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Amy's Orthodontic Plate has escaped. Never one to submit to outside powers, Amy's Orthodontic Plate connived with Amy's Forgetfullness to transport said plate to the dining hall.

Once there, the true depths of it's sly plotting weren't revealed- that's how sly it was. Wrapped snugly in a serviette, where it wouldneither pick up weird table germs nor gross out the breakfasteers of Women's College, Amy's Orthodontic plate sneakily did nothing to draw attention to itself.
This was all a cunning plan to engineer it's abandonment in the wastelands of Women's College Dining Hall. You may hear it said that this was an act of negligence on the part of Amy. You may hear mutterings about duty of care and the protection of minors. No! Do not believe it for a minute! Though few in weeks, this Orthodontic Plate had all the guile and malice of an appliance of advanced years.

Now free of restraint, Amy's Orthodontic Plate proceeded, with utmost wilyness, to do nothing at all. It took cruel advantage of the hapless Kitchen Staff, bound by habit and never expecting to be used in this way. Masquerading as an abandoned serviette, Amy's Orthodontic Plate turned their simple cleaning of tables into an act of ennabling in its perfidious bid for freedom.

The last information we have had on Amy's Orthodontic Plate suggests that it has infiltrated the kitchen garbage bins. What it may do from there, we do not yet know, but we advise everyone to be on their guard.

The government advises owners of other orthodontic plates to keep a close eye on their charges, and warns that any attempt, by any dental appliance, to contact Amy's Orthodontic Plate, David Hicks or Osama Bin Laden will be treated as a terrorist threat.

Amy's Forgetfullnes is also under investigation, and may be charged with Enabling Escape of a Prisoner, and Deliberately Sabotaging Amy's Finances.
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Quis has enquired as to why the uniting church machinery in newcastle has suddenly developed a great concern for him.

It is necessary to uncover the existence of the Standing Committee For Appreciation of Kris (well, not uncover, this is the Uniting Church and there are committees for everything).
The Minutes of the first meeting of the Standing Committee respectfully acknowledge that there are two points of view on Kris, and diverse standpoints on what to do with him. Their aims as a Standing Committe are to appropriately care for Kris, to determine the importance of Kris to the Uniting Church and its members, and to encourage dialouge between those who appreciate Kris, and dissidents such as the Alliance of Kris Haters.
The Standing Committee in subesquent meetings have formed the Task Group for Finding Out What's Wrong and the Panel for Suggesting Solutions- their activities are what has alerted Kris to their existence.
The Standing Committee however has faced great turmoil from within, largely coming from the Board for Leaving Kris Alone, who believe that they should, well, leave Kris alone. Despite this the Task Group have ploughed ahead, using their chosen weapons of Minnie and passionfruit cake.
The Alliance of Kris Haters, incensed by this, have begun talks with the Board for Leaving Kris Alone. What the outcome of this may be, only time will tell.
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Ms Nomi Rabeeya of the Women's College respectfully declined a proposal of marriage this week, from Gentleman on the Street, Newtown. Although admitting her desire to remain in Australia, Ms Rabeeya felt that Gentleman on the Street was not a suitable husband for a woman of her age. Gentleman on the Street kindly offered to find her a husband more to her liking, asking if she preffered academics. Ms Rabeeya condescendingly replied that she had no particular preference, and Gentleman on the Street gave her his card that she might contact him to discuss her future spouse in further detail.
Ms Rabeeya returned to the Women's College in state of ladylike distress, as is appropriate for a woman having recieved her first proposal.
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Now, in this world of ours, there are many ways in which people are known to express themselves. At university, in particular, you can find such expression all over the place. From electoral gems such as 'Kok on Board', to the religious slogan of your choice, in posters and in chalk, from the Graffiti Tunnel to the Five Minute Rant Before Lectures, people are out there making their feelings known, letting you know just how it is they see the world.

