Jun. 11th, 2008

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(But Rule 34 means, now that I've said it, someone has written it and it's probably graphic. This isn't.)
The latest thing keeping me awake o' nights is character fragments. This is Hell.

Sorry the formatting's a  bit screwey.

Canon notes: I read the Anglo-Saxon translation of the Gospel of Nichodemus. I can't tell you if Hell is a woman in the Latin verion, but she's definitely a female creature of some sort in the AS.
You can find a translation of both the AS version and its immediate Latin source in 'Two Old English Apocrypha' edited by J.E. Cross.
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I haven't seen so many hot people on one screen since 2004!

*dies of medivalism joy*

Many, many plot changes, but I find them all to be excellent. The Wife is very cranky-pantsed about them, but somewhere along the line someone seems to have swapped my normal canon-nazi personality with the sort of person who doesn't care as long as there are pretty men with swords. (Oh. my. god. So hot.)

I was going to say my new slogan when it comes to adaptations is 'What would Malory Do', but actually what Malory would do is ROTK extended addition: all the new stuff plus the old stuff, with no narrative pace at all. Can anyone nominate a medieval author who displays an attitude of 'Hmm... that's a nice story... let's make it better!'
(So far my only suggestion is the Gawain Poet... I'm looking for someone less original, though....)

On the other hand: is there only one shallow ford in New Zealand? I swear they used the Ford of Rivendell for the Ford of Beruna. (Association greatly improved by the five black-cloaked riders chasing the one lone rider across the plain... maybe there's only one ford near a plane? Surely they don't actually need the plane and ford to be next to each other?)

[P.S.- did I mention how hot they all are? Peter. Caspian. Susan.   And, I suspect on the second viewing, when my attention isn't fixed on Peter and Caspian squaring off at each other, I will find Edmund to be the most attractive of the lot... all tall and lanky and witty...]

[P.P.S- just to be clear: none of the dwarves are hot.]


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