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Nov. 23rd, 2014 06:01 pm
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1. We're not talking about the writing okay. (There has been preparing-for-the-holiday cleaning, though. so much cleaning. so much left to do.)

2. I added a bunch of people via the friending meme, and then when I started feeling kind of weird about how less than half of them had added me back, I looked and realized that most of them already had me added, because I had somehow become the kind of person who had 100 non-mutual followers. Oops. Some of you I'd even already been stalking because I thought you were too cool for me to dare talk to but apparently you were already reading my journal. So I went through and I think I've added-back everyone who has me added and has posted in the last month or so. Hopefully I will not regret it. If I missed you somehow, pipe up and say something. If you were hate-stalking me in the assurance I'd never add you back and you want me to go away, just let me know.

Normally this is where I'd say 'welcome new people' but you were all already here.

3. There's still lots of slots open for December topics if anyone still cares.

4. I just made my 150 books reading goal on Goodreads! So of course I immediately upgraded it to 175 and am now 4 books behind. But even if I just finish all my currently-reading and all my current library books by the end of the year, I should make it easily. (spoiler: I will not finish all my currently-reading by the end of the year.)

This isn't nearly as impressive as it seems because of the 152 books I currently have listed as read this year: 77 are comic trades, 26 are picture books or easy readers, 8 are glossy coffee-table books with more words than pictures, 4 were more pamphlets than books, and 19 were 'activity-focused' books like piano books, field guides, or craft books. So of real grown-up books that have more words than pictures, I only score 37. Of course a lot of those 38 were, like, ridiculously dense academic texts, so I guess it sort of evens out? Also I was supposed to be doing this so I could read some of the unread books I have piled in my bedroom, but only 39 of them were books I own as opposed to borrowed. And 17 of those were ones I acquired this year. So mission: backlog, not going so great.

Anyway I started this with good intentions to review everything on GR but am now way behind. I may try to do capsule reviews of most of them to round out the year? I dunno. All of the current topics on my December meme are going to end up as reviews of multiple books I read this year, I suspect.

5. Ugh I have to do more cleaning.

Recognizing grasping

Nov. 23rd, 2014 11:00 pm
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Posted by lynnjkelly

From a talk called “Right Restraint” by Ajahn Chah:

In the ordinary way of experiencing things, when something good appears, we have a positive reaction, and when something bad appears, we have a negative reaction…Even though we can’t yet let go, we are aware of these states continuously. Being continuously aware of ourselves and our attachments, we will come to see that such grasping is not the path. Knowing is fifty percent, even if we are unable to let go. [Emphasis mine] Though we can’t let go, we do understand that letting go of these things will bring peace. We see the danger in the things we like and dislike. We see the danger in praise and blame.

So whether we are being praised or criticized, we are continuously aware. When worldly people are criticized and slandered, they can’t bear it; it hurts their hearts. When they are praised, they are pleased and excited. This is what is natural in the world. But for those who are practising, when there is praise, they know there is danger. When there is blame, they know the danger. They know that being attached to either of these brings ill results. They are all harmful if we grasp at them and give them meaning.

When we have this kind of awareness, we know phenomena as they occur. We know that if we form attachments to phenomena, there really will be suffering. If we are not aware, then grasping at what we conceive of as good or bad gives rise to suffering. When we pay attention, we see this grasping; we see how we catch hold of the good and the bad and how this causes suffering. So at first we grasp hold of things and with awareness see the fault in that. How is that? It’s because we grasp tightly and experience suffering. We will then start to seek a way to let go and be free. We ponder, ‘What should I do to be free?’

In order to follow this advice from Ajahn Chah, we have to make an effort to know what’s going on inside of us, continuously — in spite of our inclination to have our primary focus be directed outwards.

Let’s say we’re in a beautiful park and we see another person dropping litter on the ground. We think, “she shouldn’t do that!”, and we get upset. Do we notice that we’ve gotten upset, or do we keep thinking about what a terrible person the litterbug is? Do we notice that we have grasped the thought of injustice or outrage or “shouldn’t!” and let it run away with us?