It is on Tshirts that I wish to focus today. Tshirts, as we all know, are ubiquitous in the Western World today, and of consideral popularity in other places to boot. Tshirts (ably assisted by jumpers, hats and even jeans) are not just clothing anymore. Oh no. Your body is a billboard, and your choice of clothing is of prime importance.
First and foremost, there are tribal loyalties. The tribe of Metal Mulisha, for example, is adhered to by delinquents of all ages and descriptions. There is the Tribe of Jay Jays, distinguishable by Tshirts of a similar level of cruidity and cheapness. This tribe are particularly versatile, providing for their members options of expression from the Dickhead Supreme ("Sex Instructor, First Lesson Free"), to Amusing Toilet Humour (two squirrels, saying: "you look good with your nuts in your mouth"), to the Totally Obscure ("Cheat the Angels of Anarchy!"). They are also particularly sneaky, for their Tshirts can easily be mistaken for those of any number of clothing manufacturers who specialise in Propositions By Tshirt.

On campus, these broader loyalties may of course be discerned. Yet there are more localised tribes dominating the Tshirt scene. Most obviously, there are those who chose to proclaim their academic snobbery loyalties with jumpers, cardigans, tshirts, and very small gym shorts emblazoned with 'Sydney University'.
There are those who would declare their noble passion for the SRC, or the Union, or their (now somewhat pointless) desire to 'STOP VSU!'. You can find virulent hordes enthusiastic adherents sporting publicity for everything from the-year-before-last's Union election to any number of religious societies.
One might express genteel distaste (for what, i ask?) with the DarcySoc ("I am MOST SERIOUSLY displeased!"), advertise the therapeutic benefits of ice cream with the Inner Child Society, or demonstrate a touching enthusiasm for your particular enclave of upper-class clannishness with jerseys, sock and sporting tshirts (sometimes known as "College Spirit", this is regarded as utterly irrelevant by the rest of the university, but is of considerably more importance to its enthusiasts than anything as plebian as studying).

But go thou beyond this cliquish identification, and you find things far more profound. From maxims to live by ("One Must Never Let Vanity Overrule Appetite"), to biology ("MAD COW BEATS CRAZY FROG!"), to the nature of the universe ("History Repeats Itself..." and on the back "History repeating itself..."), you can find truths of every variety on Tshirts. There is the utterly inexplicable: "BIZZARE MUST AWESOME WANT". There is wise advice: "Think Before You Speak" (thoughtfully upside down, so that the wearer can more easily remember it). There are personal statements: "I LOVE SLEEPING!" (with accompanying pictures), and challenges to humanity: "Start a revolution in your bed!".
There are Tshirts which cause you, in a moment of total existential uncertainty, to question everything you know. Why, just today, I saw a yellow Tshirt with a large red rabbit silhoutte on the front. In big yellow letters within the rabbit, there was the word "PIG!" Nothing, declares this Tshirt, is what it seems. What, it asks, do we believe more readily- what we read or what we see? Is it, in fact, a pig? Does a rabbit by any other name still breed as prolifically?

All this makes me wonder- what does my wardrobe say about me? Well, not much, as a matter of fact. The lack of slogan-bearing Tshirts in my wardrobe seems to indicate I am entirely bereft of personality. But I may yet be saved. If one examines the five tshirts I own which bear some logo, what might this tell you? It is quite clear to me, from a survey of these items, that I have spent far too long in the Uniting Church. And considerably too much money on conventions thereof.

Perhaps, in veiw of the monotony of my statements by Tshirt, I ought to reconsider my wardrobe (an excellent excuse to go shopping). What great enlightenment might I offer this world through my clothing? I have considered this before, and I am merely waiting for an opportunity to aquire a Tshirt which reads "Diagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe". Then I too, might go forth around this university, this malestrom of personal expression, with the sum of my personality emblazoned on my chest for all to see.
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Mmkay, it's a while since I updated... lyke, four days!

