FAQs behind the cuts.

Basic Rules )

Timeline )

Major changes from previous years of this challenge )

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Individual sign ups and Group sign ups? )

I signed up as an individual, but now I have a group, what do I do? )

Will all groups have just one writer and one podficcer? )

What about filk? )

What about artwork? )

I want to participate, but I've got a busy month ahead and I'm not sure I can commit or, What's a Party Favor? )

What's the modding style like? )

I’ve gotten my assignment, now what? or, What is icebreaker week? )

What if I need to drop out? )

How do groups hand in their finished assignments? )

What is the Early Podfic Submission Deadline? )

When will my group's story be posted? )

What does a work written specifically to be podficced look like? )

I am new to this sort of collaboration. How exactly will it go? )

[community profile] pod_together is multi-platform! You can now follow us on DW ([community profile] pod_together), LJ ([livejournal.com profile] pod_together), twitter ([twitter.com profile] pod_together - info only, no sign ups) or on tumblr ([tumblr.com profile] pod-together).

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask here or email us at pod.together at gmail dot com.


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