mary engelbreit for ferguson

Sep. 1st, 2014 04:16 pm
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m.e.'s ferguson t on teespring, with all proceeds going to the Michael Brown Jr. Memorial Fund <3

(Long) Weekend Reading, 9.1.14

Sep. 1st, 2014 09:10 pm
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Posted by Gena

Choosing Raw Weekend Reading

 In honor of the long weekend (and because my boyfriend and I found ourselves ensnared by a mini-marathon of The Americans last night), I’m posting Weekend Reading today. I hope you’ve been enjoying this Labor Day, and whether it’s a holiday for you or not, I hope that you’ve been having a wonderful Monday.

Produce On Parade - Blueberry Maple Baked Oatmeal - Healthier than a crisp, this adaptable blueberry oatmeal bake is flavored with sweet maple syrup and speckled with toasted walnuts

It’s about 90 degrees and humid here in NYC, but I’m still getting kinda excited for oatmeal season. Katie’s blueberry maple baked oatmeal looks like just the thing for a late summer, early fall transition breakfast.


Speaking of breakfast, you can put your peach harvest to good use with Melissa’s peach chia jam.


Alissa’s tomato bisque with avocado pesto cream looks like heaven in a bowl.


I have yet to try my hand at a vegan omelette. Solveig’s vegan omelette is making me think that it’s about time.


Ever since my kimchi bowl post for Food52 last week, I’ve been loving kimchi on and in everything and anything. What more perfect way to serve it than atop a bowl of of cold cucumber noodles? This recipe from Ali is a total winner.


1. Honestly? I tend to find cautionary words about slowing down and giving ourselves a rest and taking time to smell the roses pretty annoying. When everyone emailed around “The Busy Trap” two years ago, I felt no reaction at all, except perhaps a slight, contrarian urge to dig in my heels and go on a rant about how overrated idleness is. But this article, from neuroscientist Daniel Levitin (This is Your Brain on Music) is really interesting. Levitin and a colleague have done some work with the insular cortex (a part of the brain that is involved with consciousness and homeostasis) and the article details how daydreaming and other forms of rest can be biologically and neurologically restorative (not to mention creatively invigorating). I also like that Levitin mentions some of the implications of these findings on the medical profession (he cites the shocking statistic that preventable medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US, obviously implying that fatigue may be a common factor).

2. Wonderful article about community health workers and what they can do for our healthcare system.


3. 15 charming quotes, brought to us via The Kitchn, about my favorite beverage.

BE002425 (1)

4. A thought-provoking article about whether or not individuals should have a right to have their medical records remain private after death. The article also contains some interesting thoughts about the boundaries that surround non-fiction writing and reporting, for reasons that are clear once you start reading.

5.. The doctor I worked with for the last two years sent me this article a few days ago. My precise response was “OMG. This is MY JAM!”

I’m a dork. What I meant was, coincidence of EDs and autoimmune disease (especially Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) is of tremendous personal interest to me. In my work as a nutritionist, and particularly when I worked with Dr. Chutkan, I was struck by how many women with ED histories seemed to also suffer from GI illness. To some extent the explanation was obvious: years of erratic eating patterns will ultimately compromise one’s colon strength (peristalsis) and can also work to upset the balance of gut flora, too. And IBS can also precede an ED, because the associated bloating can (and often does) create a great deal of body dysmorphia.

So, when it comes to IBS/bloating and EDs, there are some straightforward answers. But I’ve also been struck by how many of the female patients we saw who had IBD (Chrons/Colitis) also had ED histories. And I’ve also noted that a number of my nutrition clients with EDs have some sort of autoimmune condition, be it IBD, Hashimoto’s, celiac, or something else.

This new study, from the University of Helsinki, compared over 2,300 patients who received treatment at the Eating Disorder Unit of Helsinki University Central Hospital with general population controls. Subjects were matched for age and sex while data of 30 autoimmune diseases were tracked from the Hospital Discharge Register. Of the patients with eating disorders, 8.9 percent had been diagnosed with one or more autoimmune diseases (most prevalently Type 1 Diabetes and Chron’s Disease). Of control subjects, the number was 5.4 percent. And the autoimmune diseases were observed both before the reported onset of the ED, and at the end of treatment.

It’s hard to say what to make of this, but it’s exciting to me that research is being done in this complex space, with its overlap of psychology, lifestyle, immunity, and (in some of the cases) GI health.

Enjoy the reads. And!!! To everyone who enjoyed Emily’s caramel mocha bars yesterday, good news. Emily and her publisher have graciously agreed to share a copy of the book with a lucky CR reader. So you can now enter a giveaway on my post. Check it out!

On that note, have a great evening. And happy Vegan Mofo!


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More Workers Are Claiming ‘Wage Theft’
Week after week, Guadalupe Rangel worked seven days straight, sometimes 11 hours a day, unloading dining room sets, trampolines, television stands and other imports from Asia that would soon be shipped to Walmart stores.