Sunday: Seem to have done well with the sermon- even the deafest of the congregation could hear me; no one was upset; Roger got so enthused he offered me all his old bible study notes from his Wesley College days.
For my own records, since i seem to lose .doc files over time:

sermon under here, you really don't want to bother with it )

Then went and saw El for the afternoon. She seems pretty good- breakup with Zain still in the painful and indecisive stages, but otherwise OK. I asked her if she'd noticed Will becoming unusually huggy lately, and apparently not. So either it's just special for me, or it's special NOT for El. *shrugs*
Went to church with El's parents. I think they thought it a bit odd because I wasn't going to the party she was going to, along with most of our other friends. Kris kept thinking I was invited. *snort* just shows he doesn't think- why would i get invited to Jemimah's party? :P
Church was their carol service... Niel did a Santa impersonation, informing us, among other things, that the sleigh needs new cushions 'cos his hemaeroids are giving him trouble; the sleigh first began to fly when he was at a party and ate one too many wild mushrooms; and that Coke are responsible for imprisoning him in red and white fur. The last one is actually true.
Interesting story about the song 'Silent Night': it was written by an Austrian preist named Joseph Mohr. He composed it for guitar one christmas when the parish organ died.
After the service we all trooped over to the Duke for wedges and beer... just wedges in my case. Nicole gave me some of her ginger beer, and ooh it was foul. If i wanted yeast I'd eat bread dough! However, sweet chilli sauce on wedges is a Good Thing. Amy Baylek's started going down there... really interesting girl to talk to. She's having huge trouble with the Australian attitude to alcohol. Neil was making jokes about New Years and people getting pissed, and she asked me if people thought it was OK for ministers to drink. I was about to say 'not usually,' because in my stodgy old town that's the case. Something stopped me, and i told her that most people wouldn't feel right about ministers drunk, but drinking is ok. Just as well, because both Nicole and Neil sat down to a big schooner after the service!

Monday: Chris came over, we went swimming and just hung around for a bit. Nothing terribly exiting.

Tuesday: I got the family photos printed, they look great. It was going to be terribly expensive unless I got a 'value pack', so I ended up with a 6"x8" enlarged one of mum and dad. It's a good photo, I wouldn't have minded putting it up on my wall, but Mum suggested we frame it and give it to Nan & Pop. That too is a good idea. I think I might frame one of the spare small copies- sadly I only got one copy of the edited one- and give it to Nan T. Might as well use the frame I used to have Chris in.
Got a Christmas card and letter from Susanne, my first OS chrissy card for the year. :D It was gorgeous, as usual. She organised her work christmas party, apparently. She got all her collegues hiking through a forest in the snow for over an hour, before they could have their BBQ and Santa impersonator and so forth. Always been to outdoorsy for her own good, methinks. She's off skiing in Austria for her holiday this year.
Saw HP. Last minute decision, decided I was no longer so obsessive that I couldn't handle seeing it. I was right about that, too. I have no quibbles about anything they deleted! I thought the dragon chase was overdone, but on the other hand the graphics way outdid the early quidditch scenes. If you ask me, a duck-and-weave scene would have been much more thrilling and shown off much more of Harry's skill than a mad broomstick flight crashing into roofs and whatnot.
My God, can Emma Watson get any more gorgeous? and that dress.... *envies lots*
Bonus points to the casting team, too, for finding so many hot guys! Was particularly impressed with the Cossack-style Durmstrang lads, with their red uniforms and their gymnastic dances. Even Fred and George are hot these days!
Plus the bonus joy of a whole scene of Harry in a bath... I feel slightly peverted, the character being fourteen and all, but Daniel Radcliffe is sixteen or so, that's not so bad is it?
Ginny is pretty uninspiring, though. Pfft.
Then what... Mum and I wrote the Christmas pageant last night. We were going to just adapt one from a book she has, but there are so many changes its more like a whole new play with some plagiarised bits.