We can cultivate a meta-awareness, that is, an awareness of the quality of our awareness. When we are calm, we can know that we’re calm; when we’re distressed, we can know that we are distressed; when we’re elated, we can know this state, too. It is possible to be aware of every sort of mind state, as it comes up. In this way, we can observe how grasping and suffering arise and pass away in our experience. Slowly, wisdom can develop from these repeated observations.

are we out of the woods yet

Nov. 23rd, 2014 10:21 pm
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Hello new friends who have arrived with the friending meme! Hello. Lovely to meet you and I am enjoying all your posts. I wish to make a post of my own introducing myself only, ah, stuff. Urgh. Stuff. In brief: I am a writer, long-term fangirl, twentysomething lawyer, my partner and I live in a flat in the south of England that increasingly resembles the All-You-Can-Eat Junkshop of Babel (anyone want a hatstand? a hideous green coffee table? Butterworth's Company Law Handbook 2009? no? you shock me) and I'm having a Major Career Crisis and a Great House Refurbishment at the same time. It's charming. I'm charming. Really.

December will be better and indeed all things beautiful. If you want to ask me to talk about a thing you still can!

/exit, pursued by a bear
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My phone updated to Lollipop last week. So far I like it a lot, with a couple of minor usability bumps.

One of those was that my phone was intermittently slow. Switching between apps sometimes ground to a halt for a few seconds, and scrolling in Firefox would stutter on long pages.

So I did some searching, and what I found was this, where someone noted the steps that Google's tech support took them through when they phoned to complain about their phone suddenly being very slow.

Now, these are the steps for a Nexus 5, so I am absolutely not saying they will work for any other phone. And if you try this, your phone implodes, and you are left with shards of glass embedded in your ceiling, then it is absolutely not my responsibility.

But having followed these steps, my phone is now working much more smoothly.
You turn off the phone, then hold the power button and volume down to go into the boot loader.

Then hit volume down till it says Recovery, and hit the power button to select.

Then you will see the android lying flat with the words "No command." underneath.

This part took a few tries, but you now briefly hold down the power button for about half a second to a second (not too long or the phone will restart I think) and WHILE HOLDING DOWN THE POWER BUTTON, tap the VOLUME UP BUTTON and LET GO OF BOTH.

This will bring you to a menu with several options, like loading from ADB (sorry if I said that wrong), along with an option to Wipe Cache. Use volume buttons to scroll down to Wipe Cache and hit power button to select. It will prompt a couple of status messages as its doing so (takes a while, about 10 minutes), and afterwards it will bring you back to the previous menu with the first option now being to Restart the phone. Select that one, give the phone about 10 minutes to not just boot up to the home screen, but let all the startup actions take place, let your apps ping the servers or whatever else, and then you should be good to go.
Warning: There are people commenting on there saying "I waited for five minutes, thought it had crashed, and rebooted, bricking my phone." If you are going to try this, then be patient. It will probably take _at least_ ten minutes to run through. If you're going to get bored after anything less than an hour then just don't do it.

(And don't ask me for technical support here. I'm just following instructions written by some random person on Reddit. Frankly, that's the stupidest way to do anything technical _ever_, so any advice I have should not be listened to in any circumstances.)
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And to no-one's surprise, I am again the teensiest bit behind on doing my episode reaction posts. But I will get them done before the new season begins! Assuming I can decipher my handwritten notes and figure out WTF they actually mean...

(As will soon be obvious, I wrote these comments down after each episode, without any knowledge what would happen later...)

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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Tail end of the sunset over Spy Pond. Almost home.


Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:33 pm
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Saturday breakfast rolls: the adaptable soft roll recipe, 4:1 strong white/buckwheat flour, dried blueberries, dash of maple syrup.

Today's lunch: because of reasons, we went to the new local poncey fishmongers, and while they only had 2 very teeny specimens left of the advertised red mullet, they did sell us a whole brill, which I cooked according to Eliza Acton's recipe for soles and it was excellent; served with spinach stirfried with garlic, and padron peppers.

This week's bread: a brown oatmeal loaf: strong white and wholemeal flours, and a mixture of of coarse and medium oatmeal, and as this loaf tends to get a bit soggy in the middle, tried a suggested baking time of 30 mins in a fairly hot oven then 30 mins in a cool oven + an extra ten minutes turned over after removing it from the pan. Crusty and tasty, will see how it does.

Three totally unrelated questions

Nov. 23rd, 2014 10:34 pm
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01. Why do people - Londoners, I assume, specifically - refer to Euston Road as 'the Euston Road'? I've come across this reading Foxglove Summer, but it was not the first time I'd noticed this. I'm just curious. The article threw me and my google-fu is failing me.