Even though he often clocked 70 hours a week at the Schneider warehouse here, he was never paid time-and-a-half overtime, he said. And now, having joined a lawsuit involving hundreds of warehouse workers, Mr. Rangel stands to receive more than $20,000 in back pay as part of a recent $21 million legal settlement with Schneider, a national trucking company.

“Sometimes I’d work 60, even 90 days in a row,” said Mr. Rangel, a soft-spoken immigrant from Mexico. “They never paid overtime.”

The lawsuit is part of a flood of recent cases — brought in California and across the nation — that accuse employers of violating minimum wage and overtime laws, erasing work hours and wrongfully taking employees’ tips. Worker advocates call these practices “wage theft,” insisting it has become far too prevalent.

Some federal and state officials agree. They assert that more companies are violating wage laws than ever before, pointing to the record number of enforcement actions they have pursued. They complain that more employers — perhaps motivated by fierce competition or a desire for higher profits — are flouting wage laws....
David Weil, the director of the federal Labor Department’s wage and hour division, says wage theft is surging because of underlying changes in the nation’s business structure. The increased use of franchise operators, subcontractors and temp agencies leads to more employers being squeezed on costs and more cutting corners, he said. A result, he added, is that the companies on top can deny any knowledge of wage violations.

“We have a change in the structure of work that is then compounded by a falling level of what is viewed as acceptable in the workplace in terms of how you treat people and how you regard the law,” Mr. Weil said.
Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story
Continue reading the main story

His agency has uncovered nearly $1 billion in illegally unpaid wages since 2010. He noted that the victimized workers were disproportionately immigrants.

[ SECRET POST #2799 ]

Sep. 1st, 2014 06:30 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #2799 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Today’s New Books and ARCs, 9/1/14

Sep. 1st, 2014 09:47 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

Hey, look, it’s September, and here are the books and ARCs that came into the Scalzi Compound while I was on the first leg of my tour. See anything here you like (I mean, aside from the signed limited hardcover edition of Unlocked)? Share in the comments (which are open for a couple of days).

Sightseeing human people

Sep. 1st, 2014 05:14 pm
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It's totally normal to spend your holiday Monday writing a 3,500-word essay about looking at C-listers up close, right? The Panopticon of Celebrity is all about my thoughts on Wizard World Chicago, meeting Sebastian Stan and thinking about what a weird, weird job he has. There are lots of pictures and commentaries, now organized in one convenient location.

Meanwhile, I... haven't taken changed out of my PJs today? I rewatched Thor 2 last night for the first time since it was in theaters; its major crime is that it's boring, honestly, which makes me very sad. How did they manage that? (Highlights: Loki being a little shit, Heimdall in his entirety, Frigga in her entirety. Lowlights: Odin in his entirety.) For tonight I have Belle, which I've been meaning and wanting to watch for quite a while. I also have What's Your Number?, because that movie is exactly what I needed last night and am happy to continue needing until it's due back on Wednesday.

My dad just got back from Iceland, and I just got off the phone with him. It sounded astounding. [personal profile] naraht also just got back from Iceland, and posted some stunning photographs that are well worth a look. It's possible the rest of my tabs are fic research and Tumblr posts to reblog into drafts, so... maybe more later. For now, apparently I'm just taking today to be the laziest. It's not all that bad.

stub september

Sep. 1st, 2014 10:53 pm
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it is stub september on fanlore! in which you are supposed to flesh out stubs. for fun.

i think i can help with these ones, but feel free to take any of them (i probably will only do a few):

Bryn Lantry
Russell T Davies
German-Speaking Fandom
Maria Jackson (character)
Lady Jaida
The Master (Doctor Who)
Mpreg Archive and Thematic Masterlist
Multi-Fandom Mpreg Archive
The Princess Bride
Red Dwarf
Sapphire and Steel
The Sandman
Rose Tyler
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Posted by Robert Lemos

An alien world, extraterrestrial exploration, and memory wipes on Mars sound like the makings of a Hollywood movie. Instead, it's a major IT project.

After a decade of exploring, the Opportunity rover's computer system will get a reboot to reformat its flash memory and eliminate its reliance on malfunctioning memory cells. In the last month alone, the rover has had to reset its systems a dozen times, a process that can take a day or two, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.

"Worn-out cells in the flash memory are the leading suspect in causing these resets," John Callas, project manager for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Project, said in a statement. "The flash reformatting is a low-risk process, as critical sequences and flight software are stored elsewhere in other non-volatile memory on the rover."

Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments


Sep. 2nd, 2014 09:03 am
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"Deductions" by Tiffany F
PAIRING: Sherlock/John
FANDOM: Sherlock
SUMMARY: Sherlock makes some deductions about John and a lot is learned in the space of a night. Oh, and Mycroft is a creepy bastard.

Has just been added to Sherlock Holmes Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the Holmes/Watson page.

Crossposted to Chance's Archive.


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