Jul. 14th, 2009 05:37 pm
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I dreamt I had a Facebook page. The other night, I dreamt I had a car. I think my subconscious wants me to be more Normal.

I did not have a conversation with the Boy In The Coffee Shop, but I did get smiled at. TWICE. BECAUSE I BOUGHT COFFEE TWICE. *shakes head* Yes, I'm an idiot.

I bought books! Including the letters of Ted Hughes. Observe:

Last night as I was coming down the field I heard a commotion in the hedge, and after a while, out trundled a hedgehog, merry as you like, and obviously out for a good time. I thought he might make a jolly companion for an evening, so I brought him in. Adter a while I noticed he had disappeared and later heard a noise just like the sobbing of a little child, but very faint, and it continued for long enough. I traced it to a pile of boxes, and there was my comrade, with his nose pressed in a corner in a pool of tears, and his face all wet, and snivelling and snuffling his heart out. I could have kissed him for compassion. I don't know why I"m so sympathetic towards hedgehogs. Once when John and I threw one in the pond, it nearly broke my heart to see it swimming to the shore. It must be that they're something my affection can't touch, and as all through my life the things I've loved best have been prickles toward that love, hedgehogs have become a symbol of such unrequited desire, and move me so nostalgically. I carried Harry outside and let him go - he wouldn't even roll up he was so sad

That from a letter to Edna Wholey, the sister of a schoolfriend, written at around 20 while serving in the RAF. Oh, Ted.

Mrs D. got me to read Plath in year twelve, and in so doing I stumbled over Ted Hughes. I... most people seem to like Plath and hate Hughes, maybe blame him a bit (didn't he cheat on her? Divorce her?), but my sympathy has always been with him. Plath's writing is gorgeous, but... I don't *like* her from it. Ted Hughes I liked at once. I like his writing, I like his personality, and my heart aches for him when it comes to Sylvia... You can see from his writing how much he loved her, and how much it messed with his head, being married to her... Did he think, when they started out, that she was something his affection *could* touch?

Date: 2009-07-14 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anachronisma.livejournal.com
I dreamt I had a perfectly tangible secret boyfriend I was hiding from my parents? Who kissed me and kept me out late at night and did other boyfriendish stuff?

Pretty sure this was a cry from my brain of foul play for being so abnormal.


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