02. What's the netiquette to ask someone why they unsubscribed from you journal? Is it done or do I risk sounding like a 'it's all bout me, ME, ME!' whiner? It has happened twice to me in the past few months. And neither user has put up any 'friends/circle cut' notices. I'm always afraid I've hurt someone by mistake and/or posted something obnoxious/controversial. I also feel like I should be able to shrug this sort of thing off quickly (come on, it's just the internet) rather than obsessing over this for hours.

03. Baby terminology help. What would you call these?

And what about this?

I know what [livejournal.com profile] briasoleil calls them, but my friend Jess, who's from Sheffield, came to visit yesterday and she used different terms. It's probably just a case of North America vs the UK but now I'm curious to see what you guys think. :D
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Data point - one of the reasons I’ve never ventured into longer-form fiction is that I’m pretty sure my first effort will be nowhere near as good as HPMOR, and if that’s got people hate-blogging it and hate-Facebooking it all over the Internet, I don’t stand a chance.


I contest the point that HPMOR has people hate-blogging it all over the internet (though I avoid facebook, so maybe there?)  

Last time I asked for links to blogs, there appeared to be one thread on a Harry Potter fanfic forum (which had lots of positive reviews mixed in with the negative), and two blogs that were defunct almost as soon as they began.   

If I thought I was repeating what others had said, ad nauseam, I wouldn’t be bothering, I don’t think it would be interesting.  

Well, for example, just yesterday Eliezer wrote on Facebook:

I would like to take this moment to say a word in praise of everyone who tried reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, decided that they didn’t like it, and quietly stopped reading. It’s like you tasted a vegetable stew, said “Bleah”, and then didn’t eat any more of it, suppressing your natural impulse to force yourself to finish every awful bite so that you could post to Facebook about what dreadful taste other people have. People like you upheld this civilization while it lasted, and it will be sad when you are all gone. I would write more in praise of you, but you can’t stand the way I write, and I respect that.

Which makes me think these sorts of Facebook posts are kind of a recurring problem for him.

Sunset over Peeper's Pond.

Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:23 pm
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Sunset over Peeper's Pond.

Round 5: Posting

Nov. 23rd, 2014 04:15 pm
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We hope that your projects are going fabulously.

Your fanworks are due on Nov. 29 at 11:55 pm UTC. The text fic and podfic ought to be posted jointly (unless the final project is audio-only), and both the writer(s) and the podficcer(s) ought to be listed as co-creators.

To submit your fanwork for Pod Together Lightning Round 5, post it to the Pod Together Lightning Round 5 Collection at AO3.

The collection is unrevealed, and we'll reveal all fanworks simultaneously on Nov. 30. At that time, we'll post a master list of fanworks at [community profile] pt_lightning, [livejournal.com profile] pt_lightning, and [tumblr.com profile] pt-lightning.

A few things to know about posting to the Round 5 Collection )

If you need hosting for your podfics, cover art, or other fanwork-related files, we can provide it at http://pt-lightning.parakaproductions.com. Just email us copies of the relevant files. We'll upload them and email you back a link; it will look something like http://pt-lightning.parakaproductions.com/round4/Name1Name2/filename.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Page a Mod.

Happy collaborating!

Blue and Fleur

Passing thorts

Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:36 pm
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Somehow (last week was a long rather draining week, I am still recuperating), although I could probably say more about these couple of things, I'm just flagging them up here.

O Mariella - might there be more possibilities there than 'bisexual', like, maybe, asexual but homoromantic? I can see that this might be a bit outwith the kinds of solution you are comfortable with. But if someone is 36 and never been in a sexual relationship (though maybe there is backstory, like having been a monk, or something)...?

But anyway, probably Orl Moar Complyk8ed.


Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Hari Kunzru is not quite such a massive Ursula Le Guin fanboy as he makes out (or that he was at one time but has just not kept up)? I suppose a case can be made for the first three volumes about Earthsea being a self-contained trilogy but I find it a bit odd that he doesn't at all mention the later volumes returning there, and that, in fact, all the detailed accounts given of her works are from the earlier parts of her oeuvre.

Why is it at all surprising that she doesn't care for Updike but is currently enjoying Arnold Bennett? (this makes sense in so many ways).

[ SECRET POST #2882 ]

Nov. 23rd, 2014 03:21 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #2882 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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