Christmas according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John )

aaand... today... Spent the morning writing the service sheets for Christmas Eve. You try fitting seven hymns, a welcome message, a closing message, and some clip art, onto two pages, and still having the text big enough for the old folk to read. Not only that but you also have to put things on out of order so that they make a booklet when printed out and folded once. BAH. Still, I managed it, with lots of going on the net to find lyrics (We Three Kings is not in the hymn book??) and pics.

Posted a last-minute christmas present to my dear Jenna ;) ([livejournal.com profile] hithluin) An Aragorn bookmark from my own collection. Her response to this offer bears noting:
'OMGWTFBBQ!' What significance a cooking device has to anything, je ne sais pas. Anyway, she now owes me :P
I even found a Christmas card with a Koala on it, just for you Jen :D

Went around to Kim not-Brown-anymore's place to pick up a gingerbread house. Wasn't too sure about driving it up our track, I'd heard horror stories about them collapsing, so we took it to the Woolmers to store it till Xmas day. It actually looked pretty sturdy, when we got it, but I'd never seen one before and didn't want to take any chances.

My SS present still isn't here :( I'm very sad. In fact, I've only got three Christmas cards so far! Lai, Tock and Susanne. *feels neglected*
and as for birthdays... apparently my birthday card is still in Lukas' desk drawer, and Will still has a birthday present for me sitting on his desk! Lukas ([livejournal.com profile] gryphonvere), remind me to introduce you to Kate. Forget being my alter ego, you're now hers. :P

Ok, I'm finally going to make my next dissertation in this lengthy theological discussion I'm having with Az ([livejournal.com profile] rayneshadow). Anyone else feel free to read ;) It might interest you Dave ([livejournal.com profile] lepsdavid). (the begining of the discussion is in the comments for this entry)

I'd put this in a comment but I'm using Semagic and not connected to the net so I don't have access to the comments box. I'll leave a comment directing you here next time I'm online )

whew. was that ever exhausting. *shakes head to clear it*

I'm apparently not showing up on people's Friends pages. Should I complain, do you think?

mood: my brain hurts. but other than that, i feel good :D
music: George Thouroughgood, Bad to the Bone. But I've discovered lately how much i love 3 Doors Down.
book: After In the Fall I read 'Conversations with God', but Neil Donald Walsch. Exellent book, although I'm not sure how much I agree with him, especially in the areas on relationships. I like the way the logic works, the system of thought, at least.
Now reading: 'The Battle For God' but Karen Armstrong, which examines the phenomenom of fundamentalism in the three Monotheistic faiths, focusing on American Protestant Fundamentalism, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, Sunni fundamentalism in Egypt and Shi'i fundamentalism in Iran.
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Lament for the first things

See, the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away. –Revelation 21: 3b-4 (NRSV)

I weep for the passing of those things, for the many faceted tears that bathe humanity, living beyond the moment in the veins of memory and the notes of the song. Where is the dawn without the dark?
I fear the ages. What is a day that never ends? Brief mortals we are born, born to passion and fear, courage and intensity, regret which gives birth to joy. Give me not diamonds, dead to time and love. Give me tears on familiar skin, give me pain and foolishness and silence. Give me not ages of beauty for free. Give me gemstones from the dust, ugliness to shape and form, mediocrity to polish and shine.
What price trust without hurt? What price love without fear?
Where is striving when all is fulfilled? What purpose then existence?
I will not walk in golden paths. These pavements are grimy, this city dirty. These streets are littered with the debris thrown out- cigarette stubs, bottle caps, plastic bags, the forgotten ones huddled in doorways and under bridges. I walk amongst a throng unseeing, uncaring; see and forget to care.
Where goes honour, where goes justice, when all is set right?
Sentence me no more to happiness, with nothing to see and no reason to care. Allow me still brevity and compassion, allow me beauty and laughter.
Give me tears, and give me reason to cry.


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