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OMG. I may be showing my age here, but KILLING HEIDI. I whacked Reflector onto my MP3 for the hell of it, and damn, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed them.

Here, have Mascara</>:

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... and they will expand in wildly divergent directions.

Joel describes himself as a 'genre fanatic', which seems to mean that he's a splitter instead of a lumper: he likes listening to lots of things, and cutting them up into smaller and smaller categories. Tonight I have acquired a slew of Dance Gavin Dance, who apparently fall into the genre of 'post-hardcore'. I heard Joel playing them last night and took a fancy to them.

I have also acquired a couple of albums of My Chemical Romance, who are not so bad overall and quite excellent in spots. Needlessly shouty at times, but then so were Silverchair, and I loved them to shouty pieces when I was fifteen. The first few songs of 'The Black Parade' didn't grab me, but everything from 'Welcome to the Black Parade' onwards has been fun. ('Welcome to the Black Parade' itself reminds me of Pink Floyd, which association will probably have me strangled in the first ever co-operative effort by emo kids and old school rock fans. ETA: Ooh, and 'Mama' is good stuff, also reminding me of Pink Floyd.)

I'm using an old USB keyboard of Joel's, and I can see why he got rid of it. It's very strange. And it needs to be BASHED to get anything typed at all. Next task is to plug in my new mouse- which I shall name Reepicheep, naturally.
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THE Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, evoked dramatic Old Testament imagery to recall drought-devastated Australia, call people to a life of love and resurrection, and urge them to forgo a life of "fat, relentless egos".- SMH

Let's see what Shirley Strachan has to say about this:

Lyrics here for those not You-tube enabled.

Here endeth the disrespect for the day.


PS- you mean you didn't already know what terrible taste in music I had? You mean you've never experienced the glory that is seventies Australian glam rock? Witness: Horror Movie; Livin' in the Seventies; and, excellent if you need to scare off neighbouring feminists, Women in Uniform.
*Sighs* If livin' in the seventies would've meant I had more opportunities to ogle Shirley Strachan, clearly I was born three decades too late...
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Not a meme, just an excuse to waste time with LJ and itunes.

my top 25 most played songs, with commentary )

There you go. How boring.


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