Oct. 1st, 2007 01:13 am
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I gave a bible study the other day. Tried to tell them. Why should I care about the medieval?
      Because someone has to
         because all this human energy, this passion and doubt and strife and belief, should not go unmarked.
I read them some of The Dream of the Rood. They were nonplussed. Says one- apart from just being interested in them for themselves, is there something we can take from these Anglo-Saxons?
I, nonplussed. Why do we need to take something away? I don't want to take anything away. I want to sink in.
          Because. All this energy. A poet creates something beautiful out of his words and his faith.
          How often do we make beautiful things of our faith today, so busy changing the world?
Says another- we try to make something beautiful of our lives.

And now I realise, that's what it's about.
          A life is something beautiful.
          A life tangles many other lives. We call that a society.
         The grit and the dirt of human society. The curves of language and the edges of weapons. Music and politics. Famine and flood. Fairs and warfare. These make up lives.
          These are made of lives, and these are beautiful things.


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